57970 midnight sun / nula. 2017

57970 midnight sun ~

He was looking at the icy water, raging alongside the ship, thinking
how terrible it would be to be left behind in this world of ice, alone
without help, to watch the ship disappearing into darkness. “My
God”, the Commander thought, peering into the black chaos, “Where
am I? Who am I?”

Dialogue from the commander’s diary in the documentary film
„Повинность / Confession“ by Aleksandr Sokurov (1998). Five new
meditations based on source material used in the earlier filecasts
„a beacon“ and „light on water“.

5 tracks — first light : a shore veiled in mist : night watch
: over and out : under a midnight sun — run time: 58 minutes

Available only on Bandcamp. Visit Bandcamp to download nula.cc
works as full-resolution 24bit-48k audio files.
You can pay what you want, even nothing.

“huellkurven”, issue #5 : concerts, performances & release _ in wien



November 12th / 12. November 2016
h. 8:00pm
Saloon, Soundpoetry, Listening & Dialogue

venue: HUT
Sechshauserstrasse 28, 1150 Wien

soundpoetry performances und release of the 5th issue of the online sound poetry magazine dedicated to sound poetry, poésie sonore, lautpoesie, noise poetry, sound-text composition, auditive poesie, audio poetry etc.
with .aufzeichnensysteme, Dirk Huelstrunk, Martin Bakero, Günter Vallaster

supported by: GAV – Grazer Autorinnen Autorenversammlung

ISSUE #5 features works by
AG Davis / Beat Unternaehrer / Brandstifter / Dganit Elyakim and Eran Hadas / die grenzlandreiter / differx / Dirk HuelsTrunk / donna kuhn / Fletcher Nightwine / Grzegorz Kielawski / GS Smith / Jacinta Lynch / John M. Bennett / Lilian Beidler / Martina Claussen / Michal Rataj, Jaromír Typlt / mIEKAL aND / Nia Davies / Sebastian Bradt / Tobias Reber / UQ (Unamunos Quorum) and Jaap Blonk / Vladimir Vladda Miloykovitch (Vladimir Milojković)