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57651 cold fire

The mountains are a place where the bones of the earth rise
up out of the soil and the surface of the earth towers over
itself. At night, the clouds hang like a cold fire
smoldering in the moonlight, the deathly glimmer of that
frigid, distant sphere.

57616 behind a wall

What started as a simple field recording of a construction
site (now completely buried in the subsequent manipulations
that took place) has become by turns an extended moment
combining sonic voices of both contrasting and coincident

57426 sanahin

The late winter snows are wet and heavy, dripping profusely
in the afternoon sun. The air is cool and still as we pay a
visit to the 10th-century monastery of Sanahin, in Armenia’s
northern province of Lori. The name ‘sanahin’ translates as
“this one is older than that one.”

“teatri del profano”: a roma, fino al 6 giugno

prima edizione

c/o Teatroinscatola, Il Cantiere, Teatro di Documenti

>>> Segnalo, in particolare, presso Teatroinscatola, lungotevere degli Artigiani 14:

13 maggio, h. 21: reading di inediti di Michele Zaffarano e Marco Giovenale, e interventi sonori di Marco Ariano e Luca Venitucci

20 maggio, h. 21: presentazione dei nuovi titoli della collana ChapBook (ed. Arcipelago), di M.Corticelli, J.-M.Gleize, B.Lerner, S.Menicocci, B.Perelman. Interventi critici di Massimiliano Manganelli. Coordinamento di Marco Giovenale. Saranno presenti: Mario Corticelli e Simona Menicocci

5 giugno, h. 21: presentazione del nuovo titolo Benway Series: Nathalie Quintane, Osservazioni. Introduzione di Luigi Magno. Coordinamento di Giulio Marzaioli. Interventi del traduttore, Michele Zaffarano. Improvvisazioni sonore di Luca Venitucci




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[r] _ is life on the outside possible?

… working in relative isolation from the market



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