oggi a palermo: scritture asemiche


do not trust incomplete essays about asemic writing

To critics, asemic writers, essayists, curators, journalists and all the people dealing with the *recent* history of asemic writing:

DO NOT trust incomplete essays, poor bibliographies and books or –generally speaking– texts improvised by authors who pretend to make important & complete/vast surveys while they actually do not mention important web pages, mag articles, projects, personal and collective exhibits, blogs and groups which have been flourishing everywhere in the recent –say– two decades.

I find an astonishing lack of data in –poorly written– Italian essays I’ve recently read (on line and in books), so I want to strongly point out there’s no space for amateurishness, narcissism and ignorance when talkig about the work of thousands of authors. One cannot mention them all, yes. But it’s impossible to forget some basic elements and fundamental sites and texts.

It’s not possible to ignore Jim Leftwich’s thousand pages about asemics, the work of Peter Ganick, Miron Tee, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Karri Kokko, Rosaire Appel, Lina Stern, Riccardo Cavallo, Roberto Cavallera, Marc van Elburg, Valeri Scherstjanoi, Jay Snodgrass, Miriam Midley, Bruno Neiva, Jeff Hansen, Orchid Tierney, and a bunch of other artists, or Tim Gaze’s Asemic Editions (http://asemic-editions.blogspot.com/) or Avance Publishing (http://avance.randomflux.info/), or DeVillo Sloan’s work (at IUOMA etc) and with https://asemicfront.wordpress.com/, or Cecil Touchon’s sites http://asemics.com/ and https://ceciltouchon.com/, or Michael Jacobson’s http://thenewpostliterate.blogspot.com/, or the AsemicNet founded in 2011 by me and others, https://asemicnet.blogspot.com/ (& related link pages), or https://gammm.org, or the asemic googlegroup https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=it#!forum/asemic, or the Mycelium samizdat (first of all: https://it.scribd.com/doc/294236718/Without-Words-Exhibition-Catalogue), or Gleb Kolomiets’ “Slova”, or Mark Young’s “Otoliths”, or Timglaset, Utsanga, or the most important facebook group of asemic writing, The New Postliterate, https://www.facebook.com/groups/76178850228/, and many others, e.g. Arte Asemica (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1642082306096440/), Asemic Reading (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1646865992070563), Asemic New Babylon (https://www.facebook.com/groups/895027887247653/), Extreme Writing Community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/202128996613211/), Writing Against Itself (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1208959535830352, founded by Jim Leftwich), or Quimby Melton’s site SCRIPTjr, http://scriptjr.nl/, or the items one can found perusing tags & categories here and there, e.g. in https://slowforward.net/tag/asemic/, https://slowforward.net/category/asemic/, https://slowforward.net/tag/scrittura-asemantica/, http://liquidocomoeltiempo.blogspot.com/search/label/ESCRITURA%20AS%C3%89MICA, or the amount of vids one can find in YouTube or Vimeo, or the tons of interviews hosted on line. Or lots of tumblr blogs, the findings at Pinterest, or the images and infos Twitter spreads every day.

Not to mention the bibliography on paper (Asemic Magazine first: …take a look at https://asemicnet.blogspot.com/p/mags-groups.html and http://asemic-magazine.blogspot.com/).

Well… Yes: the steps of an asemic path can be traced back to the first years of the 20th century. It will be a hard job. Years of hard study.

But one can of course focus on the new authors and mags only, and still face an impressive amount of documents, on line stuff, archives.

Do not tolerate people who (deliberately) ignore them.

This is what I wanted to say. Plain and simple.

7 novembre, modena: festa per i quarant’anni del laboratorio di poesia (1979-2019)

Il Laboratorio di poesia 1979-2019

È giunta l’ora/ in cui il frutto si spacca,/ si versa in parole e colori.
(Cata Dujšin-Ribar)

Giovedì 7 novembre 2019 il Laboratorio di Poesia di Modena si apre a 40 anni esatti dalla sua prima serata,
nella stessa sede di Via Fosse 14 a Modena, con un incontro non stop, a partire dalle ore 17.



con Marilyne Bertoncini Julien Blaine Mirta Carroli Liliana Ebalginelli
Giovanni Fontana Marco Giovenale Anna Guillot Italo Lanfredini Tomaso Kemeny
Giorgio Moio Luca Ariano Mario Moroni Nina Nasilli Maurizio Osti Giancarlo Pavanello
Raffaele Perrotta Lamberto Pignotti Giuliana Pini Jean Robaey Gian Paolo Roffi Massimo Scrignoli
Carlo Alberto Sitta Giorgio Terrone Gualberto Alvino
Collettivo Chiamata alle Arti di Daniela Rossi
(Donatella Franchi Antonella De Nisco Laura Cingolani Marina Burani Manuela Corti
Jonida Prifti Silva Nironi Marina Gasparini Elisa Pellacani Franca Rovigatti)

Presentazione del n. 53/2019 con Carlo Alberto Sitta, Elena Bavieri, Fabio De Santis,
Marco Fregni, Pietro Romano Silva Secchi Raffaella Terribile

Presentazione in anteprima di LINEA SOTTILE – LANCETTA D’OMBRA
di Mladen Machiedo, Edizioni del Laboratorio 2019, presente l’Autore.
Introduce Giuseppe Langella.

Una strenna per i 40 anni del Laboratorio.

In collaborazione con AICS Comitato Provinciale di Modena
Con il contributo di BPER
http://www.labpoesiamo.it / labpoesiamo@libero.it /

stasera: doppia coppia, incontro #3, allo studio campo boario

> Roma, viale del Campo Boario 4a <

* n.b.: chi lo desidera può scaricare e leggere, in relazione a una parte del discorso che oggi si affronterà, questo file: ASEMIC_ in l’immaginazione n. 274 (mar.-apr. 2013)