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letmein / alice edy. 2017

“letmein” [Password Project]: a collection from the top 1000 most common online passwords (from FB, to LinkdIn, to Gmail). These are the words that keep us safe; the language we use to let people in, or keep them out. Painted on the side of the Nelson Mandela Bridge into the Johannesburg CBD, Sept 2017.


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The Password Project was painted below the Nelson Mandela Bridge, on the wall opposite Play’s 62 Juta street in 2017, and  is a collection taken from the top 1000 most common online passwords (from Facebook, to LinkdIn, to Gmail –   ‘letmein’ is the 11th most common online password).

Alice says, “‘Let-me-in’ are the words that keep us safe; the language that we use to protect ourselves, and to keep other people at a distance. The bridge, as a primary artery into central Johannesburg is a site of continual human flow. The project raises questions of access control, asking people to consider how historically, and still today, language has been used as a tool in the regulation of human movement. There is also something semi-mystic about the words that hold this kind of power; a contemporary incarnation of the “Open Sesame” myth.


think fast and write poultry / differx. 2021


the meaning machine (simplified version) / differx. 2018


“oei”, april 10 and 11: moving mountains & mounting transitions 

OEI_moving_mountainsMoving mountains & mounting transitions

2 days on “editorial thinking” with OEI at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation

This event will be live-streamed via Index’ Twitch channel:

Saturday April 10 and Sunday April 11, 14:00-17:00

On the occasion of the exhibition Editorial Thinking at Index, OEI magazine organizes a two-day event, inviting artists, editors, publishers, writers, and scholars to reflect on the notion of “editorial thinking” in relation to their different practices. Each day will comprise two sessions and will be live streamed via Twitch. The talks take in conversations around editing and publishing as artistic and literary practices, as well as focusing on new and latest publications by OEI.
Guests include Alice Centamore, Pierre Paulin, Michalis Pichler, Nils Olsson, Sezgin Boynik, Lytle Shaw, Axel Andersson.

Saturday 10 April, 14:00-17:00
Addressing “(im)proper places for other books”, Michalis Pichler will talk about historical and recent initiatives of artists who have tried to break out of the process of cultural confinement of their books. This talk will be followed by a short lecture by Nils Olsson on editorial practices taking its cue from Walter Benjamin’s “The author as producer”. Joining us from Paris, Pierre Paulin and Alice Centamore will focus on editing and publishing through the lenses of art, poetry, archives, and curating.

Sunday 11 April, 14:00-17:00
After an introduction to some of the complexities between fieldwork and editing by Jonas (J) Magnusson & Cecilia Grönberg, Lytle Shaw will talk about his new book New Grounds for Dutch Landscape (OEI editör), where he uses an experimental, site-specific method to demonstrate how 17th century painters Jan van Goyen, Jacob van Ruisdael, and Meindert Hobbema did not so much represent the newly made landscape of Holland as re-enact its reclamation and ongoing threats to its stability.
Axel Andersson presents his new book Negative Geology – A Cultural and Technical History of Early European Mountaineering (OEI editör), on mountaineering before Romanticism, which traces the interconnected developments in literature, visual arts, philosophy and technology contributing to the continent’s intense interest in mountains. Sezgin Boynik, the guest editor of the latest issue of OEI, #90–91: “Sickle of Syntax & Hammer of Tautology. Concrete and Visual Poetry in Yugoslavia, 1968–1983”, tackles the question of how to edit avantgarde archives while introducing this new OEI issue.

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federico federici: “transcripts from demagnetized tapes” (2021)

Transcripts from demagnetized tapesVol. 1, foreword by Sloan De Villo, LN 2021, ISBN 979-8688757347 [Asemic-Concrete-Eng]

deiezioni interiezioni interruzioni / differx. 2021

(CC) differx

al centro pecci di prato: musei di carta


Musei di carta. Storie di musei e archivi, opere e documenti

Progetto in collaborazione fra CID/Arti visive – Centro di informazione e documentazione del Centro Pecci di Prato e CRRI – Centro di Ricerca Castello di Rivoli

«Prosegue il programma di mostre ideato da Cristiana Perrella dedicato ad approfondire temi, periodi e linguaggi della collezione del Centro Pecci, affidandone la cura a un esperto invitato come guest curator e affiancato dal responsabile delle collezioni e archivi Stefano Pezzato.
Il progetto espositivo proposto rappresenta la prima collaborazione che mette in relazione i centri di ricerca di Rivoli e del Pecci (dopo una precedente collaborazione in occasione della mostra di Mario Merz nel 1990) ed è rivolto a investigarne funzioni pubbliche e metodologie di ricerca, portando l’attenzione del pubblico verso quei patrimoni di opere, documenti e conoscenze che gli archivi museali pubblici e privati conservano, studiano e promuovono e, quindi, analizzando l’articolato rapporto fra l’identità del museo e la dimensione dell’archivio.
Opere e documenti in mostra provengono, oltre che dalle collezioni del Centro Pecci (fra cui una selezione di libri d’artista relativi al progetto Di carta e d’altro, 1994, e di “Poesia Visiva” relativi ai progetti Primo Piano. Parole, azioni, suoni, immagini da una collezione privata, 2006; Parole contro 1963-1968. Il tempo della poesia visiva, 2009 e Controcorrente: riviste, dischi e libri d’artista nelle case editrici della poesia visiva italiana, 2012) e del Castello di Rivoli (fra cui una selezione di libri d’artista), anche da altri musei e archivi privati, partner del progetto e accostati per l’occasione ai due centri di ricerca museali pubblici: Archivio Schema, Collezione Palli, Fondazione Bonotto, Fondazione Morra, Collezione Gianni e Giuseppe Garrera».

l’amor vacui / horror pleni di mirella bentivoglio (nella collezione garrera)

[r] _ dal catalogo della mostra di mirella bentivoglio, “oltre la parola”

frammento dall’intervista a Gianni e Giuseppe Garrera, nel catalogo della mostra “Oltre la parola”, dedicata a Mirella Bentivoglio

marvin sackner passed away

robin tomens: “between you and me” (red fox press)