“oggetti anomali” alla biblioteca cantonale di lugano (fino al 3 novembre)


Non è facile individuare un movimento artistico che nel corso del XX secolo non si sia rivolto al libro con interesse, vedendolo spesso non solo come strumento di diffusione di idee e intenti ma anche come vero e proprio luogo di ricerca. Le prime sperimentazioni consapevoli su questo supporto, denominate poi come libro d’artista, risalgono, ai primi anni Sessanta. La Biblioteca cantonale di Lugano, congiuntamente a quella di Bellinzona, ha appena acquisto l’importante raccolta di libri d’artista di Marco Carminati. Si tratta di una collezione di oltre 2000 volumi che copre soprattutto il panorama italiano dagli anni Sessanta a oggi. In occasione dell’arrivo presso l’istituto di questi preziosi materiali è stata realizzata una mostra – a cura di Luca Saltini e Marco Carminati – che si propone di offrire una panoramica sui filoni principali della raccolta, a partire dalle prime sperimentazioni degli anni Sessanta, fino ad opere di artisti contemporanei. Un percorso curioso, tra libri scultura, lavori concettuali e volumi più tradizionali, un assaggio della grande ricchezza di questa collezione.



lots of asemic books are actually available

Michael Jacobson:

Here is an updated list of almost all the asemic writing books available at Amazon. Asemic writing is a wordless open semantic form of writing which often appears as abstract calligraphy, non-verbal writing, illegible writing, or damaged writing. This list also contains all Post-Asemic Press titles (7 so far) and other related works published by other presses.
Authors and their works included on the list are by Tim Gaze, Michael Jacobson, O Mayeux, Anneke Baeten, Volodymyr Bilyk, Rosaire Appel, Spencer Selby, Mirtha Dermisache, Federico Federici, Sam Roxas-Chua, Denise Lach, Jose Parla, Lucinda Sherlock, Xu Bing, Henri Michaux, Brion Gysin, Timothy C. Ely, Jay Snodgrass, Israel F Haros Lopez, Paul A. Toth, Max Ernst, Luigi Serafini, Rory Link, and The unknown author of The Voynich Manuscript.




partially removing the remove of literature







mg’s bibliography

Marco Giovenale (1969) lives and works in Rome. He writes in Italian and English. Here are some notes about his English works. (And the vispo and asemic ones).

“a gunless tea”, collection of 23 prose fragments, was published in 2007 (Dusi/e-chap project, dusie.org: free download at http://www.dusie.org/gunlesstea.pdf, thanks to Susana Gardner).

“CDK” was published in 2009 as a chapbook & free e-book by Tir aux pigeons (download at http://www.lulu.com/items/volume_64/6596000/6596742/1/print/CDK.PDF, thanks to Drew Kunz).

The prose pieces of “anachromisms” won the Ahsahta Press Chapbook Prize (judge: K. Silem Mohammad) and the book has been published by Ahsahta in 2014: https://ahsahtapress.org/product/anachromisms/ (thanks to Janet Holmes).

“white while” is at Gauss PDF in September, 2014: http://www.gauss-pdf.com/post/98317758615/gpdf131-marco-giovenale-white-while. As a freely downloadable pdf: http://dl.gauss-pdf.com/GPDF131-MG-WW.pdf.

Prose pieces in English are also in the anthology “New Objectivists – Nouveaux objectivistes – Nuovi oggettivisti” (Loffredo, 2013; Maria Cristina Giorcelli and Luigi Magno eds). Poems and critical pieces appeared in Aufgabe, #7, 2008, guest edited by Jennifer Scappettone for Litmus Press. The whole issue is now available as a free pdf here: https://media.sas.upenn.edu/jacket2/pdf/reissues/aufgabe/J2_Reissues_Aufgabe_07_2008.pdf (and here).

Several texts are in other lit mags, either on paper and on line. Among the non-Italian ones: OEIHarriet, OR, The new Review of Literature, Capitalism Nature Socialism, word for / word, Zswound, Coconut, Dusie, Shampoo, TRNSFR, Ekleksographia, Moss Trill, ex-ex-lit, minor literature[s], Sous Rature, forward/text, jimleftwichtextimagepoem.blogspot.it, pganickz.livejournal.com, Blue & Yellow Dog, Action Poétique, Nioques, Lyrikline, On Barcelona.

Mp3s and videos are hosted by http://writing.upenn.edu/pennsound/x/Italiana.php, thanks to Jennifer Scappettone.

An interview with the mag 3AM (thanks to Steven Fowler) can be read at http://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/maintenant-65-marco-giovenale.

MG’s artbooks are “Sibille asemantiche” (La camera verde, 2008), “Asemic Sibyls” (RedFoxPress, 2013); and, under the name of Differx, four e-chaps published by Vugg Books: “aweapon” (2008), “Severe red” (2010), “unrelated | undepicted | (diptychs)” (2010), “septemware” (2011). Asemic sibyls and visual works are also in Nazione indianaSleepingfishsatt.org, The New Post-Literate, Truck, Hit and Run Magazine, Chernovik, l’immaginazione, Bright Stupid Confetti, Extreme Writing, Suxulf, Fieralingue, AlteredScale, Tip of the knife (issue 7), The Bleed (issue 0.2), Experiment-o (issue 4), Rem (issue 2), Moria and in the “Anthology Spidertangle” (Xexoxial Editions, 2009). Other asemic works by MG were in the chapbook published in Dan Waber’s series “This Is Visual Poetry”. A series of sibyls has also been published by La camera verde in Nov., 2013: “Syn Sybilles”.

Asemic sibyls are in “The Last Vispo Anthology” (1998-2008), edited by Crag Hill and Nico Vassilakis, Fantagraphics books, 2012; and in “An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting” (Uitgeverij, 2013), edited by Tim Gaze e Michael Jacobson: http://www.uitgeverij.cc/publications/an-anthology-of-asemic-handwriting/. In 2013 he also took part in the asemic collab novel, “A Kick in the Eye” (https://www.createspace.com/4480172, ed. by T. Gaze). In 2014 fifteen vispo and seven asemic pieces are hosted by the mag «Lana Turner» (issue 7).


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