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snowcaps above badwater basin / jim leftwich. 2023

Snowcaps Above Badwater Basin

Neither More nor less
numinous nuance
moonlit nimbus
broken Mantra
north by Various

Unless our Morse code ether
curved bananas
dabbled in doodles
by the Dancing trap to traipse
Beyond the porous iceberg
either way no moral lesson Continua a leggere

waste land 1922: delle iniziative a roma

20 ottobre 2022, h. 17, Filippo Tuena, La voce della Sibilla (Il Saggiatore): presentazione a Roma, con l’autore e Carmen Gallo, Umberto Rossi, e il coordinamento di Riccardo Capoferro. Alla Sapienza, Edificio Marco Polo, Aula 109, Circonvallazione Tiburtina 4.

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hunch & wrench / jim leftwich. 2022

doffed Feedlot Basketball
For the Doomsday
Baffle of the Double Floss
bed foibles Breakfast
defiance of Burstnorm
Angstrom barbed
garbled fence
gruel weeping Equine
rewind Elk Wintry mix
teal Edible Rorschach
yurt Rut Tornado
umpire Turtle
Yes, Umpteen
yarrow loosely
unbelievable Openness
indelible Pinch
oil spilling Patch
Our Parched punch inedible
Sun Out Until Lunch
By the Lurch of Trust
yet Rattling Trunk
tEaching them the

wavering Quench
Wilding the Load
humiliation jumps the Ladder
Humidity in Quaver
Hunch & Wrench aluminum
siding grunts elation
differs in fur and Fire
so Deep deep without an Ocean
Dawn of another Raw Day

Dabbles Abrasion
double fungus carpet
sodden corpus
diction siphoned Corpuscle
watering the Closet
Emptier signifieds
creeping Red Emptiness
very to very
Vocable selection
it is it & it
by the time
both Toes Yearning
yearns the night
night Yearning Light
uNder No DawN

Nor fabricated organelle
optical piñata arribada
Orotund amoeba

Rotunda options normalized
Alfalfa pinto lubricated
Baobab aridity organic

Thimble Hammers
Free Blackjack Very
episteme Essene
green like a pool table
green like a cow pasture
Rigged, a rigged game
germane mane and
germs & germs

Dim Foghorns of the
Tigers growing
Growling wild and

Dimestore tygers howling
Lunes widely flowing frog
Thorns of the Hand are
Worth two in the birdlime

Since there is
Greased celestial
verse documented as
Dogs fly
Dogs Fly like pigs
variously ungrounded
deep in the Face of verity
deep in the Face
Of Common
Sense & Causality
Very pig of the dogs
To Face-Off against
The Real

Real Thoughts are
Real / The True Real
/ The Real Book
—- The time it
took —- to become
And be a book

phone / jackson mac low. 1978

one from charles bernstein (in ‘the brooklyn rail’, april, 2022)

skeletonized egerminated auctioneer / jim leftwich. 2022 file:

slowforward pdf:


three collage-poems / jim leftwich. 2021

warm regards / jim leftwich. 2020

Poems written in December 2020
Jim Leftwich


​serried are the distant trees.
the list goes on and on and
on, on and on. this morning
i am thanking everyone for
last night. the matchbook
totem opens spaces sparkling
to the end. this is our next
chance. we are eligible to
be legible, but never again.


never a hat at that, not ever.
during who minus back home
in which the blemish of hubris
was strewn like a beacon
across the lawns of a small
town soup / have to become
an entrance into our own set
of unauthored circumstances.


right now a portal into the
sea elsewhere no future
that anyone can work with.

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paul celan at 100: a tribute by marjorie perloff (on charles bernstein’s webpage)


drunk-dumb-broke-dead / donato mancini. 2020

“canella,” “capparis,” “caragana” / irene koronas. 2020

tre frammenti video dal “tiresia” // giuliano mesa / agostino di scipio / matias guerra

grazie a Matias Guerra:

drink poem / lamberto pignotti

Drink Poem / Lamberto Pignotti

(Collezione Giuseppe Garrera)

pennsound radio streaming


Their Wired Lives Wore Hazel-Dim / Matina Stamatakis

1.cerebral plastids once wept [starchy/thin[e] cortex] broken,
membranous, firmament: trigonometries full of clouds above heads
barometric flux, spun rivets before air



2. eternity bivouacking solitude fortuitous yellows on nicotine
thumbs : re: they fancied conspirators in the [d]rains, conjured
[e]motion in glass, magazines, endothermic bodies elastic ion
bombardment re: dirty square, angling submonolayers [in film languages
disperse across grain–]



3.surfacing by strain in silicide re: kinetics, they stared at a blank
wall and found their eyes trailed vein-work of peeling paint: re:
osmosis–they found water concentrated in the middles of their palms]
all surfaces diffused.