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subjectile talks, #01: hugo bernard

autour de la question du signe et de l’écriture


Premier épisode de la série d’entretiens Subjectiles Talks (récemment créée par Martina Stella), avec l’artiste lettriste Hugo Bernard.

Subjectiles Talks est un canal vidéo basé sur la diffusion d’entretiens avec des artistes contemporains. La plateforme partage la démarche, le travail et les réflexions d’artistes dont la pratique considère l’écriture, la surface et le signe comme centrales ou pertinentes.

First episode of the interview series Subjectiles Talks, with the lettrist artist Hugo Bernard.

Subjectiles Talks (a series recently created by Martina Stella) is a video channel focused on contemporary artist’s interviews. The platform aim is to share works and ideas of artists in whom practice the act of writing, the surface and the sign appear to be central or relevant.

For more infos and details about Subjectiles

For more infos and details about Hugo Bernard and Musée Extd.

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abstraction and calligraphy towards a universal language

da un post di Sandro Ricaldone:

Abstraction and Calligraphy
Towards a Universal Language
Louvre Abu Dhabi
17 February – 12 June 2021
In collaboration with Centre Pompidou

What’s the driving force behind Cy Twombly’s emotive expressions? Behind Kandinsky’s vibrant canvases?
Abstract artists set out to form a universal language that could be understood by all. That idea was influenced by the calligraphy of Asia and North Africa.
There was something about eastern script that fuelled the imagination of western artists. The Arab world was full of signs and symbols they could draw from. Both raw and precise, expressive and restrained, calligraphy unlocked a new way for them to express the inexpressible: emotion, empathy, ideas.
For visitors of all ages, this exhibition is a rare chance to appreciate masterworks by Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Joan Miró, Lee Ufan, André Masson, Dia Azzawi and Jackson Pollock, alongside contemporary works by Sanki King, Mona Hatoum, and a monumental installation by eL Seed.
In this first exhibition of 2021, we explore masterworks from the Centre Pompidou, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and others – many shown here for the very first time – and discover how East and West come together on the same canvas.

Image: Nasser Al Salem, An Adornment of Stars , 2014

personality tests / petr válek. 2018

dolmen / horst hellinger. 1984

Horst Hellinger, Dolmen, 1984 (foto e scrittura)

(Collezione Maria Gazzetti)


domani, 28 febbraio, a barcellona: mostra collettiva, “asemic tech”


h. 19:30, Punt Multimedia
A la Casa del Mig, Carrer Muntadas 1

La escritura Asemic es muda, abstracta, e ilegible. Asemic significa no tener un contenido semántico específico, o sea que es una escritura sin un significado definido. Es una visión estilística de la escritura, que no se puede leer, sino observar.
Cualquier tecnología sirve para hacer Asemic: un palo en la tierra, una pluma en la mano, una tableta gráfica, inteligencia artificial…
Esa forma de arte antigua ha tenido una explosión de popularidad gracias a sitios web (asemic Magazine, Facebook, Tumblr, The new Post-Literate,…).
Artistas / Escritores usan internet para compartir sus obras entre ellos y con el mundo, y forman juntos una comunidad próspera.
Esta exposición será una instantánea de obras Asemic que estén ligadas con la tecnología digital.
Comisariada por: Michael Jacobson

Peterson Ruiz
Hâle & Gökhan Turhan
Rachel Minshull
Phil Openshaw
Cecelia Chapman
Dona Mayoora
Axel Calatayud
Roland Buckingham-Hsiao
Federico Federici
Nico Vassilakis
Tatiana Roumelioti
Michel Audouard
John McConnochie
Rob Grant
Laura Ortiz
Satu Kaikkonen
Kaspar Ravel Asymetr
Marco Giovenale
Maria Grazia Continua a leggere

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