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‘otoliths’, issue #68, now live

Otoliths sixty-eight, the southern summer issue, is now live.

It contains various forms of text poetry, photographs, essays, paintings, flash fiction, vispo, short stories, collages, & journal columns from Michael Ruby, Karl Kempton, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Sanjeev Sethi, Richard Kostelanetz, Margaret Karmazin, Judith Skillman, Robert Lietz, Nico Vassilakis, Ken Poyner, Roberta Beach Jacobson, Mehreen Ahmed, Alexander Lazarus Wolff, Mario José Cervantes, Tom Beckett, KJ Hannah Greenberg, Robert Ronnow, Harrison Fisher, Ruggero Maggi, Michael Orr & Texas Fontanella, Owen Bullock, Grzegorz Wróblewski, Lachlan J McDougall, Jim Leftwich, Olchar E. Lindsann, Henry Felerski, Jennifer Weigel, Joel Chace, Daniel Barbiero, Doren Robbins, Jack Galmitz, Clara B. Jones, Tony Beyer, Gao An, Daniel f Bradley, Keith McKay, John M. Bennett, John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich, Stacey Allam & John M. Bennett, Todd Matson, petro c. k., Nathan Anderson, Eric Hoffman, Texas Fontanella & John M. Bennett, John Tustin, Martin Edmond, Michael Neal Morris, R L Swihart, Dave Read, Thomas Fink, Rich Murphy, Carol Stetser, John Bradley, Pat Nolan, Pete Spence, Jeff Harrison, Vernon Frazer, Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal, Peter Cherches, Mayu Kanamori, Damon Hubbs, Paul Dickey, Joshua Martin, Alan Catlin, Bob Lucky, Communications Arts Students at U. P. Los Baños, Ian Willey, Diana Magallón, Laurent Grison, Jim Meirose, Nicholas Wright, Dzenis Burzic & Texas Fontanella, Sanket Mhatre, Louis Armand, Michael J. Leach, Rose Knapp, Keith Nunes, Oz Hardwick, Mark DuCharme, Maggie Yang, Jon Cone, Richard Magahiz, Michael Battisto, John Digby & Bill Wolak, Bill Wolak, Susan Gangel, Vassilis Zambaras, Stephen C. Middleton, Christopher Barnes, Andrew Maximilian Niss, Elmedin Kadric, Kevin Browne, David A. Bishop, Patrick Sweeney, Stephen Mead, Hrishikesh Srinivas, Jared Chipkin, M.J. Iuppa, Linda King, Steven Waling, Kenneth Rexroth, Jen Schneider, Elena Zalogina, Heath Brougher, Jeff Bagato, Penelope Weiss, Marilyn Stablein, John Levy, Eileen Woo, Edward Kulemin, Lawrence R. Smith, Cherie Hunter Day, Kit Kennedy, Paul Ilechko, Keith Higginbotham, Antonio Devicienti, Bob Heman, James Hannon, J. D. Nelson, Joseph Salvatore Aversano, Nathan Whiting, Isabel Gómez de Diego, Daniel de Culla, Mark DeCarteret, Marzi Margo, John Vieira, Lorraine Caputo, Marcia Arrieta, Mark Blaeuer, Tim Suermondt, Texas Fontanella & Chris Edwards, Mariel Herbert, David Jalajel, Peter Yovu, Sheila E. Murphy, Rico Cleffi, nicky melville, Edinburgh Mews, Paul Pfleuger, Jr., bart plantenga, Roger Mitchell, Angelo ‘NGE’ Colella, Réka Nyitrai, Adriána Kóbor, Michael Moreth, Eileen R. Tabios, & Márton Koppány.

red line: do not cross / allan revich. 2022


hunch & wrench / jim leftwich. 2022

doffed Feedlot Basketball
For the Doomsday
Baffle of the Double Floss
bed foibles Breakfast
defiance of Burstnorm
Angstrom barbed
garbled fence
gruel weeping Equine
rewind Elk Wintry mix
teal Edible Rorschach
yurt Rut Tornado
umpire Turtle
Yes, Umpteen
yarrow loosely
unbelievable Openness
indelible Pinch
oil spilling Patch
Our Parched punch inedible
Sun Out Until Lunch
By the Lurch of Trust
yet Rattling Trunk
tEaching them the

wavering Quench
Wilding the Load
humiliation jumps the Ladder
Humidity in Quaver
Hunch & Wrench aluminum
siding grunts elation
differs in fur and Fire
so Deep deep without an Ocean
Dawn of another Raw Day

Dabbles Abrasion
double fungus carpet
sodden corpus
diction siphoned Corpuscle
watering the Closet
Emptier signifieds
creeping Red Emptiness
very to very
Vocable selection
it is it & it
by the time
both Toes Yearning
yearns the night
night Yearning Light
uNder No DawN

Nor fabricated organelle
optical piñata arribada
Orotund amoeba

Rotunda options normalized
Alfalfa pinto lubricated
Baobab aridity organic

Thimble Hammers
Free Blackjack Very
episteme Essene
green like a pool table
green like a cow pasture
Rigged, a rigged game
germane mane and
germs & germs

Dim Foghorns of the
Tigers growing
Growling wild and

Dimestore tygers howling
Lunes widely flowing frog
Thorns of the Hand are
Worth two in the birdlime

Since there is
Greased celestial
verse documented as
Dogs fly
Dogs Fly like pigs
variously ungrounded
deep in the Face of verity
deep in the Face
Of Common
Sense & Causality
Very pig of the dogs
To Face-Off against
The Real

Real Thoughts are
Real / The True Real
/ The Real Book
—- The time it
took —- to become
And be a book

rosaire appel: “pages from”. in ‘sleepingfish’ 12

no more art / massimo nota. 2022

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antonio syxty legge jean le gac

due prose per i termoregolatori delle italie: u.s. in testa

metodo della mediocrità spiando un lavoro in corso: strada serale / differx. 2022

ci sono volute ore di nostalgia, è che la nostra vita è un’altra / differx. 2022

corpuscoli / luca zanini. 2022

la tipografia la] parte bianca supera di gran lunga] rimasto un esercizio uno che affitta manda corpuscoli oppure scendere alla prossima uscita zampanò stagionale dalla guerra delle cornici troppo [piccole truppe di serissimi alchimisti protestano la linea quella prende fumo di contrasto malheureusement

the optimism of the unwilling / jim leftwich. 2022

The Optimism of the Unwilling
Jim Leftwich
Summer 2022

I was I was.
I was thinking. At least I think I was thinking.
Is it possible to think about the fact of 4.6 billion years? I don’t think so.

So. Photographs. We have seen a few, maybe a few hundred thousand. We think we know how to think about photographs.

When are you reading this?
Are you reading it 4.6 billion years after it was written? No.
Are you reading it 4.6 million years after it was written? No.
Are you reading it four thousand and six hundred years after it was written? Maybe. Probably not. But at least I can imagine such a thing.
Are you reading it 460 years after it was written? Could be. I would like to think so.
Are you reading it 46 years after it was written? Sure! Why not? I know: megadroughts, 100-year floods, heat domes, forest fires, resource wars, famines… Another world is possible, and in it you could be reading this… If. If only.
Are you reading it four and a half years after it was written? Yes? Thank you. Where you are, it is January, 2027. I know it isn’t much. But that’s how.. one not much after another… there isn’t any other way.

as con pre re sumes / jim leftwich. 2022

As con pre re SUMES
Jim Leftwich
Summer 2022

Assume the weather the flame the feather assume no highways.

Consume the new the rest the time consume no highways.

Presume the nest the next the door presume no highways.

Resume the crest the thirst the name resume no highways.

Assume the sane whether bother assume no highways.

Consume the zest flew tether consume no highways.

Presume the sate the nerve the lather presume no highways.

Resume the boss the curse the seme resume no highways.

Presume the lather resume the seme the preseme the reseme sate no boss no salt asseme the highways are frilled with semic heroes never conseme the nerve of a curse.

unwriting / jim leftwich. 2022

Jim Leftwich
Summer 2022

Here it comes again, like an avalanche, oceanic, rolling across the desert, every imaginary uprooted route at once, enough to make you think it has a mind of its own, language cannot be trusted to mind its own business, sit down and shut up, work independently without disturbing others.

The word “unwriting” arrived most recently in my mind’s ear as a misreading of my first thing in the morning no glasses on handscrawled note about “the unwilling”.

What, then, is this unwriting? Is it a rewriting of a misreading? Is it an acknowledgement of misreading as rewriting? Is it the revelation of a parallel text, a parallel universe, another world is possible, the ancient branes of string theory, asemic messages encoded in those astonishing photographs from the James Webb telescope?

I think we know. Life is more than life. Language is more than language. Life is never life and life only. Life is beside itself with joy, beside itself with bewilderment, disbelief, semiosis, mitosis, osmosis, baskets of fish and loaves of bread, the news from far and near, some of which is true, the felt presence of experiential reality.

You can’t step in the same stream walking beside the lake, where the two creeks flow in from the mountains to the west, reading an old book of poems, remembering how it all got started in your tiny little life your tiny little world, what that small patch of the cosmos looked like 5 billion years ago, twice.

That is another reason, if not several, for wandering wide-eyed in the wonder, while the species is surely dying of its own devices, and there is no humanly semiotic future to care for our writings or unwritings, singing, between the two deserts, having driven ourselves softly or brutally insane, such that the human experiment seems to have failed entirely, if we can say so in some sort of poem, what hypothesis exactly was the experiment meant to test?

unorma: universal norms of absurdity / jim leftwich. 2022

UNORMA: Universal Norms of Absurdity
Jim Leftwich
Summer 2022

Venn Diagrams glean presentiment where never the twains shall melt. Therein the Vesica Piscis, renumerable counterfactuals, munerates aeration of comeuppance, until the bittern fends.

First, it must be logical, the absurd must be predictable. To live out on the lawn / You must be honest.

Second: the absurd must be predictable; it must be a replica of itself. Do as I say to do, not as the duly unsaid, which is your duty. Unruly: an unmeasured quantity; the quality of being unmeasuring; a cup of what else, unfulfilled.

Third: the absurd is local. Lies about the absurd are global.

Fourth: go forth and multiple, multiply tables, The Plicate Cult of Mults, fables breathe froth before us — you are complicated; try to contain your selves!

The absurd is polysemic, is nothing if not. But you (You!) must remember: this is not Your Uncle’s Absurdity. You inherit what you invent.

Don’t make me tell you the whole treacherous tale again.

i.c941792 (third version) / differx. 2006-2022

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collana duomo / differx. 2021

vocabulary / jackson mac low. 1968 (1980)

Jackson MacLow
VOCABULARY (1968-1980)
Pari&Dispari, 1980