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“glitchasemics” @ new year’s eve



post-asemic press sound poetry

Post-Asemic Press is a book publisher of asemic writing and beyond. It is based out of Minneapolis and is run by Michael Jacobson. The Bandcamp site will be for sonic works of sound poetry and experimental poetry and other related forms. Here is the Post-Asemic Press blog:


orphic tabs or sheets / differx. 2007-2020

One of my first flarfy & spam-derived “orphic tabs” (or “orphic sheets”) was published by the late William James Austin in 2007, in his mag “BLACKBOX”, Sept. 2007, the “summer collisions” issue.

About that issue I could only find an email in the Spidertangle newsletter, Sept. 16, 2007.
(The old link doesn’t work anymore, of course).


Other pieces appeared in Starfishpoetry, and Poetry Kessel-lo (two now offline sites).

Find others in The Flux I Share (Jan., 2008): ex now; & in SayingSomething:


Then serious asemic orphic tabs appeared in The New Postliterate (Sept., 2009):

A sheet in Italian has appeared in facebook only.

Here below are some of the pieces, and more ones (click to enlarge, read & enjoy):

glitchasemics, by mg

by Marco Giovenale is available now at Amazon.

It includes an indepth introduction by Michael Betancourt.

more infos (+blurbs) here:

buy it here:

a new release from post-asemic press: “glitchasemics”, by mg


anticipazione: “the cecil touchon asemic reader”, in uscita presso post-asemic press


lots of asemic books are actually available

Michael Jacobson:

Here is an updated list of almost all the asemic writing books available at Amazon. Asemic writing is a wordless open semantic form of writing which often appears as abstract calligraphy, non-verbal writing, illegible writing, or damaged writing. This list also contains all Post-Asemic Press titles (7 so far) and other related works published by other presses.
Authors and their works included on the list are by Tim Gaze, Michael Jacobson, O Mayeux, Anneke Baeten, Volodymyr Bilyk, Rosaire Appel, Spencer Selby, Mirtha Dermisache, Federico Federici, Sam Roxas-Chua, Denise Lach, Jose Parla, Lucinda Sherlock, Xu Bing, Henri Michaux, Brion Gysin, Timothy C. Ely, Jay Snodgrass, Israel F Haros Lopez, Paul A. Toth, Max Ernst, Luigi Serafini, Rory Link, and The unknown author of The Voynich Manuscript.


differx: three pieces at “the new postliterate”

thanx to Michael Jacobson for hosting three asemic pieces by me @ TNPL:

michael jacobson interviewed

post-asemic press launch party

The Post-Asemic Press launch party is at Minnesota Center for Book Arts, on Tuesday May 16th from 6 to 8pm. Stop by the gallery and say hi, and check out the exhibit Asemic Writing: Offline & In The Gallery before it closes on May 28th.  

4 brand new titles to check out: Zinc Zanc Zunc by Rosaire Appel, Codex Abyssus by Volodymyr Bilyk, Unknown Message by Spencer Selby, and Works & Interviews by Michael Jacobson. 

Here is the Facebook event page:

asemic exhibit at the minnesota center for book arts

asemic writing: “offline and in the gallery”, an asemic writing exhibit at minnesota (march 10th – may 28th, 2017)

Featuring Asemic Writing & Book Art from: Tim Gaze, Rosaire Appel, Luigi Serafini, Carlos M. Luis, Israel F Haros Lopez, Paul A Toth, Alain Satié, Jose Parlá, John M. Bennett, Marco Giovenale, Cecil Touchon, Scott Helmes, Derek Beaulieu, Brion Gysin, Satu Kaikkonen, Cheryl Penn, Raymond Queneau, Logan K. Young, Steve McCaffery, Xu Bing, Geof Huth, Gene Kannenberg Jr., Christopher Skinner, Max Ernst, Timothy Ely, Charles Stein, Gazaliel, Lucinda Sherlock, Volodymyr Bilyk, Catherine M. Bennett, Henri Michaux, Spencer Selby, Jim Leftwich, Louise Tournay, Abdourahamane Diarra, Joe Maneri, Michael Jacobson, Robyn Ellenbogen, Donna Maria De Creeft, Marilyn R Rosenberg, Francesco Aprile, Bill Beamer, Nuno De Matos, Lynn Alexander, Tony Burhouse, Scott Ross, Axel Calatayud,  Henry Denander, Jean-christophe Giacottino, Lin Tarczynski, Tom Cassidy, Ricky Brett, Edward Kulemin, Phil Openshaw, Kerri Pullo, Anneke Baeten, Benji Friedman, Laura Ortiz, John McConnochie, Kimm Kiriako, Sam Roxas Chua, Steven J Fowler, Tatiana Roumelioti, Ekaterina Samigulina & Yuli Ilyshchanska, Nico Vassilakis, mIEKAL aND, the unknown author of  The Voynich Manuscript, all the authors & artists in Asemic Magazine, everyone in John Moore William’s asemic issue of The Bleed, & including everyone in Paul A. Toth’s ALPHA BET A TEST: The Eye Am Eye Asemic Anthology: Language In The Act of Disappearing.

[r] _ asemic writing / scrittura asemantica

In rete è stato più volte espresso – recentemente – interesse per la scrittura asemantica, o “asemic writing”. E si sono create delle confusioni, sul tema, che è opportuno dissipare.

Questa pagina, che se ben ricordo si deve principalmente a Michael Jacobson e Tim Gaze, è una buona summula, in tema:

In termini di interesse e importanza, per l’area italiana il primo riferimento che mi viene in mente è alle Scritture illeggibili di popoli sconosciuti, di Bruno Munari; il secondo è a Gillo Dorfles, che scrive sul lavoro di Irma Blank:

Attraverso i motori di ricerca si possono trovare dozzine di blog e siti utili. I lettori curiosi si imbatteranno in molti materiali. Di nuovo in inglese, molto chiara è la pagina

Un piccolo articolo – corredato da un’immagine di Rosaire Appel e una di Michael Jacobson – si può leggere ora a p. 41 del recentissimo numero (247, marzo-aprile 2013) de “l’immaginazione” (Piero Manni Editore).


(*) le immagini di questa nota sono mie: quella in basso a destra viene da qui,
Quella in alto a sinistra è un asemic ring del 2011:

(**) segnalo alcune interviste da The New Postliterate (blog di M.Jacobson):

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a trip/tych by mg @ the new postliterate

Project | Realization | Consequence, a trip/tych by Marco Giovenale