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20 giugno, mg a lucca, per una lettura al borda!fest

domenica 20 giugno alle 19:30 MG a Lucca, al Foro Boario, @ Borda!Fest – Produzioni Sotterranee (18, 19 e 20 giugno) a leggere e a parlare di scritture di ricerca, prosa in prosa, materiali verbovisivi & scritture asemiche.

pagine da La gente non sa cosa si perde (TIC Edizioni) e Delle osservazioni (Blonk), e inediti da Oggettistica.

in dialogo con Chiara Portesine

non mancheranno materiali asemici, esposti, e osservazioni sull’Enciclopedia asemica (IkonaLiber).


qui il programma dei tre giorni del festival:

the idea of a “transition strategy” / differx — 11 apr 2021

Rosaire Appel, Listening is a way of walking

Rosaire Appel, Listening is a way of walking

Rosaire Appel: “asemic writing is also a way of leaping forward into territory not yet conceptualized… a transition strategy perhaps” (Jun 10, 2011, post to the ASEMIC Google Group, now @

I really like Rosaire Appel’s idea of a “transition strategy”.

Often the signs of an ongoing research are not covered nor coded nor represented by any known “language”. They actually build-and-deconstruct some kind of new (non)language.

And it seems to me that our definitions often fail to grasp the flickering borders of the asemic land. It seems like we are (happily) dealing with aesthetics, rather than linguistics.

More. (And incidentally:) I ask myself: do we absolutely need definitions? Or do definitions & theory rather belong exactly to the territory we are just flying away from?

Tim gaze : “asemic writing says what I cannot say in words” (from a text in the muse apprentice guild).


carlyle baker: “tropes”

of course the asemic is absurd / jim leftwich. 2021

If I am writing about the word “asemic”, I am thinking about patience and persistence. I am thinking about failure as a source of energy, as that which keeps an absurdist idea of enlightenment alive and almost thriving. Standing in the absurd center of the asemic universe, we are surrounded by unexamined exits and entrances, unexplored starting-points, multiple escape-routes leading out in all directions. 
We need to synchronize our watches, then throw them all away. We need to get on the same page of the same map-book, then throw all the maps away. We need to set our compasses, and throw them away. We must promise each other to get together, at some unspecified time and place, later in our lives, to define our terms and make public our consensus definitions. Until then, we have some exploring to do, some making and some thinking, some reading and some writing.
Tim Gaze wrote, in an email responding to my recent texts (05.21.2021), that “asemic is an absolute state, whereas desemantizing is a process or matter of degree”.
He also wrote in the same email that he “consciously let go of asemic writing several years back”.
On January 27, 1998, I wrote to Tim, saying “the asemic text would seem to be an ideal, an impossibility, but possibly worth pursuing for just that reason.”
Desemantized writing is not an ideal, is not an impossibility. It is a very specific kind of writing, produced for very specific reasons. To desemantize writing is to intentionally make it less readable, less capable of participating in the language-game of giving information. 
We might aspire to the absolute state of asemic writing, producing beautiful and/or provocative failures in our quest, but we achieve desematized writing, to one degree or another, whenever we choose to do so.
In response to my recent texts, John M. Bennett wrote (05.20.2021) “i like ‘desemanticized’ better than ‘asemic’ myself; the latter term was always a bit misleading, even downright wrong sometimes, I thought; except perhaps in a few situations…”
In the late 1990s, “asemic” was not the word I wanted or needed, but it was the best I had at the time. For the past 20 years or so I have been exploring alternatives to the word “asemic”. For now, and for my purposes (which are not necessarily the same purposes as those of some likely readers of this text), “desemantized” (or “desemanticized”) is an improvement, a step in the right direction. It is a provisional solution to a problem.
These days, the term “asemic writing” is very widely used, and is surely in no danger of being discarded or replaced. My thoughts about the term “desemantized writing” will circulate, if at all, within the context of the global asemic writing community. As I write this, in the late spring of 2021, the theory and practice of asemic writing are not in any sense dead, the possibilities have not been exhausted. The Sisyphean struggle to attain the absolute state of asemic writing, absurd though it may be, continues to yield moments of existential fulfillment, and perhaps every now and then even a kind of happiness. 
My hope for my recent writings is that they might invigorate an increasingly faceted vision of the world of all things asemic.

jim leftwich, may 2021

ai canali ! ai canali !

iscrivetevi ai canali, carissim*:

mg (tipo Rai1):

slowforward (una specie di Rai2):

differx (sicuramente una roba simile a Rai3):

(n.b.: ogni riferimento a tv ed entità realmente esistenti ma soprattutto esistite è puramente casuale o frutto di giuoco)

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installance #0156: asemics on plastic hook

installance n. : # 0156
type : asemic writing on a plastic hook
size : ~ cm 5,2 x 1,5
records : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : May 13th, 2021
time : 5:57pm
place : Rome, via di Donna Olimpia
footnote : ---
copyright : (CC) 2021 differx

aggiornamenti costanti, differenze e ripetizioni su e

Aggiornamenti sulle scritture di ricerca, segnalazioni di reading di prosa (e poesia), conferenze, recensioni, critica letteraria, traduzioni, immagini, video, audio, gif, politica, polemiche, mazzate al mainstream, osservatorio di poesia contemporanea, mostre di arte attuale e incontri, materiali verbovisivi, glitch, scrittura asemica, musica sperimentale, collage, cut-up, flarf, googlism, scrittura concettuale, installazioni verbali e visive, archivi della ricerca testuale, artistica e musicale dal Novecento a oggi.

Post pressoché quotidiani su (anche indipendenti da, e spesso legati a

Differenze, ripetizioni, ritornelli, brand new stuff e molto altro.

Poi non dite che non vi avevo avvertito, e che Hejinian vi suona nuova, Tarkos non lo conoscete, l’asemic writing è un gateau di semi e i non assertivi sono un progetto Marvel.


the idea behind asemic writing (cecil touchon)

installance #0155: asemics on broken cellphone screencover

installance n. : # 0155
type : asemic writing on a broken screencover of an a40 samsung cellphone
size : cm 14 x 6,20
records : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : Apr. 27th, 2021
time : 11:48am
place : Rome, via G.F.Ingrassia
footnote : ---
copyright : (CC) 2021 differx

asemic sheet / differx. 2011 (maybe)

“Una struttura. Consistente variabile. Asemic può generare l’industriabile da infiniti punti di vista e nonsegni, oltrepassare di slancio l’industrial design? Praticabile portatile ma anche abbandonabile, ecocentrico. Estremo” (Luca Zanini)

rita raley: “the asemic at the end of the world” (uc santa barbara, digital cultures and new media, 2017)

Rita Raley, “The Asemic at the End of the World,” presentation at the Modern
Language Association Convention, Philadelphia (January 7, 2017):


installance #0154: asemic sheet

installance n. : # 0154
type : asemic writing on grocery shop paper
size : cm 36x25
records : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : Apr. 14th, 2021
time : 9:17am
place : Rome, via Pietro Cartoni
footnote : ---
copyright : (CC) 2021 differx

installance #0153: asemic post-it

installance n. : # 0153
type : asemic post-it
size : cm 5x1,5
records : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : Apr. 7th, 2021
time : 10:31am
place : Rome, via Revoltella
footnote : ---
copyright : (CC) 2021 differx