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[r] _ dal catalogo della mostra di mirella bentivoglio, “oltre la parola”

frammento dall’intervista a Gianni e Giuseppe Garrera, nel catalogo della mostra “Oltre la parola”, dedicata a Mirella Bentivoglio
(cfr. https://slowforward.net/2019/10/01/oltre-la-parola-mirella-bentivoglio/)

marvin sackner passed away


robin tomens: “between you and me” (red fox press)


ruth wolf-rehfeldt, 1970-1975

source: https://www.tique.art/printed-matter/unbidden-tongues-publication-studio-rotterdam/

langrids by differx (2014 – up to now)

I often drawrite “langrids”. A langrid is a grid of language.

I always had in mind Robert Smithson’s A heap of language (1966), or Paul Celan’s Sprachgitter (1959).

In my work, grids and squares and weird geometric shapes collide with pieces of superimposed sentences, asemic bits, other shapes, syllables.

Take a tour here:
or here: https://slowforward.net/?s=langrid&submit=Search
or here: https://tinyurl.com/y487l2eo
or here: https://the-otolith.blogspot.com/2014/07/marco-giovenale.html

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opera con dispensa di avere senso / giuseppe chiari. (collezione giuseppe garrera)

Giuseppe Chiari, opera con dispensa di avere senso, tecnica mista, cm 15 x 20

(collezione Giuseppe Garrera)

poesia per i tecnici / serse luigetti. 1987

h. i. / differx. 2020

on progress / david kjellin