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e002 deta 098 l / miron tee. 2021


ai critici d’arte / guglielmo achille cavellini. 1978


three asemic pieces / dave read. 2021

alice edy: concrete writing, elenchi, asemic writing, testi sperimentali, scritture di ricerca

scrittura installativa, concrete writing, elenchi, asemic writing, testi sperimentali, scritture di ricerca, experimental texts, lists, malware poetry, scrittura asemica, materiali verbovisivi, verbo-visual works

Alice Edy, ^~[(:_VIRUS.2.0)}// malware_poetry_2017 :

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glitched outstitution / differx. 2021


aswrig = asemic writing gallery 

ASWRIG = asemic writing gallery

 (est. 2017)

The best asemic writing from FB & the web. Daily updates.


from ‘kontextsound’, antwerp (belgium), apr/may, 1977

a few optophonetics / verbosonics excerpts from an incredibly rich fascicle (with works by —among others— van Doesburg, Houédard, Chopin, Rühm, Mon, Lora-Totino, Ladik, and a very long interview to Bob Cobbing).

a re-glitched image from “glitchasemics” / differx. 2021

(CC) 2021 differx
A re-glitched image from Glitchasemics (2020)
(Post-Asemic Press,, thx to Michael Jacobson)

>>> with a special dedication to De Villo Sloan, who loved my book so much as to ban me for no reason <<<


See more glitchasemic images here (2016, hosted by Jim Lwftwich), here (2016), here (2016), here (2017, Otoliths), here (2018, Slova), here (2019), etc etc.

Take note:
Hâle Turhan & Gökhan Turhan experimented “glitched asemic writing” since 2015 or 2016, I think, and I definitely want to praise their work @ Ada & Arx too (e.g. here).

As the blurb of their book Hür (Xerolage #65, Dec. 2016) says: “Xeno-Poiesis is needed within the entagled bubbly nodes of the Remixocene”.

I absolutely agree.


installance #0162: abstract, asemic (abstrasemic)


installance n. : # 0162
type : abstrasemic (abstract+asemic) piece
size : ~ cm 6,5 x 2,2
record : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : Aug 26th, 2021
time : 11:29am
place :  Rome, via E. Pantano
footnote : none
copyright : (CC) 2021 differx

the most recent titles from post-asemic press: by tim gaze, laura ortiz



1625091344068 / differx. 2021


installance by johannes s. h. bjerg

j. bjerg, installance

“lunic panzemes” by jim leftwich

2021 apophenia asemantic asemic asemic writing asemimesa asemous asemous writing bag text camera collage poem constellations cut-ups desemantized desemantized handwriting desemantized writing dirty vispo ecosemics emprientes found gestural gestural & letteral gestural photography jim leftwich letteral lunic panzemes map NCV neoasemic no commercial value ongoing research pansemic pareidolia photograph play poem collage post-neoasemic doodling post-penmanship prepared pen quasi-calligraphic drawing scraps scratchings scrawls scribblepoems semisemic lesssenseness senseless smears smudges smushes stamp dance stamps tape transfer tear-ups textimagepoem trashpo useless writing vispo visual poetry visual writing wordmush writing against itself

detal6161 / miron tee. 2021