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– wolf vostell. dé-coll/age[s]. 1963 [29-12-2019 .en]

– wolf vostell. skeleton. 1968 [30-12-2019 .en]

– wolf vostell. elektronischer de-coll/age. happening raum. 1968 [31-12-2019]

diaristic reports, vol. 1 / jim leftwich. 2016-2017


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“sulla luna” _ lettura @ radio tre


grazie a Maria Grazia Calandrone

> e a Nicola Crocetti, che questo e altri testi ha ospitato anche su “Poesia” <

questo spiega perché mi piace internet archive / this is why i like internet archive


here, three recent examples (among a million ones):

Spark New Ideas & Technologies at DWeb Camp 2019
“On July 18-21th, the Internet Archive is convening a special gathering around decentralized technologies and principles for a more open, private, secure Web. Builders and Dreamers: join us for …” >>>

Have You Played Atari Today?

“When I was a kid I fell in love with computers. Specifically, I fell in love with the Atari 800, one of the first microcomputers. I wanted to know…” >>>

71716 video tapes in 12094 days
“On November 4, 1979 Marion Stokes began systematically video taping television news and continued for more than 33 years, until the day she died. The Internet Archive is now home to the unique 71k+ video cassette collection and is endeavoring to help make sure it is digitized and made available online to everyone, forever, for free…” >>>

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A place for experimental / extreme forms of art, seen on the net and anywhere. Reblogs of historical art events or works from the second half of the XX century up to now.
All the posts must be approved. No personal stuff. Members should post only other artists’ works, not their own.
THIS IS AN ARCHIVE OF THE NOW and of the recent lines of international research in art, music, text. Asemics & glitch included.

Un luogo per forme sperimentali / estreme di arte, viste in rete e ovunque. Reblog di opere o eventi artistici storici dalla seconda metà del XX secolo e fino a oggi.
Tutti i post devono essere approvati. Niente materiali personali. I membri dovrebbero inserire soltanto opere di altri artisti, non le proprie.
QUESTO È UN ARCHIVIO DEL PRESENTE e delle linee recenti della ricerca artistica, musicale, testuale. Scrittura asemica e glitch inclusi.

Marco Giovenale = https://www.facebook.com/differx

Alberto D’Amico, Andrea Tomasini, Luca Venitucci

pages taking part in the project:
slowforward = https://www.facebook.com/slowforwarddifferx/
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GAMMMistas = https://www.facebook.com/groups/gammmistas
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