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Six Months Aint No Sentence, Books 1 – 15, written between 04.24.2011 and 01.13.2012. Originally published by Marco Giovenale at differx hosts as Six Months Aint No Sentence, a Journal: texts and works by Jim Leftwich, 2011 – 2016 Books 1 – 187
Books 1 – 30 were published by Peter Ganick and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen at White Sky E-Books.

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diaristic reports, vol. 1 / jim leftwich. 2016-2017

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gioco (e) radar, #11: interruzioni / arresti [due note su denis roche]


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documenti. (un’annotazione)

Documenti. (Un’annotazione) @ Punto critico:

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and… here I guest curated a gallery of asemic writing:

Gallery 17: Asemic Writing — Skinner
Gallery 18: Asemic Writing — Samigulina
Gallery 19: Asemic Writing  — Guatteri
Gallery 20: Asemic Writing  — Tee
Gallery 21: Asemic Writing  — Uzal



VLAK is an enormous hardback journal that acts as an international curatorial project with a broad focus on contemporary poetics, art, film, philosophy, music, science, design, politics, performance, ecology, and new media. VLAK aims to house work which explores the ramifications of contemporary culture and attempts to showcase new critical and creative methods, while driving to experiment, to synthesise, to extend—holding to the principle that a vital culture is always experimental. The journal is published annually and is connected to the people behind Equus press and the Prague microfestival.

Issue 4 of VLAK will focus, apart from open, original work, on the concept of “underground cinema” – anything alternative to mainstream production, documentaries, socio-political investigative work, visually experimental stuff.