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it is not long since conditions were worse than they are now

the “aleph null 3.0” project, by jim andrews

Here are some different views into a project called Aleph Null 3.0. This is an interactive, generative project I wrote in JavaScript/HTML/CSS. There are 21 participating artists, including Jim Leftwich. The different URLs below open up the app to view work by the different artists. There’s also an essay with videos about the project at

You can see Jim’s bio at
and the slideshow of 100 images of his used in Aleph Null at

I wrote an earlier graphic synthesizer called dbCinema in Director/Lingo. I used some of Jim’s work in it here:

il 2017 di gammm

– damiano abeninathi. 2017 [23-02-2017 .it]

– boris achourgames whose rules i ignore. 2015 [02-03-2017]

– rosaire appel. ebook: sample book. 2017 [25-05-2017]

– anneke baetentwo asemics. 2017 [24-08-2017]

– john m. bennettfour works. 2017 [26-10-2017]

– volodymyr bilykthree poems. 2016 [12-01-2017]

– alighiero boettile pendu. 1977 [19-10-2017 .it]

– isacco boldini. ebook: lista d’attesa. 2016 [19-01-2017 .it]

– stan brakhagevisions in meditation 2. mesa verde. 1989 [27-04-2017]

– stan brakhagevisions in meditation 3. plato’s cave. 1990 [17-08-2017]

– stan brakhageunconscious london strata. 1981 [07-09-2017]

– ian breakwellepisode in a small town library. 1970 [30-11-2017]

– roberto cavallera. ebook: veleni e avvelenamenti. 2017 [12-10-2017 .it]

– justin delareux. ebook: actes-textes. 2017 [13-04-2017 .fr / .it]

– justin delareux. ebook: disposizioni. 2017 [08-06-2017]

– antonio de lucasequence 01. 2016 [01-01-2017]

– antonio de lucasiderofono. 2011 [16-02-2017]

– antonio de lucascultura sonora per ferro e ottone. 2009 [23-03-2017]

– adelin donnay. ebook: 18 works. 2017 [20-07-2017]

– peter ganick. from “notes toward infinity (1)”. 2017 [01-06-2017]

– peter ganick. from “notes toward infinity (2)”. 2017 [13-07-2017]

– giuseppe garreracenni di poesia visiva femminile. 2017 [30-03-2017 .it]

– john gerrardwestern flag. 2017 [05-10-2017]

– marco giovenaleriambientarsi (ma anche difendersi). 2012 [14-09-2017 .it]

– joseph kosuthtext/context. conventional I. 1978 [31-08-2017 .it]

– raven kwok1194D^3. 2013-17 [14-12-2017]

– fabio lapianail circo delle storie. 2012-2017 [15-06-2017]

– ugo la pietrala mia identità. 1974-75 [16-11-2017]

– ugo la pietraper oggi basta. 1974 [28-12-2017]

– jim leftwichtape transfer. 2006 [05-01-2017]

– jim leftwichsix months aint no sentence (book 3). 2011 [18-05-2017 .en]

– jim leftwich, andrew topelconcept. 2009 [16-03-2017]

– emiliano michelinidistonie (sonetti). 2017 [22-06-2017 .it]

– vanni santoni. ebook: alcune stanze / some rooms. 2016 [09-02-2017 .en]

– lucinda sherlocktwo asemics. 2017 [27-07-2017]

– gustav sjöbergzu der blühenden allmaterie (abbozzo). 2017 [21-12-2017 .en]

– miron tee2016 12 15 19 08 57 130. 2017 [06-04-2017 .en]

– miron teeasemic. 2010-2017 [23-11-2017]

– c. r. e. wells & letitia trentfrom “the body problem”. 2017 [21-09-2017]

– luca zaniniframmento ad uso di complemento. 2009 [09-03-2017 .it]

– luca zaninida: cinque conclusioni prima del tempo. 2013 [05-05-2017 .it]


…and more:

tristan perich: 1-bit symphony [11-05-2017], roberto chabet: to be continued [29-06-2017], tristan perich: density[06-07-2017], 10 minutes: george hautecourt unscrew the cap of the pen for ten hours [03-11-2017], “lettere grosse”: draft 01 [09-11-2017], , “lettere grosse”: draft 02 [07-12-2017]


“a large and complex constellation, with no discernible center” (jim leftwich)

Jim Leftwich: “Look through these linked sites and you will find​ the work of hundreds of writers and artists. […] a large and complex constellation, with no discernible center”.

textimagepoetry / flickr

lost and found times archives, ed. john m. bennett

the ohio state university avant writing collections
the journal of the institute for study & application, kohoutenberg​, edited by scott macleod​

otoliths archives, ed. mark young

xPress(ed) ebooks

xStream magazine


arrum press

gradient books


nonlinear poetry

self-similar writing


merisusi puolaksi (in Finnish)

codes-writing (not working because of lost server)

consonant clusters

open scores

blue lion books

ankkuri (Finnish experimental publishing)

medulla (vispo, only one book/issue published)

linklists project

Maybe you’ve already noticed that is posting lists of links.

Here they are (and will be):

Just contribute to this living archive of stuff on line. Send your own list to Slowforward.
(Links to your blogs and sites).

Slowforward has already published links to works of Billy Bob Beamer, Jim Leftwich, differx, Márton Koppány, Crank Sturgeon, Mark Young, John M. Bennett, Tomislav Butkovic.

Slowforward owes the idea of this ongoing project to Jim Leftwich.

And also: support net (neutrality). Spread lists. Store works. Open accounts. Publish stuff on line. Send lists to Slowforward. Publish lists in your personal sites and blogs.

more links from roanoke etc

Olchar Lindsann edits and publishes mOnocle-Lash. it’s a micro-press located here in Roanoke.

the ecstatic nerve
“From one perspective, a programme for a radicalized practice of Thought; from another perspective, a fractured history of certain 19th and 20th Century avant-gardes; from yet another perspective, an experiment in utopian historiography.”
“This is the central site for a long-term project to research, examine, and respond to the radical collective of writers, theorists, architects, and visual artists who operated in Paris between 1829 and 1835 under the names of the Jeunes France & the Bouzingo, and through them to build a critical understanding of French Romanticist subculture through the historical lens of a continuing politically vigilant Anglophone avant-garde.”


sound rituals / jim leftwich, bill beamer. 2017

sound ritual number 45

ti on anines how many damp
9 Art 9, , 331 i ific nineteen
ance of the sscusses fragrant
 the sign ere essential ticks
to d Duc p the art of maham cart
kinappropriad kidnapped
 gart in the agduerepro mayhem
ti c on DuchaMa melp r cel Dupont
, Fra Marcel the signifier
, 19 society, the grown trance 
Manychamp the nine tie on

​november 2017​


sound ritual number 46

leaks change and​ parcel face​
shape tub valves​ minnow snap​
raucous what​ wink pillow​
 tho fan pire​ mantic surf​
the rise of​ the serif​
serf o man​ pyre fanatic​

pillcep win​ that faucets​
win ow cap​ values rubs cape​
place Marcel​ in chance beaks​

november 2017

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