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john mcconnochie, 2021


“asemic” in the cambridge dictionary — 30 mar 2021

This image actually means good news.

Usually the adjective “asemic” (=signless) was linked by some dictionaries to “asemia” as a pathologic failure consisting in an inability to comprehend or express words, gestures or sounds. It was not related to the idea of ‘asemic writing’.

So, …after twenty years of asemic writing movement, this ‘Cambridge turn of events’ looks like a great achievement.


When the first (self-aware) asemic writing mags, sites, books and series started their journey, more than 20 years ago, the actual meaning of “a-semia” ( = a radical “absence of sign”, not an absence of semantic meaning) risked to put aside the very idea which grounded the practice of asemic writing.

On the contrary, now it seems that the use of the word “asemic” is better perceived as referred to an artistic practice, not a pathology. (according to Cambridge, at least).

alice edy: concrete writing, elenchi, asemic writing, testi sperimentali, scritture di ricerca

scrittura installativa, concrete writing, elenchi, asemic writing, testi sperimentali, scritture di ricerca, experimental texts, lists, malware poetry, scrittura asemica, materiali verbovisivi, verbo-visual works

Alice Edy, ^~[(:_VIRUS.2.0)}// malware_poetry_2017 :

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aswrig = asemic writing gallery 

ASWRIG = asemic writing gallery

 (est. 2017)

The best asemic writing from FB & the web. Daily updates.


from ‘kontextsound’, antwerp (belgium), apr/may, 1977

a few optophonetics / verbosonics excerpts from an incredibly rich fascicle (with works by —among others— van Doesburg, Houédard, Chopin, Rühm, Mon, Lora-Totino, Ladik, and a very long interview to Bob Cobbing).

enjoy 1968: publications by and works by edition hansjörg mayer

enjoy 1968:

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a re-glitched image from “glitchasemics” / differx. 2021

(CC) 2021 differx
A re-glitched image from Glitchasemics (2020)
(Post-Asemic Press,, thx to Michael Jacobson)

>>> with a special dedication to De Villo Sloan, who loved my book so much as to ban me for no reason <<<


See more glitchasemic images here (2016, hosted by Jim Lwftwich), here (2016), here (2016), here (2017, Otoliths), here (2018, Slova), here (2019), etc etc.

Take note:
Hâle Turhan & Gökhan Turhan experimented “glitched asemic writing” since 2015 or 2016, I think, and I definitely want to praise their work @ Ada & Arx too (e.g. here).

As the blurb of their book Hür (Xerolage #65, Dec. 2016) says: “Xeno-Poiesis is needed within the entagled bubbly nodes of the Remixocene”.

I absolutely agree.


installance #0162: abstract, asemic (abstrasemic)


installance n. : # 0162
type : abstrasemic (abstract+asemic) piece
size : ~ cm 6,5 x 2,2
record : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : Aug 26th, 2021
time : 11:29am
place :  Rome, via E. Pantano
footnote : none
copyright : (CC) 2021 differx

“lunic panzemes” by jim leftwich

2021 apophenia asemantic asemic asemic writing asemimesa asemous asemous writing bag text camera collage poem constellations cut-ups desemantized desemantized handwriting desemantized writing dirty vispo ecosemics emprientes found gestural gestural & letteral gestural photography jim leftwich letteral lunic panzemes map NCV neoasemic no commercial value ongoing research pansemic pareidolia photograph play poem collage post-neoasemic doodling post-penmanship prepared pen quasi-calligraphic drawing scraps scratchings scrawls scribblepoems semisemic lesssenseness senseless smears smudges smushes stamp dance stamps tape transfer tear-ups textimagepoem trashpo useless writing vispo visual poetry visual writing wordmush writing against itself

installance #0161: asemic surface

installance n. : # 0161
type : asemic sphere
inside : nothing
circumference : ~ cm 19
record : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : Aug 6th, 2021
time : 11:15am
place :  Rome, a stair, between via Cartoni and via Cerquetti
footnote : the tribute to Emilio Villa is clear
copyright : (CC) 2021 differx

jim leftwich @

Six Months Aint No Sentence, Books 1 – 15, written between 04.24.2011 and 01.13.2012. Originally published by Marco Giovenale at differx hosts as Six Months Aint No Sentence, a Journal: texts and works by Jim Leftwich, 2011 – 2016 Books 1 – 187
Books 1 – 30 were published by Peter Ganick and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen at White Sky E-Books.

poetry, visual poetry, asemic writing, historiography, writing against itself, useless writing, journal, textimagepoem, trashpo, desemantized writing, 21st Century American epic, collage poem, ongoing research

installance #0160, asemic piece with expiry date

i. 0160 (recto)

i. 0160 (verso)

installance n. : # 0160
type : asemic leaflet (recto) with expiry date (verso)
size : ~ cm 4,5 x 2
records : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : Jul 19th, 2021
time : ~ 8:38am
place :  Rome, via Leopoldo Nobili
footnote : none
copyright : (CC) 2021 differx

today and tomorrow: two events @ the summer school of the swiss institute in rome

Summer School at the Swiss Institute in Rome is taking place.
Here are two public events.

Monday, 5.7.2021, h. 15:30 – 17:45
Rules – Transitions from obvious to unobvious nonsense

A Conversation – Una conversazione (in Italiano), with:

Giuseppe di Giacomo – Università La Sapienza, con Nils Röller

Simona Ferrari – Zurich University of the Arts (MFA),  ludwig’sfloor, 2020 video projection (5 min. loop)

This event is public via Zoom:


Tuesday, 6.7. 2021, h. 16:00 – 20:00
From semic to asemic: Writing-Artists-Books

h. 16:00-16:15 – Welcome Adrian Brändli – Nils Röller

h. 16:15-16:30 – Giulio Marzaioli – Benway Series (Opening a translated book)

h. 16:30-17:00 – Presentation of books of the participants

h. 17:30-18:00 – Sara Davidovics– Rome (Azimut.  Libro di vetro e performance)

h. 18:15-18:30 Nils Röller – Zurich University of the Arts (Mundunculum -Dieter Roth’s book)

h. 18:30-19:15 – Marco Giovenale – Rome (Asemic Writing)

h. 19:15-20:00 Apero / Ricevimento / Books from the MFA/ZHdK

This event is public at the Istituto Svizzero and via Zoom:

(to attend in presence, please confirm your intention here)


Istituto Svizzero – ROME, Villa Maraini
Via Ludovisi 48 – 00187 Roma
(Entrance in Via Liguria 20)



installance #0158, unstable asemic polyptych

installance n. : # 0158
type : series of 4 asemic micro-panels assembled together
size : ~ cm 7x7
records : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : Jul 3rd, 2021
time : 6:19pm
place :  Rome, v.le Campo Boario
footnote : none
copyright : (CC) 2021 differx