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Jakub Kalousek and Scott MacLeod FIGHTING INFLATION (official ) 2015 performance at Cricket Engine Gallery in Oakland, CA


damiano & abeni: “from the dairy of jonas & job, inc., pigfarmers”, nuovo titolo della collana syn, ikonalíber

nuovo titolo della collana SYN _ Scritture di ricerca:
from the dairy of jonas & job, inc., pigfarmers,
di damiano & abeni
[testo in inglese e italiano]

l’ebook è in vendita e già disponibile e tutte le informazioni per l’acquisto sono al link

l’edizione cartacea sarà disponibile dalla seconda metà di giugno.

questa la pagina facebook:

il nuovo titolo è anche incluso nel catalogo/pieghevole di IkonaLíber:

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issue #45 of “otoliths” is on line

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has survived its unprecedented dive between Saturn & its innermost rings, to send back the latest issue of Otoliths that includes cosmic work from Karl Kempton, Thomas Fink, Maya D. Mason, John Xero, John M. Bennett, D.J. Huppatz, Daniel de Culla, Seth Copeland, Texas Fontanella, Jim Leftwich, Robert Lee Brewer, Jim Hanson, Olivier Schopfer, William Repass, Steve Dalachinsky, Kyle Hemmings, Craig Cotter, Jon Cone, Dah Helmer, Michael Farrell, Peycho Kanev, Richard J. Fleming, Cecelia Chapman, Jeff Crouch, Jack Galmitz, Philip Byron Oakes, J.J. Campbell, Sanjeev Sethi, Tom Montag, Darren C. Demaree, Hart Broudy, Neil Leadbeater, Volodymyr Bilyk, Stephen C. Middleton, Aidan Semmens, Karen Greenbaum-Maya, Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Bill Wolak, Pete Spence, Clara B. Jones, Andrew Topel, Andrew Taylor & David Spittle, Marietta McGregor, Faleeha Hassan, Diane Keys, Jesse Glass, Kenneth Rexroth, Katrinka Moore, Daniel Y. Harris, osvaldo cibils, Thomas M. Cassidy, Eileen R. Tabios, David Lohrey, Edward Kulemin, Jared Chipkin, Lakey Comess, Baron Geraldo, Shataw Naseri, Logan K. Young, AG Davis, hiromi suzuki, Hugh Tribbey, Anne-Marie Jeanjean, Caleb Puckett, Drew B. David, Jeff Bagato, Márton Koppány, Louise Landes Levi, Jill Chan, Alain Robinet, Raymond Farr, Dennis Andrew Aguinaldo, Willie Smith, Joe Balaz, M A McDonald, Jim McCrary, Sian Vate, Heath Brougher, Owen Bullock, differx, Lynn Strongin, Marcello Diotallevi, Robbie Coburn, Carol Stetser, Chris Brown, Richard James Allen, Grzegorz Wróblewski, Jeff Harrison, David Harrison Horton, Sjoerd van der Weide, Joel Chace, Indigo Perry, Simon Perchik, Richard Kostelanetz, David Baptiste Chirot, Timothy Pilgrim, Nicole Pottier, Natsuko Hirata, Massimo Stirneri, Rebecca Eddy, Josh Smith, major stafford sternwall, John Pursch, Sheikha A., Mercedes Webb-Pullman, Jared Pearce, Keith Nunes, Jake Goetz, Allen Forrest, sean burn, Richard Skelton, Tom Beckett, Shloka Shankar, Seth Howard, Tony Beyer, Sam Langer, Bob Heman, Cherie Hunter Day, Aurélien Leif,  Catherine Fletcher, Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Pragya Vashishtha, Paul Pfleuger, Jr., Pam Brown, & Marilyn Stablein.


about “the republic of exit 43”

some lines from Jennifer Scappettone, author of The Republic of Exit 43



“I’ve been working on this project since I moved from Berkeley back to Long Island, or Brooklyn to be precise, in 2005—when I discovered I’d grown up across the street from a landfill toxic enough to be added to the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Priorities List of hazardous sites. It’s disconcerting and uncanny that the book should emerge at a time when the capacity of that agency to restrain the generation of new environmental health hazards is endangered.

Calling this a book still feels strange: the subtitle is Outtakes & Scores from an Archaeology and Pop-Up Opera of the Corporate Dump. Many of the poems are textscapes that were used as scores for performance, reproduced in color. Photographic traces of fieldwork on Staten and Long Island and documents of installations in Rome, Los Angeles, the internet, and the augmented reality of Syosset made their way into the book as well.

The wonderful people at Small Press Distribution can help you get a copy at this link.

The state of the nation has so far distracted me from scheduling much toward a launch, but I know I’ll be traveling to the following places to read and speak:

Segue Series, NYC, Saturday, February 11
POG, Tucson, Saturday, March 18
University of Arizona, Tucson, Tuesday, March 21
St. Mark’s Poetry Project, NYC, Monday, April 24

the unbearable contact with poets / derek beaulieu



pennsound italiana

bannerPSUna nuova sezione dell’archivio PennSound, dell’Università di Pennsylvania, interamente dedicato a registrazioni audio e video di poeti e autori italiani.

Qui l’introduzione in inglese della curatrice, Jennifer Scappettone:

La pagina è all’indirizzo