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ben vautier, “il limite dell’arte o l’arte del limite”

Ben Vautier, Il limite dell’arte o l’arte del limite

i used to be a conceptual artist… / cosmin nasui. 2013

ben vautier firma l’orizzonte


dialogue piece / lee lozano. 1969


alice edy: concrete writing, elenchi, asemic writing, testi sperimentali, scritture di ricerca

scrittura installativa, concrete writing, elenchi, asemic writing, testi sperimentali, scritture di ricerca, experimental texts, lists, malware poetry, scrittura asemica, materiali verbovisivi, verbo-visual works

Alice Edy, ^~[(:_VIRUS.2.0)}// malware_poetry_2017 :

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installance #0152: san michele cancella san raffaele che cancella san gabriele

installance n. : # 0152
type : language drawing,
 ink on paper
size : cm 12x9
records : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : Mar. 31st, 2021
time : 11:07am
place : L'Aquila
note : the title is "San
 Michele cancella 
San Raffaele che 
cancella San Gabriele" (Saint 
Michael deleting Saint
 Raphael who deletes 
Saint Gabriel)

unnoticed art

27 ottobre 2019, roma: joseph kosuth al macro asilo

Joseph Kosuth incontra il pubblico di MACRO ASILO
domenica 27 ottobre alle ore 17 nell’Auditorium del museo

Ingresso libero fino a esaurimento posti

Domenica 27 ottobre | ore 17
Auditorium MACRO ASILO
via Nizza, 138 – 00198 Roma

the conceptbank

Some time after the successful we started a new initiative called is a platform to present new works of contemporary live-art in an original and innovative manner.

The bank is filling with concepts of many good artists; these concepts are written as simple manuals.

Visitors of the site will be able to choose a concept by artist name or by some simple practical criteria. They can then print it to carry out the work on a time and place of their choice.

After performing the work, the user will be asked to send us his/her written (anonymous) experiences, which we will then be forwarded to the artists. The concepts are licensed under Creative Commons. is a non-profit initiative, the use of the databank will be free for everybody.

Frans Van Lent