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recordings 1060-1981 / brion gysin. 1995

opus 17 / eliane radigue. 1970

Eliane Radigue

Opus 17 (2CD)

lp by john m. bennett, “a flattened face fogs through”

John M. Bennett

A Flattened Face Fogs Through (Lp)

sound poetry video by miron tee + tim gaze

Sound Poetry Videos by Miron Tee + Tim Gaze
soundpedro 2021 UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]
00:00 Title

00:07 Burbling
11:15 Phonetics 1 2 3

Presented as part of “sound poetry radio & video”
A special program of sound poetry presentations curated by and featuring Tim Gaze.


~ For soundpedro2021 program details go to
soundpedro is an annual ear-oriented multi-sensory event, presenting artists whose work addresses sound and aural perception in combination with other senses, produced by the Long Beach artist group FLOOD, and hosted by Angels Gate Cultural Center.

schizo variations [one track] / asemic writer. post-asemic press, 2021

from ‘kontextsound’, antwerp (belgium), apr/may, 1977

a few optophonetics / verbosonics excerpts from an incredibly rich fascicle (with works by —among others— van Doesburg, Houédard, Chopin, Rühm, Mon, Lora-Totino, Ladik, and a very long interview to Bob Cobbing).

after ennio / jeff crouch. 2021

“after ennio” from after ennio by Jeff Crouch. Released: 2021. Track 1. Genre: experimental.

one letter letter / differx. 2021

metamunari / differx. 2008


post-asemic press sound poetry

Post-Asemic Press is a book publisher of asemic writing and beyond. It is based out of Minneapolis and is run by Michael Jacobson. The Bandcamp site will be for sonic works of sound poetry and experimental poetry and other related forms. Here is the Post-Asemic Press blog:


the sounds of forests from all over the world


homemade noise tutorial episode 44002 burned fat / petr válek. 2019

capite adesso perché non ci può essere dialogo tra me e il flusso maggiore?
(mainstream, no?)


rava vavàra, episode #23: july 21st, h. 12:10

Rava vavàra, episode 23 will be broadcasted next Tuesday (July 21st = tomorrow) through Archipel Radio, at 12:10 CET in Berlin 88,4 FM and Potsdam 90,7 FM, live streaming on
The broadcast features Lynn Book, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Marco Giovenale, Valentina Vetturi, Mikhail Bogdanov and others.

After the broadcast, just listen to the audio file here:


(video from “L’Amant Double”, François Ozon:


karpaz / nula. 2019


perché non gli italiani e invece gli altri sì, 14