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two books by james knight

one from Paper View Books, one from Beir Bua Press

conférence: abigail lang, les échanges franco-américains en poésie depuis 1968

Samedi 29 janvier à 11h00, Cipm

Le dialogue entre la poésie française et la poésie américaine remonte au XIXe siècle. Mais si les Américains en quête de modernité se sont d’emblée tournés vers la France, le courant s’est inversé à partir des années 1970, les poètes français regardant désormais vers les États-Unis au moment où la modernité s’essoufflait. Cette étude rend compte de ce phénomène en mettant au jour les enjeux qui ont préoccupé les poésies françaises et américaines et motivé leurs échanges. Pour y parvenir, elle pose les questions suivantes.
Pourquoi les jeunes objectivistes ont-ils bénéficié en France d’une réception sans cesse recommandée depuis 50 ans?
Pourquoi tant de poètes français et américains de la même génération se sont ils lus, cités et entre-traduits dans les années 1980, au point d’établir une communauté transatlantique?
Comment après 1968, « dissoudre la solennité poétique » et adapter le « bas voltage » américain dans la langue de Racine?
Comment dire la poésie?
Comment la lecture publique s’institutionnalise-t-elle en France?
« Être debout et parler », est-ce encore de la poésie?
Au moment où la poésie en France éprouvait un sentiment d’impasse et entreprenait un bilan de la modernité, la conversation transatlantique lui aura offert un forum pour redéfinir sa forme et sa fonction.

o x / miron tee. 2022

“il cotone”, di mg, su niederngasse

grazie a Paola Silvia Dolci e a Niederngasse (sito e instagram) per l’ospitalità data al Cotone.
qui i linK:


história da poesia visual brasileira _ 2019

Thanks to Yuri Bruscky

Here’s the PDF file of the catalog of the exhibition História da Poesia Visual Brasileira (History of Brazilian Visual Poetry), held in Sesc Bom Retiro (São Paulo/SP, Brazil), in 2019. Curators: Yuri Bruscky, Paulo Bruscky, Adolfo Montejo Navas. The expo also included a sound poetry section.

This publication was linked to a second (and summarized) version of the exhibition, which was originally held in 2016 at the Museu de Arte Moderna ALoísio Magalhães/Mamam (Recife/PE, Brazil) — and resulted in a more extensive book in terms of compiled works and republished historical/anthological texts (to be digitally available soon).

The pdf also here:

Fai clic per accedere a historia_da_poesia_visual_brasileira_cat.pdf


video per “la tempesta perfetta” – nanni balestrini al macro, 2017


david-baptiste chirot – in memoriam


After a five month stay in hospital, well-known international artist and poet, David-Baptiste Chirot (birth name, David Harris) began, in the late 1980’s, a new phase in his artistic journey at River View apartments in Milwaukee Wisconsin with artworks, films, writing, only to have it interrupted in early June 2021 by his untimely death. Friends and fellow artists/writers helped piece together this in-memoriam from notebooks, files, loose pages and artworks, salvaged from his apartment, and with works inspired by his art, writings, and their memories of father, brother, friend, artist, writer, poet & visual poet, David-Baptiste Chirot (b.1953 – d.2021).

Eds: Tom Hibbard, John M. Bennett, Catherine Mehrl Bennett

jim leftwich: some recent links



examples of a certain kind of thinking #2:

5 Books of Visual Poetry & Asemic Writing (2021):

writing against itself:

nico vassilakis: “letters of intent” (visual essays)

by Nico Vassilakis
A book of visual poetry
120 pages in full color
Available here:


  • is a collection of visual essays designed to explore the interior space of language material;
  • unfolds in chapters that investigate the methods, processes, manifestos and potentials of visual poetry;
  • attempts to blend the verbo-visual concept of reading seeing with the position that letters and their visual properties keep the germ of language afloat and operating while word formations are merely a convenience we’ve become accustomed to.



anyway arkway [text+sound] / differx. 2010

text _ 0918237

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thx to Peter Ganick who hosted this text
(and many more) almost 12 years ago @ ex-ex-lit.

nova express: “the intolerable kid” (readings by william s. burroughs and philip proctor)

a film by Andre Perkowski
based on the writings of
William S. Burroughs

readings by
William S. Burroughs
and Philip Proctor
music by Andre Perkowski

(excerpt from draft five)

Thanks to:
James Grauerholz
Oliver Harris
Jan Herman
Keith Seward
Jan Herman
Carl Weissner
Giorno Poetry Systems

[dia•foria : augusto blotto (arcipelago della scrittura ininterrotta) – gilberto isella (dossier n. 4)

the devil’s tuxedo / steve dalachinsky, jim leftwich. 2019

lost sonnets / catherine vidler. 2018 [timglaset editions]

Fai clic per accedere a lost-sonnets-free.pdf




and, please, enjoy these sonnets too:

– nanni balestrini. da “ipocalisse”. 1980-83 [09-06-2014 .it]

– mark staniforthanti-sonnets. 2019 [25-11-2021 .en]

– mark staniforthfryup sonnets. 2019 [26-11-2021 .en]

– mark staniforthnon-sonnets. 2020 [27-11-2021 .en]


Mary-Ellen Solt, Moonshot Sonnet, 1964