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i am unable to access my own interior / jay snodgrass. 2021

john mcconnochie, 2021


“asemic” in the cambridge dictionary — 30 mar 2021

This image actually means good news.

Usually the adjective “asemic” (=signless) was linked by some dictionaries to “asemia” as a pathologic failure consisting in an inability to comprehend or express words, gestures or sounds. It was not related to the idea of ‘asemic writing’.

So, …after twenty years of asemic writing movement, this ‘Cambridge turn of events’ looks like a great achievement.


When the first (self-aware) asemic writing mags, sites, books and series started their journey, more than 20 years ago, the actual meaning of “a-semia” ( = a radical “absence of sign”, not an absence of semantic meaning) risked to put aside the very idea which grounded the practice of asemic writing.

On the contrary, now it seems that the use of the word “asemic” is better perceived as referred to an artistic practice, not a pathology. (according to Cambridge, at least).

oggi su antinomie: un’intervista a federico federici su (e con sue opere di) “asemic writing”


oei (sweden)

invito a conoscere le edizioni svedesi – internazionali – OEI (attraverso il loro sito): quasi cento numeri della rivista, moltissimi dei quali in inglese; e monografie di arte contemporanea, scritture di ricerca, materiali verbovisivi, design, territorio, editoria. dal mondo intero (Italia inclusa).

OEI _ Jonas (J) Magnusson & Cecilia Grönberg


e002 deta 098 l / miron tee. 2021


4markz / mike like. 2021


ai critici d’arte / guglielmo achille cavellini. 1978


three asemic pieces / dave read. 2021

alice edy: concrete writing, elenchi, asemic writing, testi sperimentali, scritture di ricerca

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glitched outstitution / differx. 2021


aswrig = asemic writing gallery 

ASWRIG = asemic writing gallery

 (est. 2017)

The best asemic writing from FB & the web. Daily updates.


glitch and outstitution

Differx has not disappeared. On the contrary, it wants to go on trying to study and use the margins and the ever-expanding core of the glitch(ed) art, literature, language, sound; and make the pathologies of the Western logos grow. This is the reason why it launches the trans-cultural word “OUTSTITUTION”: to focus on what this will (maybe) mean.

Let’s wiki: the word “institution” comes from Middle English “institucioun”, from Old French “institution”, from Latin “institūtiō”, from “instituō” (“to set up”), from “in-” (“in, on”) + “statuō” (“to set up, establish”). So my intent —and the aim of differx as a site— is clear:


Any kind of cultural, literary, artistic initiative is constantly under the control of the authorities through bureaucracy. Any meeting, independent structure, event, must necessarily interact with the corruption and the surrounding wall of the “city”. Perhaps the word corruption is not right. In cities like Rome the dark side of the Middle Ages has never been affected by anything. It never ended. The families who actually own the territory also rule the game. It seems a bad & kitsch distopian conspiracy remark but the sad truth is that —at least in Rome— the nobles and the high clergy are still the backbone of power today, with la haute et la grossière bourgeoisie.

So a policy of temporary autonomous zones is still the only way to play outside the chessboard. (Which hosts only kings and queens).

Ideas for and in and outside Rome are welcome.

from ‘kontextsound’, antwerp (belgium), apr/may, 1977

a few optophonetics / verbosonics excerpts from an incredibly rich fascicle (with works by —among others— van Doesburg, Houédard, Chopin, Rühm, Mon, Lora-Totino, Ladik, and a very long interview to Bob Cobbing).