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‘utsanga’: online i numeri 33 e 34 : sono online i numeri 33 e 34, settembre/dicembre 2022, con:
Francesco Massaro, Egidio Marullo, Carl Heyward, globalartproject, Francesco Aprile, Michael Betancourt, Silvio De Gracia, Ana Montenegro, Francesco Deotto, Lia Petrelli, Terri Witek, Antonio Devicienti, Nico Vassilakis, Volodymyr Bilyk, Antonio Amendola, Cecelia Chapman, Jeff Crouch, John M. Bennett, Texas Fontanella, Mark Young, Santiago Ortiz, Alina Applauso, Matthew Kay, Miron Tee, Lina Stern, Lorenzo Baldassarre, Marjan Zahed-Kindersley, Giovanni Cardone, Lucinda Sherlock, Grzegorz Wróblewski, Meghan Romance, Jim Wittenberg, Nelly Gérouard, Thomas Seto, Luc Fierens, MoMo, Rosa Gravino, Giorgio Moio, Richard Kostelanetz, Oronzo Liuzzi, Cesare Minutello, Alfonso Marino, Tulio Restrepo Echeverri

otoliths, issue #67

Issue sixty-seven of Otoliths, the southern spring, 2022 issue, is now live.

A little bit larger than normal, it contains the usual wide variety of work, this time from Judith Skillman, Elisa C. Martínez Salazar, Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch, Paul Siegell, Michael Orr & Texas Fontanella, Peter Yovu, Anna Cates, Sanjeev Sethi, Kyle Hemmings, Riccardo Benzina, Steven Bruce, CL Bledsoe, Texas Fontanella, Alan Catlin, David Miller, Craig Cotter, Ali Zarbali, Sharon H. Frost, Dale Jensen, Eric Hoffman, Lynn Strongin, Karl Kempton, Paul Dickey, Jack Galmitz, Gao An, Stacey Allam & John M. Bennett, John M. Bennett, Ioan Bunus & John M. Bennett, Bob Kotyk, Michael J. Leach, petro c. k., Maria Giesbrecht, Richard Kostelanetz, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, KJ Hannah Greenberg, Grzegorz Wróblewski, Jimmy Crouse, Nathan Anderson, Daniel de Culla, John Geraets, Jennifer Weigel, Judith Roitman, Ivars Balkits, Rob Martelli, Tohm Bakelas, Elaine Woo, Michael Sikkema, Livio Farallo, Diana Magallón, Jim Meirose, Carol Stetser, Eric Lunde, Sheila E. Murphy, dan raphael, Richard Magahiz, Daniel Barbiero, Pawel Markiewicz, Lawrence R. Smith, Mike Callaghan, John Tustin, George Myers Jr., Mark Pirie, James Grabill, Caleb Puckett, Damon Hubbs, Tim Gaze, Marilyn R. Rosenberg & Ann R. Shapiro, Mark Danowsky, Piet Nieuwland, Christopher Barnes, Guy R. Beining, Harvey Huddleston, Sterling Warner, Pete Spence, Julia Vaughan, Lewis LaCook, Dave Read, Susan Gangel & Ken Hay, Benjamin Niespodziany, Jim Leftwich, Joanne Bechtel, Brooks Lampe, Olchar E. Lindsann, John Digby & Bill Wolak, Linda M. Walker, Maximilian Speicher, Lucia Sapienza, LUNE OFFLINE, Samarra Prahlad, Gavin Lucky, Tom Beckett, Jeff Harrison, Bill Wolak, James Yeary, Joshua Martin, Uvia Shcho, Antonio Devicienti, Mark Cunningham, Carla Bertola, Alberto Vitacchio & Carla Bertola, Mercedes Webb-Pullman, Edward Kulemin, Nicholas Alexander Hayes, harry k stammer, Kenneth Rexroth, Jeff Bagato, Nathan Whiting, Catherine Eaton Skinner, Eileen R. Tabios, Mark Yale Harris, Heath Brougher, Natalie Christensen, Vernon Frazer, Bob Lucky, Daniel f Bradley, Heather M. Browne, Marcia Arrieta, Patrick Sweeney, John Levy, Glenn Ingersoll, Michael Ruby, Hrishikesh Srinivas, J.I. Kleinberg, Kit Kennedy, Caleb Fenez, Keith Nunes, Marilyn Stablein, Cecelia Chapman, M.J. Iuppa, Daniel Lehan, Elmedin Kadric, Hubert Kretschmer & Jürgen O. Olbrich, Penelope Weiss, Siân Vate, Elena Zalogina, Jill Jones, Alan Peat & Réka Nyitrai, Réka Nyitrai, hiromi suzuki, Thomas Camus, Barnaby Smith, J. D. Nelson, K. Roberts, Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo, Peter Cherches, Cherie Hunter Day, Keith Higginbotham, Angelo ‘NGE’ Colella, Darrell Petska, David Jalajel, Paul Pfleuger, Jr., & Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett.

“the last vispo anthology” (fantagraphics, 2012), edited by nico vassilakis and crag hill: freely downloadable at

The Last Vispo Anthology (1998-2008) is here (since April, 21st):

and also here:


Andrew Abbott, Fernando Aguiar, Sonja Ahlers, Charles Alexander, Reed Altemus, mIEKAL aND, Bruce Andrews, Dirk Rowntree, Jim Andrews, Hartmut Andryczuk, Marcia Arrieta, Dmitry Babenko, Petra Backonja, Gary Barwin, Michael Basinski, Guy R Beining, Derek Beaulieu, Marc Bell, Jason McLean, C Merhl Bennett, John M Bennett, Carla Bertola, Julien Blaine, Jaap Blonk, Christian Bök, Daniel f. Bradley, Nancy Burr, John Byrum, J. M. Calleja, Mike Cannell, David Baptiste Chirot, Peter Ciccariello, Jo Cook, Judith Copithorne, Holly Crawford, Maria Damon, Klaus Peter Dencker, Brian Dettmer, Fabio Doctorovich, Bill DiMichele, Johanna Drucker, Amanda Earl, Shayne Ehman, endwar, K. S. Ernst, Eva O Ettel, Greg Evason, Oded Ezer, Jesse Ferguson, Cesar Figueirdo, Luc Fierens, Peter Frank, Tim Gaze, Angela Genusa, Marco Giovenale, Jesse Glass, Robert Grenier, Bob Grumman, Ladislao Pablo Györi, Sharon Harris, Scott Helmes, Crag Hill, Bill Howe, Geof Huth, Serkan Isin, Gareth Jenkins, Michael Jacobson, Miguel Jimenez, Karl Jirgens, Alexander Jorgensen, Chris Joseph, Despina Kannaourou, Andreas Kahre, Satu Kaikkonen, Karl Kempton, Joseph Keppler, Roberto Keppler, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Anatol Knotek, Márton Koppány, Richard Kostelanetz, Gyorgy Kostritski, Dirk Krecker, Edward Kulemin, Paul Lambert, Jim Leftwich, The Lions, Joel Lipman, Sveta Litvak, Troy Lloyd, damian lopes, Carlos M Luis, Donato Mancini, Chris Mann, Bill Marsh, Kaz Maslanka, Robert Mittenthal, Gustave Morin, Sheila Murphy, Keiichi Nakamura, Stephen Nelson, Marko Niemi, Rea Nikonova, Juergen O. Olbrich, Christopher Olson, David Ostrem, mARK oWEns, Clemente Padin, Michael Peters, Nick Piombino, Hugo Pontes, Ross Priddle, e. k. rzepka, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Jenny Sampirisi, Suzan Sari, R Saunders, Michael V. Smith, David Ellingsen, Serge Segay, Spencer Selby, Douglas Spangle, Litsa Spathi, Pete Spence, Matina L. Stamatakis, Carol Stetser, Ficus Strangulensis, W. Mark Sutherland, Thomas Lowe Taylor, Miroljub Todorovic, Andrew Topel, Cecil Touchon, Aysegul Tozeren, e. g. vajda, Nico Vassilakis, John Vieira, Stephen Vincent, Alberto Vitacchio, Cornelis Vleeskens, Derya Vural, Ted Warnell, Irving Weiss, Helen White, Tim Willette, Reid Wood, James Yeary, Karl Young, Mark Young

desemantized writing in the journals of allen ginsberg and william burroughs / jim leftwich. 2022

pdf @ slowforward:


jim leftwich — eleven books

8 books by Jim Leftwich from Luna Bisonte Prods
1 by Jim Leftwich and Steve Dalachinsky from Luna Bisonte Prods
1 by Jim Leftwich from Locofo Chaps
& 1 by Jim Leftwich from mOnocle-Lash

Luna Bisonte Prods is at Small Press Distribution

Jim Leftwich
Tres tresss trisss trieesss tril trilssss: Transmutations of César Vallejo
January 2018

 Jim Leftwich’s transmutations (not translations) of the poetry of César Vallejo are nothing short of brilliant. They feel more Vallejo in English than any previous translations ever have . Vallejo is certainly, bar none, among the greatest poets of the 20th century. Human, more than immediately human, tortured, both baroque and surreal, and lyrical beyond compare, his poetry defies translation, so difficult does it appear at times. This is especially the case with his early work Trilce (Tres tresss trisss treesss tril trilssss, as Leftwich’s title has it). Claimed by the surrealists as a master in that genre, Vallejo is that and more than that, opaque as Góngora or bittersweetly acerbic as Lorca, the complexity of his language and imagery find few parallels (the poetry of Dino Campana’s Canti orfici leaps to mind). Leftwich has created a Vallejo more Vallejo than Vallejo at times, and certainly makes for far more interesting and challenging a read than, for example, the deliberately strained translations of Clayton Eshelman. Leftwich, a poet renowned in his own way for complexity and baffling linguistic virtuosity, has certainly found an equal, a compatriot, one might say, in Vallejo. These transmutations have all the speed, energy and enigmatic beauty of the originals on which they are based. The foreword by Retorico Unentesi is also something to be savored for its rich and layered interpretations. -Ivan Arguelles

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asemic writing as a kind of poetry / jim leftwich. 2022

Jim Leftwich

Asemic Writing Is A Kind Of Poetry
Summer 2022 / Utah

If, at times (if not, in fact, all the time), it must seem as if I have no idea what asemic writing is, I can only defend myself through an appeal to my experience of the theory and the practice: asemic writing came into my life as a continuation and an extension of my practice as a poet.

I wrote textual poetry for a little over twenty years before I started making visual poems. After making visual poems for a few years, I started making what was originally called spirit writing (by John M. Bennett, in his capacity as the editor of Lost and Found Times, a magazine of experimental poetry and related matters).

That was in 1997. The following year, Tim Gaze published a small chapbook of my quasi-calligraphic scribblings entitled Spirit Writing. Maybe I didn’t know what I was doing at the time (the theory and history came later), but I had no reason to think of this new development in my work as anything other than poetry.

These days, and maybe for the past fifteen years or so, it seems that very few theorists or practitioners think of asemic writing as a kind of poetry.

Asemic writing, as a kind of poetry, is all but limitless in its potential. We should take the same sort of approach to it’s study. For example: I have been told that asemic writing is all about linguistics. I have no doubt that the study of linguistics, and the application of that study to an engagement with asemic writing, will add substantially to our understanding of the subject. But, as with all other varieties of poetry, linguistics is only one among very many approaches to the study of asemic writing.

I am never interested in having the last word on any of these matters. Maybe I am interested in having the next word — and then, in having had some of the recent words. The conversation around asemic writing is ongoing and, like all conversations around all varieties of poetry, it seems to have no necessary or inevitable end. I am interested in expanding the spectrum of acceptable discourse concerning the subject of asemic writing. I hope my writings on the subject will function as invitations to others to participate in this process.

è online utsanga #32 online il numero 32, giugno 2022, con opere di:
Anna Boschi Cermasi, Francesco Aprile, Gianluca Garrapa, Andrea Astolfi, Antonio Francesco Perozzi, Almandrade Andrade, Silvio De Gracia, Alejandro Thornton, Belén Gache, Claudio Mangifesta, Débora Daich, Fabio Doctorovich, Luis Pazos, Norberto José Martínez, Michael Betancourt , Terri Witek, Jim Leftwich, Ilyas Kassam, Ronald Lubega, Hannah Mitchell, Yuri Bruscky, Andrea Alzati, Stefano Lanuzza, Giuseppe Calandriello, San Giorgio Cibernetico, Carlo Bugli, Cecelia Chapman, Francesco Cane Barca, Volodymyr Bilyk, Baiwei, Paolo Allegrezza, Carmine Lubrano, Julia Rende, Mark Young, Richard Kostelanetz, Dawn Nelson Wardrope, Stephen Nelson, Antonio Devicienti, Texas Fontanella, John M. Bennett, Mario José Cervantes Mendoza, Vincenzo Lagalla

‘die leere mitte’, issue #14

In this issue: Werner Preuß, Massimiliano Damaggio, Antonio Devicienti, John M. Bennett, Jason Heroux, John Grey, Daniel Barbare, Mark Young, Joshua Martin, Steffen M. Diebold, Joseph Salvatore Aversano, Patrick Sweeney.

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dlm is a mag edited by Federico Federici

otoliths #65 is now live

Issue sixty-five of OTOLITHS, the southern autumn 2022 issue, is now up.otoliths 65

This issue, which marks the beginning of the seventeenth year of the journal’s existence, contains a mix of — sometimes mixed — photographs, paintings, short stories, poetry, interviews, magazine columns, & manifestos from an international contributor list including Karl Kempton, Linda King, Mark Pirie, Dario Zumkeller, AG Davis, Mark Cunningham, Sanjeev Sethi, Ken Friedman, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, James Cochran, Jim Leftwich, hiromi suzuki, Michael J. Leach, Elancharan Gunasekaran, Louise Landes Levi, KJ Hannah Greenberg, Chuck Joy, Marco Giovenale, Jimmy Crouse, Andrew Cyril Macdonald, Nicholas Alexander Hayes, Mario José Cervantes, Timothy Pilgrim, Alan Catlin, Paul Ilechko, Jim Meirose, Adam Fieled, Gregory Stephenson, John Sweet, Sterling Warner, Jack Galmitz, Lynn Strongin, Texas Fontanella, Richard J. Fleming, Sarah Bilodeau, M.J. Iuppa, John M. Bennett, Carla Bertola & John M. Bennett, Harvey Huddleston, bofa xesjum, fred flynn, John McCluskey, Ben Egerton, John Gallas, Nathan Whiting, Laurent Grison, Volodymyr Bilyk, Xe M. Sánchez, Ellen Wardman, Barbara Parchim, Bruce Robinson, Jeff Bagato, jim mccrary, Gale Acuff, Grzegorz Wróblewski, harry k stammer, Howie Good, Jen Schneider, Alberto Vitacchio, richard lopez & Márton Koppány, Heather Sager, Keith Polette, Michael Basinski, Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal, Daniel f Bradley, Dave Read, Robert Beveridge, Tom Beckett, Mary Kasimor, Connor van Bussel, R. S. Stewart, Tony Beyer, Daniel de Culla, John Levy, Joanne Bechtel, Kenneth Rexroth, Nathan Anderson, Jeff Harrison, Bill Wolak, Clara B. Jones, Nicole Raziya Fong, Charles A. Perrone, Russ Bickerstaff, Paul Dickey, Sabine Miller, Keith Nunes, Diana Magallón, Bob Lucky, Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch, bart plantenga, Joshua Martin, Jillian Oliver, Réka Nyitrai, Marilyn Stablein, Jerome Berglund, Christopher Barnes, Peter Cherches, Jürgen O. Olbrich & Hubert Kretschmer, Kay Kestner, Cameron Morse, Eric Hoffman, Gavin Lucky, Kiriti Sengupta, Patrick Sweeney, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Jane Simpson, Elmedin Kadric, Kit Kennedy, Steven Tran, dan raphael, Andrew Taylor, Charlotte Jung, Michael Borth, Carol Stetser, Penelope Weiss, Marcia Arrieta, John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich, Márton Koppány, Rich Murphy, Cecelia Chapman, J. D. Nelson, Kit Willett, Angelo ‘NGE’ Colella, H. A. Sappho, Martin Stannard, Michael Brandonisio, Paul Pfleuger, Jr., Katrinka Moore, David Jalajel, Keith Higginbotham, Susan Gangel, Judith Skillman, Bob Heman, & Guy R. Beining.

accesso temporaneo alla cartella “extrasemics”

In occasione di questo evento, ho chiesto a parecchi artisti di inviare materiali. Alcuni di loro hanno spedito opere ora inserite in questa cartella. Date uno sguardo.
Presto sarà preparato un pdf con una selezione. Per ora è comunque possibile apprezzare l’intera serie di immagini. Non sarà sempre in rete.

On the occasion of this event, I asked for contributions to several artists. Some of them sent works now stored in this folder. Take a look.
Soon a pdf with a selection will be made. As for now, enjoy the whole set of images. It won’t be on line forever.

artisti / artists:

Andrea Astolfi, Levente Bakos, John M. Bennett, May Bery, Francesca Biasetton, Silvia Bordini, Angelo Calandro, Axel Calatayud, Cecelia Chapman, Jeff Crouch+Cecelia Chapman, Pietro D’Agostino+Marco Giovenale, Adelin Donnay, Federico Federici, Steven J. Fowler, Luis Gonzalez Boix, Mariangela Guatteri, Michael Jacobson, Edward Kulemin, Jim Leftwich, Diana Magallon, John McConnochie, Keith McKay, Miriam Midley, Claudio Molina, Michelle Moloney King, Laura Ortiz, Franco Panella, Enzo Patti, Antonio Francesco Perozzi, Mariella Ramondo, Tommasina Bianca Squadrito, Lina Stern, Miron Tee, Cecil Touchon, Paulino Valdelomar.


(C) I file nei folder extrAsemics sono di proprietà esclusiva degli autori. Ne è concessa solo la visione personale. Copie, appropriazione, riuso, editing non autorizzato ecc. sono proibiti.

(C) The files in the extrAsemics folders are an exclusive property of their authors. Only personal vision permitted. Copies, appropriation, re-use, unauthorised editing etc. are forbidden.


asemic translation:

lp by john m. bennett, “a flattened face fogs through”

John M. Bennett

A Flattened Face Fogs Through (Lp)

david-baptiste chirot – in memoriam


After a five month stay in hospital, well-known international artist and poet, David-Baptiste Chirot (birth name, David Harris) began, in the late 1980’s, a new phase in his artistic journey at River View apartments in Milwaukee Wisconsin with artworks, films, writing, only to have it interrupted in early June 2021 by his untimely death. Friends and fellow artists/writers helped piece together this in-memoriam from notebooks, files, loose pages and artworks, salvaged from his apartment, and with works inspired by his art, writings, and their memories of father, brother, friend, artist, writer, poet & visual poet, David-Baptiste Chirot (b.1953 – d.2021).

Eds: Tom Hibbard, John M. Bennett, Catherine Mehrl Bennett

otoliths, issue #63, is online

Issue  sixty-three, the southern spring issue of Otoliths, is now live.

issue dedicated to the memory
of Douglas Barbour & David Baptiste Chirot,
regular contributors to Otoliths over the years 

As always, there’s a wide range of material from a wide range of contributors — Harvey Huddleston, Rémi Forte, Kenneth M Cale, Sanjeev Sethi, Andrew K. Peterson, Michael Orr, Thomas Fink, Texas Fontanella, Scott MacLeod, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, Eric Hoffman, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Keith Walker, Jazmine Blu, Jim Leftwich, Mark DeCarteret, Ira Joel Haber, Rp Verlaine, Christian ALLE, hiromi suzuki, Jack Galmitz, Timothy Pilgrim, Gloria Frym, Juan Pablo Mobili, Susan diRende, John Bradley, Volodymyr Bilyk, Bill Wolak, Grzegorz Wróblewski, Marco Giovenale, Ernesto Priego, Rus Khomutoff, Michael Gould, Heath Brougher, Doug Bolling, David Miller, Dale Jensen, Andrew Topel, Judith Skillman,  Joanna Walkden Harris, David Lohrey, John M. Bennett, Joseph V. Milford, Vernon Frazer, Kenneth Rexroth, Lynn Strongin, C. Mehrl Bennett, Christopher Barnes, Jim Meirose, John Martone, Cecelia Chapman, Carol Stetser, Dave Reid, Réka Nyitrai, Richard Kostelanetz, Piet Nieuwland, Paul Dickey, Rachel Chitofu, Jimmy Crouse, Clay Thistleton, Elaine Woo, Clara B. Jones, Angela Caporaso, Penelope Weiss, Joel Chace, dan raphael, Tony Beyer, Jon Kemsley, Austin Miles, Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal, Paul Shumaker, Robinson, Adam Roussopoulos, gobscure, Joe Balaz, Joshua Martin, Elmedin Kadric, Rich Murphy, Jeff Harrison, Scott Metz, Karl Kempton, Hugh Tribbey, Mark Pirie, Scott Helmes, Sheila E. Murphy, Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Clive Gresswell, Jeff Bagato, Jen Schneider, Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad, John Levy, Adriána Kóbor, nick nelson, bofa xesjum, Bob Lucky, Eric Mohrman, Owen Bullock, Raha.M, Jeff Adams, Ian Gibbins, Mike Ferguson, Rosella Quintini, Stephen Mead, Joanne Bechtel, Matthew Anderson, Marilyn Stablein, Peter Yovu, Julia Vaughan, Bob Heman, József Bíró, Linda M. Walker, Kell Nelson, Paul Pfleuger, Jr., Isabel Gómez de Diego, Daniel de Culla, Michael Brandonisio, Kit Kennedy, Kerfe Roig, Andrea Astolfi, Harry Reid, J. D. Nelson, Marcia Arrieta, Jess Burnquist, Guy R. Beining, Mark DuCharme, Cherie Hunter Day, Carol Shillibeer, Carla Bertola, & sian vate.



“contemporanea / ricerche e materiali marginali attivi”: 23 ago. – 25 set., @ sandro bongiani arte contemporanea

“Contemporanea / Ricerche e materiali marginali attivi”
Da lunedì 23 agosto a sabato 25 Settembre 2021
A cura di Sandro Bongiani
Orario continuato tutti i giorni dalle 00.00 alle 24.00
e-mail: bongianimuseum [at]


Con la nuova startup “sandrobongianivrspace” nata nella primavera del 2021 s’inaugura lunedì 23 agosto 2021, alle ore 18, la mostra Collettiva “Contemporanea / Ricerche e materiali marginali attivi” con le opere di 36 artisti italiani e stranieri a cura di Sandro Bongiani.

evento fb:

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die leere mitte, issue #11

In this issue: Stephanie Taralson, John M. Bennett, Matilde Ricci, Stephen Nelson, Kurt Luchs, Steffen M. Diebold.

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