divining dante: online version of the book (for reading & free download)

The Divining Dante anthology – online version – is now available here
thanks to the publishing house Recent Work Press

It is a completely free document, which you are in turn free to distribute, share and otherwise shout about as you like. It includes all the poems collected in the print version. It is also downloadable as a pdf and shareable.

It features over 200 poems from around the world responding vividly, elegantly, and pointedly to Dante’s masterwork.

Thanks to the publisher, Shane Strange, and to the contributing general editors Paul Munden and Nessa O’Mahony, and editors Moira Egan, Priya Sarukkai Chabria, Alvin Pang, Paul Hetherington and David Fenza.

Paper book:

Online version:

Fai clic per accedere a DD_web_2609.pdf

In the Italian section:
Geoffrey Brock, Antonella Anedda, Rossano Astremo, Moira Egan, Paolo Febbraro, Massimo Gezzi, Marco Giovenale, Franca Grisoni, Will Schutt