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lovesong for a duplicating device / sal nunkachov. 2021

video exhibited in the International Duplicators Guild Meeting,
June 10th, 2021
with the participation of JS Makkos, Rich Dana, Erwin Blok, Sal Nunkachov, Tomoko Kanzaki, etc

look for Sal and his amazing PaperView site here:

link e materiali da/per “il cotone” (biblion/zacinto, 2021)

Marco Giovenale, Il cotone

Il cotone
Biblion/Zacinto, Milano 2021
collana Manufatti poetici, diretta da Paolo Giovannetti, Antonio Syxty e Michele Zaffarano


scheda editoriale:


Presentazione del libro @ La finestra di Antonio Syxty, 2 dicembre 2021, con interventi critici di Gian Luca Picconi:


estratti dal libro su Niederngasse (sito):

(e instagram):





opus 17 / eliane radigue. 1970

Eliane Radigue

Opus 17 (2CD)

performance / angelo pretolani. 2009

Stringe con entrambe le mani un calice colmo di miele. Allunga le braccia in avanti. Reclina lentamente la testa indietro. Apre la bocca in un finto sbadiglio.

Da questa performance è stata tratta la seguente opera: Gocce di ceralacca su stampa digitale e matita su cartoncino, 31×21,5 cm.

Angelo Pretolani, 2009

história da poesia visual brasileira _ 2019

Thanks to Yuri Bruscky

Here’s the PDF file of the catalog of the exhibition História da Poesia Visual Brasileira (History of Brazilian Visual Poetry), held in Sesc Bom Retiro (São Paulo/SP, Brazil), in 2019. Curators: Yuri Bruscky, Paulo Bruscky, Adolfo Montejo Navas. The expo also included a sound poetry section.

This publication was linked to a second (and summarized) version of the exhibition, which was originally held in 2016 at the Museu de Arte Moderna ALoísio Magalhães/Mamam (Recife/PE, Brazil) — and resulted in a more extensive book in terms of compiled works and republished historical/anthological texts (to be digitally available soon).

The pdf also here:

Fai clic per accedere a historia_da_poesia_visual_brasileira_cat.pdf


video per “la tempesta perfetta” – nanni balestrini al macro, 2017


tomas schmit: “making things. drawing action language 1970–2006”

Sandro Ricaldone

Making Things
Drawing Action Language 1970–2006
Edited by Jenny Graser and Barbara Wien. Text by Jenny Graser, Dagmar Korbacher, Kasper König, Tomas Schmit, Dorothy Iannone, et al.
Hatje Cantz, 2021

When the European Fluxus group split in 1964 after two eventful years, Tomas Schmit, who had been involved in the group’s actions as a performer, gradually withdrew from performing. From 1966 he devoted himself primarily to writing and drawing. But the idea of the stage as a place where an action is performed in front of and with an audience did not vanish from his art. From then on, Schmit staged “the performance of drawing” on paper. In this catalogue, the close interlocking of performance and drawing in Schmit’s entire oeuvre is examined for the first time. The publication further reflects on the manifold spectrum of his drawing and language art spanning almost 40 years.

TOMAS SCHMIT (1943–2006) came to art as an autodidact, learning from Fluxus artists such as Nam June Paik, George Maciunas, Arthur Köpcke, and Ludwig Gosewitz, with whom he began performing in 1962. His drawings provide complex, often humorous commentary and engage with subjects as diverse as language, logic, cybernetics, biology, behavioral science, and perception.

allegati all’immaginazione preventiva

3 nov. 2018

“ufficio per la immaginazione preventiva” [micro-estratto] / benveduti, catalano, falasca. 1976

[dia•foria : colloquiale con luigi ballerini (2017)

oei #92-93: lettrist corpus

New issue of OEI: #92–93: Lettrist Corpus: The Complete Magazines (1946–2016), 512 pages.
This special issue, guest edited by writer, curator and sound artist Frédéric Acquaviva, is the very first comprehensive publication on Lettrist magazines. It describes, shows and contextualizes all issues of all 119 magazines created between 1946 and 2016 in, or in connection to, Lettrism – this vibrant and dynamic French avantgarde movement whose publishing adventures and efforts have, until OEI #92–93, been far too little known.

Paris release tonight at Didier Lecointre & Dominique Drouet (9, rue de Tournon, 75006 Paris)

carmelo bene intervistato dalla radio della svizzera italiana

“splendori di massa io non ne conosco”

dick higgins on fluxus

carmelo bene in “caligola”, genova 1961

Carmelo Bene in Caligola
– mise en scène di Genova, 1961 –

Foto Agenzia Leoni.

Collezione Oriente-Piscolla.

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tutto su mio padre / fabiana sargentini. 2003