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otoliths #65 is now live

Issue sixty-five of OTOLITHS, the southern autumn 2022 issue, is now up.otoliths 65

This issue, which marks the beginning of the seventeenth year of the journal’s existence, contains a mix of — sometimes mixed — photographs, paintings, short stories, poetry, interviews, magazine columns, & manifestos from an international contributor list including Karl Kempton, Linda King, Mark Pirie, Dario Zumkeller, AG Davis, Mark Cunningham, Sanjeev Sethi, Ken Friedman, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, James Cochran, Jim Leftwich, hiromi suzuki, Michael J. Leach, Elancharan Gunasekaran, Louise Landes Levi, KJ Hannah Greenberg, Chuck Joy, Marco Giovenale, Jimmy Crouse, Andrew Cyril Macdonald, Nicholas Alexander Hayes, Mario José Cervantes, Timothy Pilgrim, Alan Catlin, Paul Ilechko, Jim Meirose, Adam Fieled, Gregory Stephenson, John Sweet, Sterling Warner, Jack Galmitz, Lynn Strongin, Texas Fontanella, Richard J. Fleming, Sarah Bilodeau, M.J. Iuppa, John M. Bennett, Carla Bertola & John M. Bennett, Harvey Huddleston, bofa xesjum, fred flynn, John McCluskey, Ben Egerton, John Gallas, Nathan Whiting, Laurent Grison, Volodymyr Bilyk, Xe M. Sánchez, Ellen Wardman, Barbara Parchim, Bruce Robinson, Jeff Bagato, jim mccrary, Gale Acuff, Grzegorz Wróblewski, harry k stammer, Howie Good, Jen Schneider, Alberto Vitacchio, richard lopez & Márton Koppány, Heather Sager, Keith Polette, Michael Basinski, Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal, Daniel f Bradley, Dave Read, Robert Beveridge, Tom Beckett, Mary Kasimor, Connor van Bussel, R. S. Stewart, Tony Beyer, Daniel de Culla, John Levy, Joanne Bechtel, Kenneth Rexroth, Nathan Anderson, Jeff Harrison, Bill Wolak, Clara B. Jones, Nicole Raziya Fong, Charles A. Perrone, Russ Bickerstaff, Paul Dickey, Sabine Miller, Keith Nunes, Diana Magallón, Bob Lucky, Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch, bart plantenga, Joshua Martin, Jillian Oliver, Réka Nyitrai, Marilyn Stablein, Jerome Berglund, Christopher Barnes, Peter Cherches, Jürgen O. Olbrich & Hubert Kretschmer, Kay Kestner, Cameron Morse, Eric Hoffman, Gavin Lucky, Kiriti Sengupta, Patrick Sweeney, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Jane Simpson, Elmedin Kadric, Kit Kennedy, Steven Tran, dan raphael, Andrew Taylor, Charlotte Jung, Michael Borth, Carol Stetser, Penelope Weiss, Marcia Arrieta, John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich, Márton Koppány, Rich Murphy, Cecelia Chapman, J. D. Nelson, Kit Willett, Angelo ‘NGE’ Colella, H. A. Sappho, Martin Stannard, Michael Brandonisio, Paul Pfleuger, Jr., Katrinka Moore, David Jalajel, Keith Higginbotham, Susan Gangel, Judith Skillman, Bob Heman, & Guy R. Beining.

oncurating issue 51: fluxus perspectives

Sandro Ricaldone

OnCurating, Issue 51
edited by Martin Patrick and Dorothee Richter
september 2021

contributions by Simon Anderson, Jordan Carter, Kevin Concannon, Ken Friedman, Natilee Harren, John Held Jr., Hannah B Higgins, Hanna B. Hölling, Natasha Lushetich, Billie Maciunas, Peter van der Meijden, Ann Noël, Martin Patrick, Dorothee Richter, Henar Rivière, Julia Robinson, Owen F. Smith, Weronika Trojanska, and Emmett Williams.

Although the Fluxus art (non-)movement is often read as a historical phenomenon, the breadth of its innovations and complexities actively thwarts linear and circumscribed viewpoints. The notion of Fluxus incorporates contradiction in challenging and enduringly generative ways. More than five decades after its emergence, this special issue of OnCurating entitled Fluxus Perspectives seeks to re-examine the influence, roles, and effects of Fluxus via a wide range of scholarly perspectives. The editors Martin Patrick and Dorothee Richter asked notable writers from different locations, generations, and viewpoints, all of whom having written about Fluxus before, to offer their thoughts on its significance, particularly in relation to contemporary art. With its emphasis upon events, festivals, and exhibitions, Fluxus may also be interpreted as an important, prescient forerunner of contemporary strategies of curating.

ken friedman’s “theater of the object – event scores 1956-2016” @ red fox press

Ken Friedman

Event Scores 1956-2016

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Ken Friedman, (born September 19, 1949 in New London, Connecticut) is a seminal figure in Fluxus, an international laboratory for experimental art, architecture, design, and music. Friedman joined Fluxus in 1966 as the youngest member of the classic Fluxus group. He has worked closely with other Fluxus artists and composers such as George Maciunas, Dick Higgins, and Nam June Paik, as well as collaborating with John Cage and Joseph Beuys. He was the general manager of Dick Higgins’s Something Else Press in the early 1970s. In the 1990s, Friedman’s work as a management consultant and designer led him to an academic career, first as Professor of Leadership and Strategic Design at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo, then as Dean of the Faculty of Design at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. Friedman is currently University Distinguished Professor at Swinburne and Chair Professor of Design Innovation Studies at Tongji University.