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a2Gioco (e) radar, a cura di MG


Un’introduzione a Gioco (e) radar, 11 gen. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #01: Kenneth Goldsmith, 18 gen. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #02: Prime critiche (?), 25 gen. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #03: Glitch, alterazioni, disfunzioni [prima parte], 1 feb. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #04: Glitch, alterazioni, disfunzioni [seconda parte: addenda politici], feb. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #05: Asemic writing, 18 feb. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #06: Elencazioni, non narrazioni, 22 feb. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #07: Lo spazio si verbalizza, 1 mar. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #08: Loose writing, 8 mar. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #09: Scritture installative [prima parte], 15 mar. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #10: Scritture installative [seconda parte], 22 mar. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #11: Interruzioni / arresti [Due note sui Saggi di letteratura arrestata (Essais de littérature arrêtée) di Denis Roche], 29 mar. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #12: La frase nuova, 5 apr. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #13: Cambio di paradigma. Alcune annotazioni, 12 apr. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #14: Indeterminazioni e prose di due autori (in)attuali [Prima parte: Hofmannsthal], 19 apr. 2015:

Gioco (e) radar #15: Indeterminazioni e prose di due autori (in)attuali [Seconda parte: Joyce], 26 apr. 2015:



polish journal for american studies on innovation in american poetry

Kaper Bartczak and Małgorzata Myk edited this issue on American poetry for the Polish Journal of American Studies: Ashbery, Peter Gizzi, Eileen Myles, Susan Howe / David Grubbs, Schuyler, Rankine, Christian Bök, McCaffery


tip = textimagepoem, blog edited by jim leftwich, will be regularly hosting news stuff & publish a weekly pdf

Jim Leftwich’s textimagepoem (a page born in 2005) hosts lots of works.
and, from now on, it will also publish a weekly pdf with updates and stuff.

slowforward will (as always) follow the blog & host the pdfs too

the first file is here (week 7-14 May, 2017):

it is also available at :

Wave Composition

Wave Composition

Wave Composition is a quarterly webjournal featuring essays, interviews and creative work. It is a forum for thoughtful reflection on experimental literature and art from all periods.

Wave Composition‘s interests lie in the ‘experimental’ and all the problems that arise from using that word. Even while it explores/analyses/promotes explicitly experimental texts, music, art and creators, it also attempts to find the avant-garde in less obvious literary, academic, or artistic fields. The result is that Wave Composition is itself keen to find and utilize experimental approaches, both structural and methodological, which can challenge conventional understandings of certain concepts, including, but not limited to, canonicity, tradition, genre, and popular culture.

Editors: Ed Sugden, Stephen Ross and Alexandra Manglis