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21 oct., venice: waste compost radio @ palazzo trevisan degli ulivi


Today marks the end of WKR‘s composer trio residency at @prohelvetia_venice with @alan_alpenfelt and @alberto_barberis. The residency is part of NEW ECHO SYSTEM program curated by @enricobettinello. For our residence, we collaborated with @helicotrema_festival @giulia.morucchio. We have come up with two sessions to flesh out the work we are doing. In the afternoon we will have a panel discussion with guests Carola Haupt, Paolo Zavagna, @francescobergamo_ and @liberavoler. In the evening from 21:00 you can come to Palazzo Trevisan and stay in and with the composting process.

waste compost radio: open call

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come ci siamo allontanati / differx. 2022


owl noise zero / owl brain atlas. 2022

the sound area of Post-Asemic Press at Bandcamp presents Owl Noise Zero
by Owl Brain Atlas aka J.D. Nelson:

nico in ambiente (17″) / differx. 2021

voglio davverro_emmerder / alan mitterac. 2022

recordings 1060-1981 / brion gysin. 1995

opus 17 / eliane radigue. 1970

Eliane Radigue

Opus 17 (2CD)

lp by john m. bennett, “a flattened face fogs through”

John M. Bennett

A Flattened Face Fogs Through (Lp)

sound poetry video by miron tee + tim gaze

Sound Poetry Videos by Miron Tee + Tim Gaze
soundpedro 2021 UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]
00:00 Title

00:07 Burbling
11:15 Phonetics 1 2 3

Presented as part of “sound poetry radio & video”
A special program of sound poetry presentations curated by and featuring Tim Gaze.


~ For soundpedro2021 program details go to
soundpedro is an annual ear-oriented multi-sensory event, presenting artists whose work addresses sound and aural perception in combination with other senses, produced by the Long Beach artist group FLOOD, and hosted by Angels Gate Cultural Center.

schizo variations [one track] / asemic writer. post-asemic press, 2021

from ‘kontextsound’, antwerp (belgium), apr/may, 1977

a few optophonetics / verbosonics excerpts from an incredibly rich fascicle (with works by —among others— van Doesburg, Houédard, Chopin, Rühm, Mon, Lora-Totino, Ladik, and a very long interview to Bob Cobbing).

after ennio / jeff crouch. 2021

“after ennio” from after ennio by Jeff Crouch. Released: 2021. Track 1. Genre: experimental.

one letter letter / differx. 2021

metamunari / differx. 2008