[r] _ “installance” : che cos’è / about



host / lost

dérive / river


01. a secretly performed installation is an installance

02. an installance and its (non)action may or may not be recorded

03. yes, you can take several notes and produce and pile up documents as well

04. part of the stuff involved in the installance can be abandoned, lost —or not

05. it’s funny that : (04) + the absence of “observers” = installance

06. notes, records, documents —if any— may or may not be published

07. this webspace [now offline: installance.blogspot.com] can host one or more notes per installance

08. this webspace [now offline: installance.blogspot.com] is made for theories too. in Italian too

09. this place [now offline: installance.blogspot.com] won’t host simple installations and/or performances 

10. of course, all of the above are definitely/strongly linked to dada, surr-, fluxus, conceptual art, asemic writing


11. the trivial, the forgotten, the indefinite, et toutes les dérives may sometimes turn into installances. and, yes, the flux hosting “the lost things” may actually be a real river

12. the word & (non)action “installance”, in association with all the dépense one can put into the idea and practice, are (CC) differx: they’re not kind of brand, TM shit, etc etc. they’re anarchist stuff, take them and do what you want


[the installance practice and blog was established in August 2010,
see also http://zswound.blogspot.it/2010/11/art-projects-installance.html]