asemic writing: “offline and in the gallery”, an asemic writing exhibit at minnesota (march 10th – may 28th, 2017)

Featuring Asemic Writing & Book Art from: Tim Gaze, Rosaire Appel, Luigi Serafini, Carlos M. Luis, Israel F Haros Lopez, Paul A Toth, Alain Satié, Jose Parlá, John M. Bennett, Marco Giovenale, Cecil Touchon, Scott Helmes, Derek Beaulieu, Brion Gysin, Satu Kaikkonen, Cheryl Penn, Raymond Queneau, Logan K. Young, Steve McCaffery, Xu Bing, Geof Huth, Gene Kannenberg Jr., Christopher Skinner, Max Ernst, Timothy Ely, Charles Stein, Gazaliel, Lucinda Sherlock, Volodymyr Bilyk, Catherine M. Bennett, Henri Michaux, Spencer Selby, Jim Leftwich, Louise Tournay, Abdourahamane Diarra, Joe Maneri, Michael Jacobson, Robyn Ellenbogen, Donna Maria De Creeft, Marilyn R Rosenberg, Francesco Aprile, Bill Beamer, Nuno De Matos, Lynn Alexander, Tony Burhouse, Scott Ross, Axel Calatayud,  Henry Denander, Jean-christophe Giacottino, Lin Tarczynski, Tom Cassidy, Ricky Brett, Edward Kulemin, Phil Openshaw, Kerri Pullo, Anneke Baeten, Benji Friedman, Laura Ortiz, John McConnochie, Kimm Kiriako, Sam Roxas Chua, Steven J Fowler, Tatiana Roumelioti, Ekaterina Samigulina & Yuli Ilyshchanska, Nico Vassilakis, mIEKAL aND, the unknown author of  The Voynich Manuscript, all the authors & artists in Asemic Magazine, everyone in John Moore William’s asemic issue of The Bleed, & including everyone in Paul A. Toth’s ALPHA BET A TEST: The Eye Am Eye Asemic Anthology: Language In The Act of Disappearing.

the unbearable contact with poets / derek beaulieu



total recall: at the bury art museum, sept – oct, 2015

total recallfrom :

1 August — 3 October, 2015
Bury Art Museum. Curated by derek beaulieu and Philip Davenport.


Penny Anderson – Our Beautiful Words Are / Erica Baum – Total Recall / derek beaulieu – KERN #1, KERN #2 / Jaap Blonk – Water for Tony, Wind for Tony, Wood for Tony / Leanne Bridgewater – Alphatrout / Mike Chavez-Dawson – Linga-Yoni Complete / Paula Claire – Memo / Lucy Harvest Clarke – Forever Hold Your Peace,
Our Allotment / Emma Cocker – Close Reading C+D / Liz Collini – eTheaceae / Matt Dalby – The Shrill Thread / Philip Davenport – the weather, in lipstick / James Davies – I remember the Text Festival / Rachel Defay-Liautard – anabol is [ ] / Jayne Dyer – Speak to Me / Stephen Emmerson – Paul Written, The Journal of Baal 7, 8 & 9 / Steve Giasson – ANGLOMANIA (20 works for Tony Trehy) / Marco Giovenale – asemic encyclopaedia page 1257060, asemic encyclopaedia page 13874257462, asemic encyclopaedia page 43074359987, ASEMIhalfCUBE, sorry for the asemic rebus / Jesse Glass – Hell Money Permutation Series / Robert Grenier – 16 from r h y m m s / Alan Halsey – Notations for Two Dancers, North & West Target Language / Peter Jaeger – All the Air in Proust / Tom Jenks – tt / Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim – The Great Treatise / Satu Kaikkonen – Letters from The Past 1 & 2, Memoryies Series / Karri Kokko – On the Other Hand / Márton Koppány – Butterfly for Gertrude, Concrete Poem for Tony Trehy / Tony Lopez – Wagtails on Tarmac / Darren Marsh – Constructing Tony Trehy / Steve Miller – Untitled / Kristin Mueller – Selection from buch 3b de 04–09, Selection from Книга 3b ru 01–03 2015 / angela rawlings – Nutrition Facts / Sarah Sanders I Used To (notebook page) / Seekers of Lice – tropes of everyday life / Ron Silliman – Untitled / Carolyn Thompson – A Reminder / Barrie Tullett – Memory Changes The Story Of An Experience, Our Memories Are Constructed 1–9 / Lawrence Weiner – DRAWN OVER ON WITHIN A RELATIONSHIP OF SOME SORT OF CONTINUITY. CAT# 441 (1977) THE WORK IS COURTESY OF THE ARTIST (LANGUAGE+MATERIALS REFERRED TO) / Eric Zboya – Barney: A Portrait

All photographs by Philip Davenport.

(Please note that the photos aren’t fully representative of the whole show – many shots show more than one piece and some pieces were displayed in the archive box at a table, rather than on the wall. Many, many thanks to all contributors.)

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today: “how to read” / derek beaulieu

derek beaulieu
Opening Reception: Friday 22 March, 7-11 pm
Presented by the Niagara Artists Centre & Grey Borders Reading Series
354 St. Paul Street, St Catharines, ONT |

Readings by derek beaulieu, Sharon Harris, Jenny Sampirisi, and Karl Jirgens
Launch of The Last Vispo Anthlogy, 1998-2008 (ed. Crag Hill & Nico Vassilakis)
Launch of Please, no more poetry: the selected works of derek beaulieu by derek beaulieu (ed. Kit Dobson)

Additionally, Jay MillAr has generously agreed to join us onsite with his portable bookshop to satisfy all of your literary needs. Prints of vispoems from The Last Vispo will be on display in the Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery and available for purchase.

Free event; licensed, all ages; NAC is an accessible venue with an accessible washroom and entrance

two new chapbooks from no press

two new books from NO PRESS: Broadbent and Craghead

By Laura Broadbent
Produced in an edition of 60 handbound copies (only 28 of which are for
of poetic questions where the answers are formed from words culled from
Lispector’s “Aqua Viva” into poems which eerily reflect both the interviewer
and the interviewee.**
By Warren Craghead III
Produced in an edition of 60 handbound copies (only 28 of which are for
sale), HOW TO BE EVERYWHERE is a series of beautifully delicate drawings
which poetically interpret the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire.

And still available from NO press in ever-dimishing numbers:

– Marcin Lodyga and Vladimir Umanets’ MANIFESTO OF YELLOWISM (only 7 copies
remaining) $1- Nyein Way’s UNCREATIVE MANIFESTO (only 13 copies remaining) $1

– Ola Stahl’s EXERCIZES (CELINE) (only 13 copies remaining) $3

– Gary Barwin’s TWO COMICS FOR BPNICHOL (only 22 copies remaining) 50cents

To order copies of any of the above, please email derek beaulieu at


derek beaulieu
#2, 733 ­ 2nd avenue nw
calgary, alberta
canada t2n0e4


news from no press

NEWS from No Press:

Exercizes (Louis-Ferdinand Céline) by Ola Ståhl ‹ a trio of
typewriter-based visual translations of Céline; published in a limited
edition of 60 copies. Each copy if handsewn into hand-typed, found paper

Uncreative Manifesto (2005) by Nyein Way ‹ a manifesto of conceptual
writing from Myanmar and the basis for Way¹s investigation of the
international potential of conceptual writing. Produced in a limited
edition of 80 copies.

Manifesto of Yellowism by Marcin Lodyga and Vladimir Umanets. The key
document in the emergence of Yellowism, the internationally notorious
autonomous phenomenon in contemporary culture. Produced in a limited
edition of 80 copies.

more information here:

All three of these limited edition items are available: email derek[at] to order copies