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reissues of mags @ jacket2 (freely downloadable pdfs)

freely downloadable pdf reissues of important lit mags like Combo, Aufgabe, Secession, Alcheringa, Roof, New Wilderness Letter, Reality Studios, Infolio, Zuk, Pages, M/E/A/N/I/N/G, O Books, Big Allis, Chain, XCP: Cross Cultural Poetics, Calque are available here:


oei #92-93: lettrist corpus

New issue of OEI: #92–93: Lettrist Corpus: The Complete Magazines (1946–2016), 512 pages.
This special issue, guest edited by writer, curator and sound artist Frédéric Acquaviva, is the very first comprehensive publication on Lettrist magazines. It describes, shows and contextualizes all issues of all 119 magazines created between 1946 and 2016 in, or in connection to, Lettrism – this vibrant and dynamic French avantgarde movement whose publishing adventures and efforts have, until OEI #92–93, been far too little known.

Paris release tonight at Didier Lecointre & Dominique Drouet (9, rue de Tournon, 75006 Paris)

firenze rivista _ alle murate dal 20 al 22 settembre 2019

Il festival delle riviste e della piccola e media editoria è alla sua quinta edizione.
A base, come sempre, di letteratura, cinema e giornalismo. #FirenzeRiVista sarà al complesso monumentale Le Muratedal 20 al 22 settembre 2019.

Riviste e piccoli e medi editori di tutta Italia. Più di 60 eventi in tre giorni.

Riviste: Continua a leggere

ninth lab, experioddi(cyber)cist

ninth lab chapbooks


Experioddi(cyber)cist​ 1 – 17 (1994 – 1997)​

magazines as publishers: in wien, tomorrow

A roundtable with AfterallArchiveMousseNERO, and OEI focusing on magazines which started to publish books. The panel aims to address the reasons behind this choice, to discuss the different functions of a book in contrast to a magazine, and their individual agendas.
Filipa Ramos in conversation with Caroline Woodley (Afterall), Chiara Figone (Archive), Stefano Cernuschi (Mousse), Lorenzo Gigotti (NERO), Jonas (J) Magnusson / Cecilia Grönberg (OEI)

The panel is organized in connection to the exhibition Publishing as an Artistic Toolbox: 1989–2017 at Kunsthalle Wien

Wednesday 8/11, 07:00 pm

Kunsthalle Wien

seven innovative chicago magazines





la poésie au format zuk

“new wilderness” & more ‘reissues’ @ jacket2