lots of asemic books are actually available

Michael Jacobson:

Here is an updated list of almost all the asemic writing books available at Amazon. Asemic writing is a wordless open semantic form of writing which often appears as abstract calligraphy, non-verbal writing, illegible writing, or damaged writing. This list also contains all Post-Asemic Press titles (7 so far) and other related works published by other presses.
Authors and their works included on the list are by Tim Gaze, Michael Jacobson, O Mayeux, Anneke Baeten, Volodymyr Bilyk, Rosaire Appel, Spencer Selby, Mirtha Dermisache, Federico Federici, Sam Roxas-Chua, Denise Lach, Jose Parla, Lucinda Sherlock, Xu Bing, Henri Michaux, Brion Gysin, Timothy C. Ely, Jay Snodgrass, Israel F Haros Lopez, Paul A. Toth, Max Ernst, Luigi Serafini, Rory Link, and The unknown author of The Voynich Manuscript.




arthur dies”, vol. 3, by olchar e. lindsann

ARTHUR DIES, VOL. 3, by Olchar E. Lindsann
This is an epic poem of that eldritch troubling time, issuing from a vast swarming archaeology as it might have been. Discover a land in which history, legend, death, language, and the world itself are otherwise than even if we think it, where magic infuses, confuses the words that describe it, as if – where discontinuity even infects the grammar of another, a bleary consciousness of another, reality – drift-read upon the current scene of bloodshed, deceit, and the insistent gnarled hope and striven mourning for a better world: ARTHUR symbolized the dream to come, where meaning flows as music overpast; a dank vanished temporal slaughter swale (that of Albion, womb of Blake) where the spells of words became cemented never – where rhythmic abstraction and storytelling tangle in mutabilitous dance: shamanic trance-speech, a fantasy uttered from within: for such is Arthur’s dream – Jack A. Withers Smote
Vols. 1 & 2 also available at

new issue (#17) of “slova” is online: in html and pdf format

the new issue of “Slova” is out

1 Ольхар Линдсанн / Olchar E. Lindsann
2 Джим Лефтвич / Jim Leftwich
3 Митя Безыдейный / Mitya Bezidey
4 Агам Андреас / Agam Andreas
5 Алексей Веселов / Alexey Veselov
6 Асемическое письмо: определения и контексты (1998-2016) [отрывки] / Asemic Writing: Definitions & Contexts (1998-2016) [excerpts]
7 Марко Джиовенале / Marco Giovenale
8 Джон М. Беннетт / John M. Bennett
9 Николай Вяткин / Nikolay Vyatkin
10 Ещё один способ зрения (рецензия) / One more point of view (book review)






“les échiquiers effrontés”, by mark young

“Duchamp’s Nude came eddying down the staircase carrying a chessboard & some sort of dictionary. ‘Your move,’ she said. I started with ‘angular.’ She won in less than ten moves. Kept on winning. Even when I painted the board red she beat me. It wasn’t until I started opening with Smurfs or the sigils of YouTube & Facebook, things she’d never seen before, that I began to be competitive. I finally won when I brought Nelson Mandela forward. That’s when Daddy stepped in. I never won again. ‘A readymade Mark,’ he called me,” Mark Young – Conceptual and surrealist visual poetry constructed on chessboard grids by the Australia-based poet and editor of the international journal, Otoliths.