“tip of the knife”, final issue, #35: tribute to bill dimichele

A special and final issue of Tip of the Knife celebrating the Visual Poetry
of Bill DiMichele, editor of TOK for 10 years

On the one year anniversary on August 4th of Bill DiMichele’s passing, a special and final issue of Tip of the Knife celebrating the Visual Poetry
of Bill has been published.
This issue includes a curated selection from some of Bill’s numerous series. It was very difficult for Will and me to choose the work to publish since his body of work is so extensive and perse. Thanks to Crag Hill for adding some work from Score (Visual Poetry mag from the 80s that Crag, Laurie Schneider and Bill co-edited) and Burnhole (Bill’s poetry from the 90s).

Look forward to a re-release of this last issue, which will include a multi-media afterward by Crag with some help from Will (production and guitar). Thanks to Crag for all of his help and for being such a good friend. And thanks to all of the artists who have contributed to TOK over the years. We appreciate your contribution to the success of TOK.

Bill is missed by all who knew him as a friend and fellow artist. He is dearly missed by Will and me as a wonderful father and husband.

Julie DiMichele



langrids by differx (2014 – up to now)

I often drawrite “langrids”. A langrid is a grid of language.

I always had in mind Robert Smithson’s A heap of language (1966), or Paul Celan’s Sprachgitter (1959).

In my work, grids and squares and weird geometric shapes collide with pieces of superimposed sentences, asemic bits, other shapes, syllables.

Take a tour here:
or here: https://slowforward.net/?s=langrid&submit=Search
or here: https://tinyurl.com/y487l2eo
or here: https://the-otolith.blogspot.com/2014/07/marco-giovenale.html

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pagine da “harck”, periodico a cura di magdalo mussio, numero unico, 1971


Alcuni fogli di HARCK, periodico a cura di Magdalo Mussio, numero unico in attesa di registrazione, cm 70×50, pp. 40, Roma 1971.

(Collezione Giuseppe Garrera)


10th anniversary – best of “tip of the knife”, issue 34

“The 10th Anniversary and next to the last issue of Tip of the Knife has been published including an introduction by Crag Hill. Unfortunately, we couldn’t pick one piece from every artist for this limited issue, but please know that all pieces are worthy or else Bill would not have selected them to be in the original issues. So thanks to all of the talented artists that helped to make this and all of the previous issues over the past ten years so special”.



collateral realities, by jim leftwich & luc fierens (red fox press)

COLLATERAL REALITIES – New visual poetry book from Redfoxpress – a collaboration between LUC FIERENS and JIM LEFTWICH / online orders at http://redfoxpress.com/dada-fierens4.html


oltre la parola. mirella bentivoglio dalla collezione garrera: il catalogo della mostra (roma, mlac, ottobre 2019)

da gammm.org, post del 14 marzo 2020


file hosted @ Internet Archive:


Un grazie particolare ad Ada De Pirro per il consenso alla pubblicazione del file


vispostock again


for some months, in 2006 and 2007, i posted ( =stored) some vispo by me (and collab pieces) in the blog vispostock.blogspot.com.

here’s a rough & poor pdf with almost all the works i posted (a 94 pages file, freely downloadable and printable):

Click to access vispostock-_-2006-2007.pdf

many pieces are collab ones:
with Jim Leftwich, David-Baptiste Chirot, Peter Ganick,
Matina Stamatakis, Carmen Racovitza, Susana Gardner, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen.


bélyegfilm – – – stamp film. 1982-1984

World Art Post – from 1982 – was the exhibition of artists stamps which made Artpool internationally well-known. The 750 stamps from 550 artists from all over the world can be seen on video.


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