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alice edy: concrete writing, elenchi, asemic writing, testi sperimentali, scritture di ricerca

scrittura installativa, concrete writing, elenchi, asemic writing, testi sperimentali, scritture di ricerca, experimental texts, lists, malware poetry, scrittura asemica, materiali verbovisivi, verbo-visual works

Alice Edy, ^~[(:_VIRUS.2.0)}// malware_poetry_2017 :

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letmein / alice edy. 2017

“letmein” [Password Project]: a collection from the top 1000 most common online passwords (from FB, to LinkdIn, to Gmail). These are the words that keep us safe; the language we use to let people in, or keep them out. Painted on the side of the Nelson Mandela Bridge into the Johannesburg CBD, Sept 2017.


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The Password Project was painted below the Nelson Mandela Bridge, on the wall opposite Play’s 62 Juta street in 2017, and  is a collection taken from the top 1000 most common online passwords (from Facebook, to LinkdIn, to Gmail –   ‘letmein’ is the 11th most common online password).

Alice says, “‘Let-me-in’ are the words that keep us safe; the language that we use to protect ourselves, and to keep other people at a distance. The bridge, as a primary artery into central Johannesburg is a site of continual human flow. The project raises questions of access control, asking people to consider how historically, and still today, language has been used as a tool in the regulation of human movement. There is also something semi-mystic about the words that hold this kind of power; a contemporary incarnation of the “Open Sesame” myth.


abstraction and calligraphy towards a universal language

da un post di Sandro Ricaldone:

Abstraction and Calligraphy
Towards a Universal Language
Louvre Abu Dhabi
17 February – 12 June 2021
In collaboration with Centre Pompidou

What’s the driving force behind Cy Twombly’s emotive expressions? Behind Kandinsky’s vibrant canvases?
Abstract artists set out to form a universal language that could be understood by all. That idea was influenced by the calligraphy of Asia and North Africa.
There was something about eastern script that fuelled the imagination of western artists. The Arab world was full of signs and symbols they could draw from. Both raw and precise, expressive and restrained, calligraphy unlocked a new way for them to express the inexpressible: emotion, empathy, ideas.
For visitors of all ages, this exhibition is a rare chance to appreciate masterworks by Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Joan Miró, Lee Ufan, André Masson, Dia Azzawi and Jackson Pollock, alongside contemporary works by Sanki King, Mona Hatoum, and a monumental installation by eL Seed.
In this first exhibition of 2021, we explore masterworks from the Centre Pompidou, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and others – many shown here for the very first time – and discover how East and West come together on the same canvas.

Image: Nasser Al Salem, An Adornment of Stars , 2014