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paul celan at 100: a tribute by marjorie perloff (on charles bernstein’s webpage)



drunk-dumb-broke-dead / donato mancini. 2020

“canella,” “capparis,” “caragana” / irene koronas. 2020

tre frammenti video dal “tiresia” // giuliano mesa / agostino di scipio / matias guerra

grazie a Matias Guerra:

drink poem / lamberto pignotti

Drink Poem / Lamberto Pignotti

(Collezione Giuseppe Garrera)

pennsound radio streaming



Their Wired Lives Wore Hazel-Dim / Matina Stamatakis

1.cerebral plastids once wept [starchy/thin[e] cortex] broken,
membranous, firmament: trigonometries full of clouds above heads
barometric flux, spun rivets before air



2. eternity bivouacking solitude fortuitous yellows on nicotine
thumbs : re: they fancied conspirators in the [d]rains, conjured
[e]motion in glass, magazines, endothermic bodies elastic ion
bombardment re: dirty square, angling submonolayers [in film languages
disperse across grain–]



3.surfacing by strain in silicide re: kinetics, they stared at a blank
wall and found their eyes trailed vein-work of peeling paint: re:
osmosis–they found water concentrated in the middles of their palms]
all surfaces diffused.