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william burroughs: “the cut-ups” (1966, excerpt)

bacon meets burroughs [compiled & coiled edit] / phil barrington. 2018

Bacon Meets Burroughs
[Compiled & Coiled Edit]

During the recording for the 1982 film on William Burroughs (the resulting programme airing in the UK on 22nd February 1983), Arena followed him to the home and studio of old friend Francis Bacon, where he drops in for a cup of tea and a catch up. This meeting has never been fully broadcast, and the clip is supposedly shown uncut as the pair discuss their views on painting.

This unofficial, Fair Use/Fair Dealings compilation by Barrington Arts also includes all other related footage from that day in 1982 that has ever been publicly leaked.

This unauthorised edit also includes a soundtrack of COIL tracks recorded in the same period as the film footage (1982-83).

The majority of the footage here was directed by Howard Brookner and Nigel Finch.

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the junky’s christmas / william burroughs. 1989 –> film by nick donkin & melodie mcdaniel. 1993

“manipulating light can induce psychedelic experiences – and scientists aren’t quite sure why” &

From Jan E. Purkinje’s documentation of the subjective visual phenomena he saw when he waved his hand in front of his closed eyes. Author provided: see

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Tra le opere in esposizione, la serie Apocalypse, realizzata con William Burroughs.


cts ryan on the cut up technique

in chiesa per un viaggio con gysin e burroughs

One of Belfast’s oldest former churches has been transformed into a powerful new immersive art experience.

Carlisle Memorial Church has become the latest venue in the UK to host a giant version of Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine, where audiences lie back and close their eyes for a performance of sound and white light.


till Sept. 4th !

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