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here’s the rawcrudedirty punk low-res >̷̪͋̀̐)̴̦̩͎̲̐͋=̷̡͕̘̊”̶͌̊”̶̜͌̊̔̚(̸̣͓̇͝)̵̟̒͆̿͋=̴̡̛͕͚͉͋̀̈́(̶̦̝̪͈́≠̻̦͋̒<̷̨̢͔̒̽̉͘͘ video (differx. 2022)

— the low-res low-fi punk & loose video of the first asemic event ever.
facebook broadcast Jan 8th, 2022, h. 5:30pm, Italy, Rome —
by differx :

(Take note: the actual event was the event, the video is not the event, it’s only a raw trace, a ruin, a remain —sprayed with random lines)

The facebook event was at
Slowforward announcement was at

punkasemic images & noises by differx
(CC) 2022 differx

aswrig = asemic writing gallery 

ASWRIG = asemic writing gallery

 (est. 2017)

The best asemic writing from FB & the web. Daily updates.


from semic to asemic: rome, swiss institute, jul. 6th, 2021


From semic to asemic: writing, artists, books

Conference, Summer Schools, Roma/Online

Entrance via Liguria 20
Live streaming

The encounter will be held in English. Limited capacity of seats.
Register here to attend the event in presence

The event can also be followed online on Zoom.
Register here to participate.

On the occasion of the Summer School Rome – Dimensions of the book, a project which is part of the Master of Fine Arts Program at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), Istituto Svizzero hosts an encounter with the interventions by Sara Davidovics, Marco Giovenale, Giulio Marzaioli and Nils Röller.

canale telegram di slowforward: materiali di ricerca (scritture, audio, arte)

è nato un canale Telegram per materiali e aggiornamenti legati alla ricerca artistica, musicale, testuale, video, che integra e amplia il lavoro che slowforward sta facendo da 18 anni.

chi è interessato alla sperimentazione recente (o, in certi casi, ‘storica’/storicizzata) può iscriversi e seguire il link


i.0011, untitled


installance n. : # 0011
type : asemic stuff & scribble on a notebook sheet
size : cm 13.5×10
record : lowres shot [see here]
additional notes : left in a park
date : Oct. 11th, 2010
time : approx 11:25am
place : Rome, S. M. della Pietà