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pink floyd: “sysyphus”, part iii (official audio)

june 15th, a concert @ villa lontana to celebrate sylvano bussotti

On Wednesday 15 June at 7:30pm will be held a concert at Villa Lontana (via Cassia 53) to celebrate Maestro Sylvano Bussotti, composer and performer, painter, writer, set designer, director, costume designer and actor.

Bussotti was one of the most original Italian composers of the second half of the 20th century, experimenting with varied and diverse forms of expression.

Manuel Zurria on flutes, Paolo Ravaglia on clarinet and Jacopo Antonicelli on saxophone will perform three solo pieces that are the result of instrumental research conducted by Sylvano Bussotti in the 1980s: ‘Rondò di Scena’ for 4-flute virtuoso, ‘Brutto, ignudo’ for contrabass clarinet and electronics, ‘Ballerina Gialla e Pettirosso’ (1986-89) taken from the collection ‘Voliera’ for saxophone and a version of ‘SOLO’ (1966), excerpted from ‘La Passion Selon Sade’, re-imagined for the 3 instruments with the addition of environmental recordings and electronics with the extraordinary participation of Sylvano Bussotti on piano.

Bussotti was a pioneer in instrumental research and in the extension of musical performance into the theatrical and visual sphere. The 1960s had created a very evident push in this direction with the contribution of other composers (Mauricio Kagel, John Cage and Gyorgy Ligeti), but no one had ever gone further than Bussotti, translating his restlessness with particular graphicisms that equivocally render the need to ‘look beyond’ the score, to find new procedures and solutions.

During the evening, it’s possible to visit the room with Sylvano Bussotti’s works, part of the exhibition ‘IMAGES FOR SOUNDS: Artist Covers for Music Records’ which ended on 30 April 2022. All Bussotti’s images and works are courtesy Giuseppe Garrera.

Concert starts at 7:30pm. Free entry no booking required.


ariano, d’agostino, martusciello: “all’oscuro. costellazioni del suono e della luce”, a lodi il 10 giugno

@ associazione 21, via san fereolo 24, lodi

Marco Ariano, percussionista, sperimentatore, artista intermediale. Ha articolato un percorso di studio e di ricerca ai margini di arte e filosofia. L’improvvisazione e le scritture corpo-suono sono da sempre al centro della sua pratica e della sua riflessione. Suona musiche non convenzionali e definisce “paesaggi della risonanza” l’ampio spazio di ricerca inaugurato negli ultimi anni con il progetto De-stare. Tra i suoi lavori interdisciplinari La Vacuità Splendente, Sentire Offerente, n frammenti limbici, Degli Insetti, Quaderno Cinese. Ha dato vita a gruppi di scritture improvvisative eterogenee come Opera Mutica, Xubuxue, K Mundi, Ensemble Intondo, Index 03. È docente percussionista dell’Accademia Nazionale di Danza di Roma.

Pietro D’Agostino è attivo nel campo dei media visivi: fotografo e autore multimediale.
Matura un rapporto intimo e inconscio con la luce usandola, attraverso la fotografia, il video ed altri dispositivi tecnologici, come strumento espressivo e di indagine. Partecipa e collabora a varie iniziative performative con poeti e musicisti di area sperimentale e di ricerca.
È socio dell’associazione culturale Punto di Svista – cultura visuale, progetti, ricerca.

Elio Martusciello è un musicista e compositore autodidatta, insegna musica elettronica al
conservatorio di Napoli. La sua estetica deriva essenzialmente dall’acusmatica. A partire da essa indaga le molteplici forme del suono connesso sia alla fissazione su supporto che
all’improvvisazione elettroacustica. Tra le formazioni di cui è membro fondatore si ricordano
Ossatura e l’orchestra OEOAS. I suoi lavori sono pubblicati da: Staalplaat, Recommended Records, Bowindo Recordings, Ambiances Magnétiques, Die Schachtel, em_music.

transient / adriano cava. 2022

sideral / hierarchy. 2022


antiscones / andre vida & anthony braxton. 2008

rudimenti / giuseppe ielasi, enrico malatesta. 2012

“across/birds/lines”, by jukka-pekka kervinen

ttt – ttttttttttttttttttttt

originally released on a cdr by Brise-cul Records ttttttttttttttttttttt
released 01 September 2008
Julien Berthier : Drums / Re-mix
Gilles Maillet : Guitar / Trumpet / Keyboard / Re-mix
Félix-Antoine Morin : Bass / Electronic stuff / Re-mix
guests : Nim : Keyboard / Electronic stuff
Maud : Voice
Jean-Dom : Bagpipes

dicourse / material. 1980 (from “temporary music”, 1979-1981)

atsuhiro ito / optron / fragments 2007-2019

Atsuhiro Ito Live @ FORESTLIMIT (Tokyo 2019)


Diamond Version (Byetone & Alva Noto) + Atsuhiro Ito LIVE at EMAF TOKYO 2013 @LIQUIDROOM


Atsuhiro Ito

: V.R. Specter 
- visible sound, audible light
December 1 – December 16, 2012
@ Snow Contemporary (Tokyo):


from SHIFT (a 2011 interview to Atsuhiro Ito by Julie Murikawa,
Atsuhiro Ito “crafted an instrument called the “OPTRON,” which outputs noise from the electrical discharge of a fluorescent light, when he was working on fluorescent light art exhibits in the 90’s. He plays the OPTRON not only as a solo act but also with other musicians both in Japan and overseas”.

An excerpt from the interview:

Why did you want to be an artist? Could you tell us the process of becoming an artist?

This is a problem of wording, but I have never been wanted to become an “artist.” (To me, it is hard to understand what people in this country want to achieve by becoming artists. It almost seems like the word “artist” itself can impress people. I know that it is a very convenient word to explain what people do though.)

In my case, rather than trying to contribute to the world, I’m more interested in creating things with my own hands and playing and listening to sounds. Since I have never stopped doing this, people started to think that this person might be an “artist” and refer to me as such. I have never really added any meaning or social contributions to my art and performances, and will continue to create and perform just because the visual and audible joy and stimulation keep me excited. By the way, my social positions are ‘an art creator and an OPTRON player.’


If you were not an artist, what would you be instead?

I don’t even know. Maybe a criminal or something. I bet that I’d be making a little better money than my current situation.

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“asemic sound cycles” by félix-antoine morin [& other/older performances]

Asemic Sound Cycles at Galeri Salihara
April 10, 2022 – April 24, 2022

Asemic Sound Cycles (2022), by Félix-Antoine Morin, is an exhibition specially developed for the Salihara Arts Center (Jakarta, Indonesia). This exhibition consists of a series of graphic scores on polyester film as well as a sound installation in the center of the exhibition space.

Asemic Sound Cycles consists of a series of graphic scores on polyester film as well as a sound installation in the center of the Salihara Gallery.

Félix-Antoine Morin’s graphic scores represent existing musical forms whose basic structures are drawn from his repertoire of compositions. By this process, Morin maps out the metamorphosis of sound phenomena through a rhythmic and poetic graphic expression. He encourages the ambiguity between musical notation and pure pictorial symbolism.

The kinetic sound installation arranged in the center of the space is inspired by the “locked groove” technique, an expression invented by Pierre Schaeffer in the mid 20th century to describe this phenomenon in which the needle of a record player falls indefinitely in the same record groove. In the same way, this sound installation follows a unique circular route. This consists of a microphone that reacts like the needle of a record player on materials and textures arranged throughout the floor.

Asemic Sound Cycles is an exhibition specially developed for the Salihara Arts Center.


see also:


Félix-Antoine Morin’s graphic scores represent existing musical forms whose basic structures are drawn from his repertoire of compositions. Through a syncopated visual construction, by which he instinctively creates new connections between signs, he shifts the initial writing toward material abstraction. Preserving traces of the sound origin, the accumulation of elements gradually transforms each composition into an autonomous language that no longer references music.
By this process, Morin maps out the … [click to read more]


First solo exhibition of Félix-Antoin Morin in Turkey: Asemic Sound Mappings (Feb 19th – Mar 12th, 2022):

[…] The graphic language of the artist does not tend to have a fixed meaning, leaving the interpretation of the works free to the viewer, encouraging the ambiguity between musical notation and pure pictorial poetry. The artworks at the “Asemic Sound Mappings” exhibition display layered elements moving in the void, carrying rhythm to the surface by simultaneously expressing Morin’s musical and pictorial sensibilities […]


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sony _walkman_ cm / atsuhiro ito & fuyuki yamakawa. 2013


Fuyuki Yamakawa’s solo performance:

lo “stabat mater” di pergolesi, oggi a roma, a trastevere (ingresso libero)


OGGI, martedì 12 aprile 2022 – Alle ore 20:00

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

Soprano: Sarah Agostinelli
Contralto: Chiara Chialli
Orchestra da Camera del Festival di Pasqua
Direttore: Stefano Sovrani

Basilica di San Crisogono
Viale Trastevere (piazza Sonnino 44) – Roma

Ingresso libero fino ad esaurimento posti

Infoline: +39 06 64829220


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sylvano bussotti: “bergkristall”, music score, ricordi, 1973