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ma poupée mazerolle / julie-rebecca poulain. 2006

Ma poupée Mazerolle / Julie-Rebecca Poulain_ 01 Ma poupée Mazerolle / Julie-Rebecca Poulain_ 02

Ma poupée Mazerolle / Julie-Rebecca Poulain_ 03 Ma poupée Mazerolle / Julie-Rebecca Poulain_ 04


“wasting my grammar”: cia rinne in berlin

wasting my grammar is now on view at die raum berlin night+day until 4 july. photograph by alexander schmidt/plaintype”

improvisations against propaganda / jim leftwich. 2017 [moria books]

Jim Leftwich, Improvisations Against Propaganda (2017)

il telefonatore / differx. 2016

michele peretta
ma tu vuoi dirmi che
quella mensola è oltre il piano di proiezione della pavimentazione?
21 – 11

warm regards / jim leftwich. 2020

Poems written in December 2020
Jim Leftwich


​serried are the distant trees.
the list goes on and on and
on, on and on. this morning
i am thanking everyone for
last night. the matchbook
totem opens spaces sparkling
to the end. this is our next
chance. we are eligible to
be legible, but never again.


never a hat at that, not ever.
during who minus back home
in which the blemish of hubris
was strewn like a beacon
across the lawns of a small
town soup / have to become
an entrance into our own set
of unauthored circumstances.


right now a portal into the
sea elsewhere no future
that anyone can work with.

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paul celan at 100: a tribute by marjorie perloff (on charles bernstein’s webpage)


ossidiana / differx. 2020

con Þolso

comme con polso plus compulsivo
compulsiamo (e) compensiamo co-pensiamo il
“diario degli eventi”
ne sfuggisse mica
con: esfoliante

perdiprende — il suo
nome vuol dire artiglio

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altre istruzioni (2009) / differx. 2020

izikhotane @ great falls word festival turners falls (ma), october 2017, text by peter ganick

Izikhotane @ Great Falls Word Festival, Turners Falls, MA October 2017 text from Peter Ganick’s 2014 publication silence, in-action. [01 – 19] . Izikhotane is Ernest Brute on words + Object Echo on sound.

Izikhotane is the Avant-Garde in the age of Auto-Correct. Izikhotane is spoken word & sound.

flash haiku / derek beaulieu. 2020

feel so [] / differx. 2012

feel so [] / differx. 2012
video + text :

gleize: insurrection