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installance #0163: piece of paper with “piece of paper” written on it

installance n. : # 0163
type : little piece of paper
size : unknown
record : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : Sep 8th, 2021
time : 10:30am
place :  Rome, via D. Cerquetti
footnote : none
copyright : (CC) 2021 differx

memo: 2007, libreria coliseum

tre prose brevissime (due pubblicate oggi, una recentemente) / differx. 2021

senza titolo :


Quattro quadrati, 2 :


Quattro quadrati, 1

glitched outstitution / differx. 2021


2423 C / differx. 2021

Nell’ambito del progetto “The Square”, esce oggi il primo di quattro brevi testi in prosa miei, sul sito Grazie a Francesca Perinelli. Questo il link:

a re-glitched image from “glitchasemics” / differx. 2021

(CC) 2021 differx
A re-glitched image from Glitchasemics (2020)
(Post-Asemic Press,, thx to Michael Jacobson)

>>> with a special dedication to De Villo Sloan, who loved my book so much as to ban me for no reason <<<


See more glitchasemic images here (2016, hosted by Jim Lwftwich), here (2016), here (2016), here (2017, Otoliths), here (2018, Slova), here (2019), etc etc.

Take note:
Hâle Turhan & Gökhan Turhan experimented “glitched asemic writing” since 2015 or 2016, I think, and I definitely want to praise their work @ Ada & Arx too (e.g. here).

As the blurb of their book Hür (Xerolage #65, Dec. 2016) says: “Xeno-Poiesis is needed within the entagled bubbly nodes of the Remixocene”.

I absolutely agree.


installance #0162: abstract, asemic (abstrasemic)


installance n. : # 0162
type : abstrasemic (abstract+asemic) piece
size : ~ cm 6,5 x 2,2
record : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : Aug 26th, 2021
time : 11:29am
place :  Rome, via E. Pantano
footnote : none
copyright : (CC) 2021 differx

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why doo yoo soo / differx. 2007


howdy ewsday! howdy ylmer!

both are quality candidates and quality human beings, londonborn & educated in an insane asylum doing a play about some dogs’ revolution. dogs who drink oil and cook up a scheme to drive their hated headmaster insane.

family nostalgia.

film debut at age 91 for linnieloo. bizarre. he spends time hunched over a toilet bowl learning to sing the songs of “survival guide 2005.”

but the stars fly and pass by — and he finds himself in 2006, then in 2007, then in 2008, then in 2009, then in 2010, then in 2011, then in 2012, then in 2013, then in 2014, then in 2015, then in 2016, then in 2017, then in 2018, then in 2019, then in 2020, then in 2021, then in 2022, then in 2023, then in 2024, then in 2025, then stands up yelling “akh! twenty years ago!” – oh he is angrily angrily ripping the papers.

then he throws them in the can


“villa pamphili”, una cartolina, oggi, su antinomie

la carte postale –
su “Antinomie” oggi, una cartolina antropologica di differx.
sull’aisthesis e il movimento plurale dei frammenti:


tre testi da “la gente non sa cosa si perde”: oggi su ‘inverso’

grazie a Giovanna Frene per l’ospitalità su InVerso:

asemic t-shirt / differx. 2008

un testo da “oggettistica” sul blog di gorilla sapiens

* * *

Grazie a Gorilla Sapiens per l’ospitalità a questa prosa breve, né racconto né poesia. microtesto dal tutt’ora inedito Oggettistica.

elementi di poesia italiana contemporanea / differx. 2016

“stiamo cercando delle cose che splendono, così possiamo specchiarci”

(Peppa Pig)