the “aleph null 3.0” project, by jim andrews

Here are some different views into a project called Aleph Null 3.0. This is an interactive, generative project I wrote in JavaScript/HTML/CSS. There are 21 participating artists, including Jim Leftwich. The different URLs below open up the app to view work by the different artists. There’s also an essay with videos about the project at

You can see Jim’s bio at
and the slideshow of 100 images of his used in Aleph Null at

I wrote an earlier graphic synthesizer called dbCinema in Director/Lingo. I used some of Jim’s work in it here:

aleph null

Aleph Null is a graphic synthesizer; just like an audio synthesizer uses sounds to synthesize other sounds, Aleph Null samples from graphics, mixing them together with dynamic opacity and global compositing operations.” –Jim Andrews
Aleph Null is an attempt to help make a better world with terrific art. It’s important that there be ambitious works of net art that people around the world can access. Exciting interactive net art is one of the best things about the Internet. It boldly goes where no gink has gone. It carries the banners of imagination, innovation, activism, communication, international community, knowledge, art, beauty and truth. The Internet will be exciting only so long as it remains inspiring to artists—as an artistic medium. If that light goes out, the forces of dullness will have secured the entire thing as a department store, surveillance device and peep show.” –Jim Andrews