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mirror world / elizabeth aro. 2011

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letmein / alice edy. 2017

“letmein” [Password Project]: a collection from the top 1000 most common online passwords (from FB, to LinkdIn, to Gmail). These are the words that keep us safe; the language we use to let people in, or keep them out. Painted on the side of the Nelson Mandela Bridge into the Johannesburg CBD, Sept 2017.


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The Password Project was painted below the Nelson Mandela Bridge, on the wall opposite Play’s 62 Juta street in 2017, and  is a collection taken from the top 1000 most common online passwords (from Facebook, to LinkdIn, to Gmail –   ‘letmein’ is the 11th most common online password).

Alice says, “‘Let-me-in’ are the words that keep us safe; the language that we use to protect ourselves, and to keep other people at a distance. The bridge, as a primary artery into central Johannesburg is a site of continual human flow. The project raises questions of access control, asking people to consider how historically, and still today, language has been used as a tool in the regulation of human movement. There is also something semi-mystic about the words that hold this kind of power; a contemporary incarnation of the “Open Sesame” myth.


g. j. de rook. 1973




leaning strata / robert smithson. 1968

the feuilleton: i will bear witness, rome, july 6-8, 2021 / jo melvin

The artists interventions represented are:
Alighiero Boetti, Daniel Buren, Victor Cavallo, Anne-James Chaton, Fortunato Depero, Alberto Di Fabio, Isabella Ducrot, Emilio Isgrò, Yves Klein, Richard Long, Renato Mambor, Piero Manzoni, Cristiana Marcinelli, Fabio Mauri, Gastone Novelli, Roman Opalka, Giulio Paolini, Andrea Pazienza, Lamberto Pignotti, Beniamino Placido, Cloti Ricciardi, Mimmo Rotella, Claudio Scalise, Mario Schifano, Luigi Veronesi, Francesco Vezzoli, Luca Vitone
& Rachel Whiteread.

the meaning machine (simplified version) / differx. 2018


drawing an eye on a stone so it can see the sky / johannes s. h. bjerg. 2021


“wasting my grammar”: cia rinne in berlin

wasting my grammar is now on view at die raum berlin night+day until 4 july. photograph by alexander schmidt/plaintype”

hush / differx. 2013

da sabato 31: garutti, curran, spaziani @ loreto aprutino

No Man’s Land Foundation
a permanent site-specific installation by

Alberto Garutti
and sound installations by
Alvin Curran and Donatella Spaziani
Saturday 31st October 2020 11:30 am
No Man’s Land, Contrada Rotacesta
Loreto Aprutino (PE), Italy

in collaboration with the Department of Architecture of the “G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara
curated by Zerynthia Association for Contemporary Art OdV

As in the forest individual trees, through complex relations, create a constant equilibrium between themselves, so in No Man’s Land the artistic installations, albeit pronouncing themselves singularly, coexist alongside each other in this “land of imagination open to all.” Yona Friedman

No Man’s Land Foundation will present, on Saturday 31st October at 11.30 am, the permanent site-specific installation by Alberto Garutti, entitled “tutti i passi che ho fatto nella mia vita mi hanno portato qui, ora” (“all the steps I have taken in my life have led me here, now”). The piece consists of a stone slab from Majella placed in a field, upon which is inscribed that sentence which anyone can make their own. Installed in various cities since 2004, it creates each time invisible relationships and trajectories between the different places.
The Foundation, moreover, will present two sound installations:
“Gardening with John 1.1”, 2006, by Alvin Curran, a tribute to his friend John Cage using recordings made in the artist’s New York loft and samples of his well-known laugh.

“humanizer” print, from brian dettmer

Humanizer, 2020, hand-cut and perforated laser print on archival paper, 7.5” x 7.5” (12” x 12” framed), Edition of 220
It’s time to replace all the men in your old books with a Humanizer print

This is a new project available for humans in 2020 – an edition of 220 hand cut and perforated prints

Each print contains 900 1/4” “human” tabs to replace the “men” in your old books

All humans are connected and human contact is essential

The Humanizer print is an edition of 220 hand-cut and perforated prints that address the need to update the gender bias found in many of our printed books. The word “human” is printed and perforated in a grid to create 900 ¼” tabs. These tabs can be pulled off and glued into an old book to replace references to “man” or “men” with “human”. The Humanizer print works as a conceptual suggestion or concrete poem, but also as a functional object that could actually be used as suggested. The edition of 220 prints allows for a more inclusive perspective in our historic documents while also addressing concerns about the art market and our current economy. The accessibility of these prints flattens the hierarchy of art collecting, allowing more people the opportunity to acquire art and satisfy our human need to be conceptually and physically connected.

Brian Dettmer

Instagram- @briandettmerstudio

throne of wind / john m. bennett. 2020

e su questo si interrogano gli storici / differx. 2019

installation / richard koenig


laurent durupt, “dronocracy” (reportage)