oggi: medea a roma



OGGI, 20 ottobre 2017, dalle ore 19:30

presso l’Accademia d’Ungheria in Roma

(Palazzo Falconieri – Via Giulia, 1)



Pier Paolo Pasolini e Maria Callas

Fotografie di Mario Tursi dalla collezione privata di Giuseppe Garrera

A cura di Giuseppe Garrera, Sebastiano Triulzi, István Puskás


Attraverso gli straordinari fotogrammi di Mario Tursi, Continue reading

aleph null

Aleph Null is a graphic synthesizer; just like an audio synthesizer uses sounds to synthesize other sounds, Aleph Null samples from graphics, mixing them together with dynamic opacity and global compositing operations.” –Jim Andrews
Aleph Null is an attempt to help make a better world with terrific art. It’s important that there be ambitious works of net art that people around the world can access. Exciting interactive net art is one of the best things about the Internet. It boldly goes where no gink has gone. It carries the banners of imagination, innovation, activism, communication, international community, knowledge, art, beauty and truth. The Internet will be exciting only so long as it remains inspiring to artists—as an artistic medium. If that light goes out, the forces of dullness will have secured the entire thing as a department store, surveillance device and peep show.” –Jim Andrews