warm regards / jim leftwich. 2020

Poems written in December 2020
Jim Leftwich


​serried are the distant trees.
the list goes on and on and
on, on and on. this morning
i am thanking everyone for
last night. the matchbook
totem opens spaces sparkling
to the end. this is our next
chance. we are eligible to
be legible, but never again.


never a hat at that, not ever.
during who minus back home
in which the blemish of hubris
was strewn like a beacon
across the lawns of a small
town soup / have to become
an entrance into our own set
of unauthored circumstances.


right now a portal into the
sea elsewhere no future
that anyone can work with.

as much as food cuts crisis
howl we will have seen the
trees before the forest, and
our cattle since disposed of
subjectivity, diapason early
vineyard, the shaved heads
of the monks an afterthought.


more ways from Northern
California to Western
Europe in the knowledge
that our maieutic credo
otherwise hums to some
of the daily discriminations


face crinkled and tried
to the insufficiently
healthy systems, the
house of three dozen
years, nacre melting
like corn, wheatpaste
managerial post
office, meat scripture
9 degrees off diameter


things are examples of
the first worlds from
your coup. about the
lampshade adapted
armchair bottom of the
soup bowl, mythical
Red Fred seeks a few
people in our week,
each year is a thousand
years from the center
of our troubled highschool.

salivary rescission surprises
insects sense-single drop
step mosquitoes, mimicking
cello sheds protein, potato
hunting caesura in nearest
ravine of evidence, the brain
stares at us from across the
zazen tundra, everyone tells
the same story more than


name if a state of time
your name my name
in heaven as if in haven
on half are some of
the best cherries in any


uphill has lit a fireplace
under its literary
tomorrow too will go
away its own way
conventional climates
are beyond polyphonous


the facts as we have
always seen them
the Report of the Moth
to its Flame
December 31, 2020
we are half-tuned to
the numbers as they
are counted
COVID identified as
Not A Text not
an elevator
neither yesterday nor
a righteous sigh
time is as good as
your guess
upon the spoon
of our memories
we are guests of
our scissors and
our eyes




unhinged bureau
hiatus, repertoire






de facto


peruse, unspool


diagnostic hygiene
kosmische musik




lame duck


false equivalence
elite outlets and
beats await







The Janes burn it. Momentary
coax who thought bipartisan
paperwork collections. Not
only Republicans are an
afterthought replacement
vortex. The sleep of reading.
A century or so ago, culled
from selfish repose, in which
subjectivity is aggrandized,
everything into its own reflect
reflects each was we see, we.


Palaeolama the first fish for
sale find answer on the back
of America. Or even how to
clarify if ever held affirmative
to thought without whom we
work most of us hardly more
than the present. How to foot
print systemic toothbrush is
carbon enormously consume
whole syllables of the public
finagle unencumbered and
protecting. Who spoke fish.
In August outside of history.


Time is cranial, but it circles
an unread utopia, and the
hand of the cannibal is upon
it. Than drenched selected
salads, it-first at and merrier,
a moral plunge into the armies
of the riche, Harry Jack-Eye,
sighs like a raw arrow within
the neural syntax. An ounce
whole solar rose congregates,
seething the sea by name. As
never below the slippery low
iatrogene, who said such a
climate would survive any
human philosophy? Crisis
while resplendent arcs forth
between the plateau and its
measureless planetary queue
to scale. Limited to the curves.


aware x 8 fires with
no purchase on
their bond, the
years are five and
nomadic, ahead of
themselves, we
explore the corners
of the desert in the
corners of our poems


bees are ungovernable briefly
from noon to Tuesday local
contradictions posit our covid
skipping like a flat rock across
the lakes of the Colorado River
full gland-on doubt benefits no
half garbage can subcontractor


the moon captive of x-ray
eye germ / the royal magic
of the instant / both the
Annual and the American
solo / work only on penguins
who reflect the red piano,
precious moonstones / are
periodic AND contemporary


words bounce spelling
a crisis of critique
who is part of the first
opening void / pounce
upon the gel of worlds


experience within the
larynx is a distortion
of embodiment


imagination is a meteor until
the darkened couch dome
flipping an intimate spleen
emissions among birds and
maps of toxic Brazilian sea
war too salmon to wrong
the spinach in the street


then we incorporate
apple cores health
lichen vocables any
time or where the
hard coast is
responsible for
being unbearable


distilled convex increments
wringing culture from a
plastic grocery bag


toggle the lake to protect
the kelp especially on
Tuesday the exceptionalism
of midnight good night


standing in the hall are
my fingers, on fire and
furled with mist, taking
a walk this fine afternoon


two horizons vanish
on turbulent roads
these are their clouds


O the beavering moon
is that America
taking the low road
towards another war?
The expansic chance
of potential, while we
knoll on the orpine
wound, would shape
the path to patch, so
succulent in a pinch.


in it hill bursa six
Educc the jourr
Hill of Bears
urbanish o 1920
Hill off beans
onwards, rubric, Rubicon
teacher. How
to design
as a rose


secorp on cite expectorant
a new tea spire gyre anew


the biding moon
frorn cabir to
the future, eye
duction in the
Tooth School,
where the mon
ster ate itself


glum working the gloom
way descript of our going
to conceive of 2020
there was a breakdown
of deferred daggers
a period of limited necessity
soaked until instilled
around what happened


in depth
we prepare our
two spaghettis
the opportunity
to swim
in the twin spits
of intention
serrated and serried
is a matter
of continuity


in addition to reality
there is the myth
of unstable missions


in every product
the lemma the lemon the
prolegomena the palaeolama the
early twentieth century
we are becoming furniture a hole
in the systemic tapestry
embroidery bristlecones the sea


forming a moonmade marmalade
the aneurysms of memory
reheat malleable semantics
the political stamen as still as
a social volute


nerves the variable rupture
enviable answers aluminum
grandfather clock the body
remembers what the spider
web determines feathery
interpretations hand-woven
opacities textures and
translations of scale


greased is the gate and
unsaid is the current

already amount goat federal
congressioi giveaway have
batons and bollards

times chuckwalla
on a pulley
has eyes


blood the first coat
emergency identities
variants rethink
deciphered nutritions
who spider back
to melt the future

flui=dity verifies vispo
viscosity pelt queries contemporary
material verbox liquidity
in mid-concrete afternoon


history eye roots numen
jetsam nearby
insisters a vehicli
but the feather is in the blend


please normalize the gift
of static time / if our
state-shaped scroll and
street beats eat wheat
like a moose carved in
a mountainside / such
acrobatics are the best
that we can no longer do


moon over syndicated sandstorm
prehensile and xeriscaped
eggs included
limit the pirates
to their American moment


Greenway China South Easter
screenist architecture and
leather candlesticks loosely
inspiration aspirin healthful
weathervanes either which or
thereafter Saint Lotus Parking
a dot for a dollar the Mackerel
Germ Democracy is Awesome


in that awareness is present
theology by singing Music
at the center of every
apartment From Singapore
to Sycamore either
widening or feathery
“tornadoes torch the shore”


modernism encoded in the
fine print of Covidada / the
light fights the light / mutation
has been viral and moist for
most of the past twelve months
/ no glut of fire within the fire /
this week, abandoned shoes
on the radio, also normalized
Achilles, horrific spires and
oil lamps addled in the kitchen


silver octagon sangria maps
contrails shaping difference


mobilized in extreme biome
around the sliver cringing
river was washing in a sink


plankton outdoor Eye
waterfowl who moist
paginates one diamond
of the morning thrives
abundant capybara
disaster components
laundry and Teeth by
corridors of Corona to
be augmented hour by
hour elbow on a chart


days are bigger than the
impact of their biggest
bats / bats batons batteries
battalions / has and has
no notion of potential
landmark feedback static
priorities life at 3am / eggs
at dawn fascinate the huts
& palaces of the salamander

this moment toe and a half is
wheat as value synthesized
around youth in vaccines is
this question of awareness in
history clinging to a brokered
nebula a broken gene auction
crucially indigenous animation
walking on the pavilic
beyond the reading regarding
fields of collective uprising



by sojourn
in the open
door by
unrest of the
whole by
Jolene at tea
between the
two Hells by
supple portals
via the cactus
bubbling by
not in the eyes
of birds at odds
with their


how she or he
flatpacked the
furry sea —
The energy
animals knoll
the cells
around a pear.
Everyday the
world becomes
more iceplant
at its seams.
Go beyond
learning. We
cheese environ
the retort,
January by
this position,
in two weeks
by key


in whose emergent artifice
in whose emergent image
in whose emergent disappear
in whose emergent
emerges to propose a face
the unread sea is transitional
transrational transmission
transatlantic transplanted
the unread sea is emergent
is designed
is industrial
is radical relational non-traditional
in whose unread architecture
as a noun
to dance


before creature twelve
decking Fish / Lake
Simic translates to
circling argot / Islands
herein your Fish Tarot


non-arc around
internatic camelid
lucidity gallops by
the gallon over the
cougar and into
the bronze dog
longing longing


weather or knot you
are a lot allotted a
lot of pitches around
the gift / whether or
not Appalachia north
west barnstorming
digitized spectrum
opening upon a
word / the known is
a desire, wash your
handles, up to our
diamonds in dated
deadlines / a festive
prefix, reading is
treacherous, how to
demon, to demonize


today, not too
natural pleistocene,
from we to this,
our codes (coats)
produce our
weather, cactus
piano radio picnic.


both the gradual both
the forms of musical
screams unfolding
this phase in poetic
practices since 1871
at audio in public
memory yam suits
zutique on the zodiac
you have list b
into vegetable tongue
1. experience
and 2. experiencing
therefore 3. the
first two together
thus 4. awareness
of the other three
plunges which hat
into archaic

front door with clouds
around Mr. Hat at
The Hotel Squeegee
with Mr. Fat for lunch
we found no noon in
the room around no
mop in the bucket no
secret pivot to a
production of Lear in
Asia meandering
with his tiny toolbag


front door supporting clouds
around Mr. Ever at
The Hotel Indepe
with Mr. Aroun for lunch
we found no socks in
the room around carnivorous
mops in the sauce no
secret pivot to knitted
productions of Klee in
Asia dreaming
with his tiny new trees


Fever door supporting clouds
around Message Ever at
The Hotel Folly
with Mr. Aroun writing lunch
we found no socks mythical
traditions room around carnivorous
mops in the sauce apart
secret pivot vigilant knitted
postcards of Klee in
economies dreaming
with his pandemic mushroom cloud


clouds door supporting
at Message Ever
Folly Hotel
lunch Mr. Aroun writing
mythical found no socks
carnivorous room around
apart in the sauce
knitted pivot vigilant
in Klee
cloud pandemic mushroom


mushroom door dreaming
Message in Klee Hotel
sauce Mr. Aroun
around found no socks
writing room Ever in the
knitted pivot vigilant
supporting pandemic


pandemic door vigilant
in Klee Hotel in the Mr.
Socks found no room
Ever Around pivot


desolate liquid conductor choreographs
boson squid video transient rhythms
infuse boundaries quid pro quo pathways


desolate liquid conductor
choreographs attention centered
dance devoid related
boson squid video
transient rhythms advanced
subject inaugural goose writing
infuse boundaries quid
pro quo pathways


desolate liquid conductor
field between knots
choreographs attention centered
contextual embodied quagmire
dance devoid related
calamity arsenal autodidact
boson squid video
letters by quietus
transient rhythms advanced
feline fervent forms
subject inaugural goose
waged entanglement writing
infuse boundaries self
durational structures quid
pro quo systemic
pathways avenues proposals


situated desolate liquid conductor
choreographs tremor attention centered
dance devoid passively related
boson squid video quotidian
transient rhythms volcanic advanced
subject practice amnesia waiting
infuse boundaries enshrine
fierce range pathways


pathways desolate liquid conductor
range tremor attention centered
fierce devoid passively related
enshrine squid video quotidian
boundaries rhythms volcanic advanced
infuse practice amnesia waiting


folding clocks the
sick june arose
in thirsty risks
on nutmeg trampoline
copulating undersea
irrigating the page
with aluminum forks


rots and thinks
impala vacuum
analysis evolved
from skirmish
the rotting oranges
fondly arranged
like patio furniture


came in through the
open lake house at
supper time in
January as pictured
inhabited by the
heresy of longing


approximately in through the
closely lake house at
interwoven time in
associated as pictured
management by the
stadium of longing


approximately in through
the innovative
closely lake house
at extended
interwoven time in groups
associated as pictured
reality management by
the infrastructures
stadium of longing


They burn it. Momentary coax
thought bipartisan paperwork.
Not only are an afterthought
vortex sleep of reading. Aorta
so ago, culled from repose, in
which subjectivity aggrandized,
everything its own reflect, was.


Palaeolama first fish for
sale answer on the back
of America even how to
clarify if held affirmative
to thought whom we work
most of hardly more than
present. How to footprint
toothbrush is carbon coin
sumac whole of the public
finagle and protecting
spoke fish in August.


decisive distils permeated
stemming zoonotic summers
unblemished stunning
tension resistance transcendence
paradigmatic firestorms
investigatic misinformation
believe huge impossible bears
twelve secrets of giant
sloths and armadillos until
rodents near the sites of frogs


three-toed glitz mailbox
lizards fish and deer worn
pathogens ozone debilitating
shifted patches and badges
nominal biome destinations
clues medals else shaken
handprints touch breakneck
elusive pairs torch kitchen
mirrors depict abandon


sites of frogs distil permeated
rodents near the zoonotic summers
armadillos until stunning
sloths and resistance transcendence
of giant firestorms
twelve secrets misinformation
believe huge impossible bears


three-toed glitz depict abandon
lizards fish and deer kitchen mirrors
pathogens ozone pairs torch
shifted patches and breakneck
elusive nominal biome destinations
clue medals else handprints touch


30 lettuce ore
dialogue test
vantage riparian
jeweled saliva
tripod slimmer
bones rapport


out 30 lettuce ore
dialogue ever test
robberies from
jeweled seventh saliva
in tripod slimmer
bones dream rapport


out 30 lettuce ore world-class
dialogue ever alongside test
together robberies from
jeweled avant-garde seventh saliva
in tripod elements slimmer
bones unknown dream rapport


flourished out 30
lettuce let’s ore
world-class expressionism
dialogue purity ever
cinema alongside test
together betrayal robberies
from jeweled criticism
sensitive avant-garde
seventh known saliva
in tripod nouvelle
elements postwar slimmer
distinctive bones unknown
dream ruined rapport


flourished out rapport
lettuce let’s ruined
world-class dream
dialogue purity unknown
cinema alongside bones
together betrayal distinctive
from jeweled slimmer
sensitive postwar
in tripod elements
seventh known saliva


flourished sanctify rapport
lettuce aesthetics ruined
stories dream
dialogue broadcasts unknown
cinema alongside plural
together betrayal entrenched
from current slimmer
trends postwar
products tripod elements
seventh triptych saliva


saliva flourished sanctify rapport
triptych lettuce aesthetics ruined
seventh stories dream
elements dialogue broadcasts unknown
tripod cinema alongside plural
products together betrayal entrenched
postwar trends from current slimmer


saliva slimmer sanctify rapport
triptych current aesthetics ruined
seventh from dream
elements trends broadcasts unknown
tripod postwar alongside plural
products together betrayal entrenched


below foundational audience
to press between influenza
the spell of the shoe the
spell of the shoe posthumous
hooves of thought thought
through although with which
role emerging looks back
on the intuited duration of will


is cranial, but it circles an utopia, and the
hand of cannibal is upon it. Than drenched
salads, it-first at merrier, a moral plunge into
the Harry-Eye of the rich, sighs like an arrow
within the neural. An ounce whole rose
congregates, the sea by name. As never the
slippery low iatrogene, who such a climate
would survive human philosophy? while arcs
forth the plateau and its measureless queue


queue cranial, but it circles an utopia, and the
measureless cannibal is upon it. Than drenched
and its, it-first at merrier, a moral plunge into,
forth the plateau of the rich, sighs like an arrow
while arcs the neural. An ounce whole rose
philosophy? the sea by name. As never they
would survive human who such a climate


and the cranial, but it circles an utopia,
measureless drenched is upon it. Than
plunge into, it-first at merrier, a moral
like an arrow of the rich, sighs whole
rose the neural. An ounce never they?


topple divergi clearl which
philosophical work spells
hot razors on the rat into
a state of revv memories
of striped nihilists with
glowing teeth ensorcelled
by the sheen of plastic arts
“as corn cone came so
thus on us” in this we are
workii responsible traces
similar for the untied states


the ricochet of language
plaid assertion of assemblage
refuge whose feathers are moist


reflections are rebellious
armies yet to foreground
histories that respond
around thoughts in the
backyard working working


an edible eye no
glue what’s left
of planning anti
perspectives of
germs by porous
perceptions our
patterns project


between themselves
a perception
contained tectonic


between explored
again various
distorted swollen
spanners ing


between the sun
and the hilltop
racetrack liverwort
war with no sand
is larger than the
blooms unfinished


between the uneven
denotations larger
than a tennis court
oath in real time
disease troubling
our undersea charts


between the song cousin
and the grease sandwich
bitumen forking teaspoon
the Senate sour peas are
facing farewell intertwined


between the diamond ourselves
were not their neighbor already
cornered shoulder to shoulder
feverish shoes among
the fallow mirrors


between modeling participatory
capitalism hegemony calculating
self-regrets social utopias
traffic emerging systems
are as follows numerous
economies windows built by hand
in a web of logical intervals
nomadic remote and humble


between your wig verb
never a heat unsurprisingly
personally much shirt and
Sufi nothing the trove

between the microbiome
gastrointestinal bacteria
analysis cluster midwinter
recombinant never mind
The Socks of Wilmington


between anemic vaccine
half toddler clinic
against gene-editing
gas pump haemoglobin
conditional protein authox
also thinks two-thirds
of science


dwell in bunker lacunae
disjuncture foundling
rotational appropriation
5 doors roaming the
glove / to the seventh
least undesirable / the
eye works to estrange
juxtaposed inconclasms


liquid stones folded in
the crescent / them
lima beans were eye
ing the jeans tuckt
as a distraction which
is why the clast night
a(rou)nd three fluids
flow from the previous
decade / conflictual
bears and flag decals


problematic connectior mos
ger back rehh lockdow wjo
drainpipe window eso pa
expressionist citations Kali
oft extren Decembe revolut
virus memorable ban eo 7
debates they dan interventi
ons 2020 pressure philosop
this mothe 1 De classif witb
cond record of Mu almo par


society these stem differe both
feet cog clog where behaviour
thaws afraid consta anti 20th
tablesaw nurturing 32 x 1 cm;
also by thorough inching inks
inkling plastic and public alrea
dy partie photograj refuge in
wool and loom to cherries of
the werewolf en bring to the
marina a world of oceanic
mentomedi think: from March
20 closely reasoned per total


abou explo and exclude
alst togeth supple slurp
notional transcactus in
other prog rugs rotating
the workshop shoppers
progressi wot whet two
futu see the future as I
do undressing us with
a knife a fork & a spoon


exist slightly alt2
fall in the 6th
has an
exists the wo
for audier
frox the practices
solo 2021 e
dP has b


character bu
to pragmatic aspe
paradigms, r
recently, a
affect was so
capitalis re-l


staff me ji with answe
comm th ah
go ahu abo cancelle
from a new
Thi ado
ten nov ten ci day jour


20 progu
horizont paganes
who drop
static-ore core
dire vines
mult co
quadrup enduri
wild improvisatio
up oub island
for you

the cat
And, lip
(well, moon
of Colorado)
we shovel
ththro prospe
And thick


plus plus deep 15
now more their
has been
of living eye
sir-11 whopp


maku begins wagir
witb petitior
naq Ra calk scores
no laws who lie
allow growing glow


fue to sog
pushing brillo families
Big also has the bean
stop them
from missing a change
fragrant dollars
spending like politics


mission our climate
waits for water
analysis / washing
their actions to
relieve families of
their members
/ dirty justic
protects the whole
/ adju to repower
the repo mission


work on the toe the hat
hot toe the waveslope the
new signifier hiding in our
fire whistle marginalized
disambiguation / climate,
I am taking off my shirt /
how do you like your
shoes? and vote the
50-50 annex mitochondria


nudge red Covid who,
In Openness, the feral
government pandemic
xeric runoff actio all all
over who gin in red mu
The Jan and has 3 – 5,
down to dawn, wherein
to replace not to rescue


rodbloom diacritical will
discognizant anticopier
the moon swells
and the canopy
& the moon splits and
the canopy splat

if meetings were shoes, were
Joe Unusu, the corner mood
luminous like a cat, the
thought-stick prospers
throughout, above as below
the timberline. Saran wrap
the Island of Eden. So what
that you’re without a clock,
twice without a clock, there
are yardsales all over town.
Just to be, to have & to be.


pillage at forking pickle
and mirrors beware
the lesson whittles the
tooth, each pea to its
dent / Chicago is a
brazen comb, in winter
the razor tomb frontier
against two times in
pipe organ nest nor
brass pillows kneel to
knock upon our doors
/ the road is harnessed
to the tent, pecans in
winter, starlings to the jet


video must push content as
openly viable difficulties
construed disinteger of
confusion confission con
fession standards of coex
istence galaxy across the
pages sites of the biological
eye viaduct arc sardines
at culpable junket one bio
political matrix at a time
abject circuitry undersea

content as must push
viable difficulties
of disinteger
con confission
of codex standards
across the galaxy
biological sites of the
sardines viaduct arc
bio culpable junket one
at a time matrix
undersea circuitry


content as knoll viable kinetics
of normalized or codex gallops
across the feverish biological
sites umbrella sardines viaduct
osmotic bio culpable junket
angelic at a time feathered
undersea attic & organ cactus


pi Euro cat
questior plac
the rib door
banned the
ribbon bane
chat together
on Decem,
no / diffo
project — ha


their choos lives Sunda
idea verse love
tempe frozen this
those raised are from
the eye


the what you search
more The Seeker who
by artist verbs
silent tools
and research yes
tens of thous, warmly

recipes 20 Feel
meat can be basil
episodic cheese
past easy fish
swelling like a suitcase
facts are stingy
with a knife
a half hour in advance
flat as a pancake
at a Waffle House
after midnight
on Election Tuesday


ha to I for
writing the


lump as effect
a glut of effort
moving notes
spring casual
four hours
from the
no shoulder
no guardrail
no speedbump


to divide
has never
been scorched
lush the sun


forks onion each
signal in the
static scripture
stasis, strata
in the stamen the
shaman script


catastropl between yourself
about memories more than
one of them / occupy the
inner year of independence


printing remembers the
photograph / texture
interrupts thinking / who
is working between
disparate principles / if
toe night preens peony
moments in a broken
arc / portals, railroads
gritty lakes like trees
around seas and fences


disegg experience
extended crossroads
crimped sere
between discrepancies


maps more than harmless
and undecided emerging
in nightmare textures
reparative entanglements
lurk on the cliff by their
toes by the sea by themselves


apropos popula limiting
reduc once endangered
spices or species, thrive
in the service of prefere
watery Webster at dawn
in a car find out how the
steering wheel responds


ex thou wildtending
symposiu transnatu
citations calibrated
urinal publitrar crark
crach 6 medicine
free Oxfork Brunch
the skeletons of
Dostoyevsky in
and around Topeka


no less


room direction
every i
the si
intrica garden
long on
an elor
perimeter and
once n
beyond concrete
b buildings
at t


more ore less lore


by a dollop
from Guess
their picnic
The Age
of Soups


news from
The Journal of Has
crossroads suction left
paper meridian
the most unread
of each section


they layered traduce
ground up artists
“the eye is a
thinking saddle”
strata redistributed
can still be political


subjective cereal earlier
celebrated romanticist
wave-celery beginning
in the sea-strewn hours
a feat of impossible feet


some eyes commit
and growl
electrifying tranportatior
a mass of O


snow cabbage
facade daily pirate
tinted integer score


important portal sauce
biographical insurance
mediate your personal
form by passing a
foam of light through
the meat spiral
connected to
a widening gyre


how do not abandon
and creaft a sky
working on our
future apart from the
center of the evening


who hover time tooth limited
kitchen assumptic attenan
reintroducing baking soda
structurally thin nights
ferment the ghost of an egg


break the screen with a hammer
and paste their managers into
post office foaming fingers where
Verlaine at one o’clock musique
d’ameublement in the flatiron
mountains of Arizona consumer
culture has no cure for an onion


pimento prize of spoof-shine
not a gain-of-function exercise
cookbooks are framework
research variants golf solvent
virus techniques are more
important than their mutations


at the fork of the night we
form two-pronged houses
entelechy shortlist spinning
the Black-Scholes formula
businesses off-jeep cashing
in on the electoral firmament


an all-night swirl of angles
persona sun dog drinking
the milk of panic / those
are pearls that ricochet
behind their gust and arcs
/ boiled on the shuffle so
mangled are our fictions


administrative wage wave agglutination
lunar halo conatus migratory digging
wildflowers soar working biocongressional
bull roarers low-income minutes their
fair whole while flat fiat monies retire me
a river while it burns while it burns


the golden bolus in a hairy bowl
adjacent freeportism planting
refraction defecating circular
corpses are crops intersecting
hubris at the dew point of the
gods nearly epic robust shrunk


dire breath works the scribble the
bioregional crapularity cutting ice
crystals pine-nuts luminous
authors via impressive sieves
arboreal forge together the hymn
of the needs of the referee the
historic fictions of the toes a
crinkled fist maybe a yoke of
continuity a float of continuity


shadows felt medieval
parsed reasonable
turning turning a helix
melt coeval parhelion
burning seasonal meadows


sways swath cheese cycles
ripen paraselene desertification
dripping parachutes cellophane
psyches certified pathways


waggle dance broken chair
and broken table Church-
Turing thesis snaking naked
physics during lurch and
fable sustainable abundance


years apartment in
a hat to call the toads
to tell the bees we
are roaming forever
want to sit in a fairy
circle beside the
unharried river and
project anything
other than progress


we are dotted with
rivers even in the
best winter solstice
light / a light tephra
rain falls broken in
to solos backwards
tell us all ten of your
stories and thank
this latest year for
harping on its end


identity rethinks a
forking of subjects
social viscosity is
personal a breccia
digital kunst no lo
nger the new virus
of London tarmac
angels sculpt fever
arch demon preach
pieces of bacterium
arithmetic flailing
in startled tissue


functional and stamina
for the new tundra
circle nickpoints mossy
toolbag problematic &
messy spaces many
of us have not invented


plark (plamk) plank
pratyeka buddha
the Lork (Lorp) Lorb
has been sore
displeased with your
fathers / has a bean
(snore like a spore
keeping score) our
piths and our
pratyeka buddha
the lone wolf
riding on a red
horse / with his
speckled angels
the carpenters
are scattered
pratyeka buddha


coexistence bajadas revegetate
flume guide bodies enormous
increased vadose zone
calf teeth sock enough


metaphor pattern bargaining
step pools exercise beckon
shovel visibility toes
examines juvenile water
mouth prime haute hairy watch



stories badland topography
wavelength transgression
topsoil permanent shoelaces
sharpening causse
further postcontemporary
dispel quiescent clocks


hegemonic cascade variables
outflanking design prosperous
cenote perception beacons
diverse stress venom odometer


forensic dukha culvert
rainfall catchment solves
pothole soluble yesterday
study in multitudes


positioned lithology excavator
sloping cosmology disciplines
pit alters apostolic borders


fragmentary austerity scour
cosm headward erosion lamp
doline neither disciples nor
nosecone viaduct sociable

caldera diverted limestone
stream profile brain stem
obruk preposterous segue
concave invoice vocables

dendritic drainage pattern
fencing epiphreatic zones
shaft reticulospinal tract &
trenchant dice divest amino

lacustrine mudstone crossings
drainage basin funnel ungulate
shake hole sheepskin dwindled
milk non forceps quibble maps


sight ratchet students
aggradation we stomp
offered prestidigitation
overwrought always
abundant brooms and
room for the buildings
to clear many past fall


legume antic paste this
managerial degradation
post-filmic scriptures
with one leg in the gutter


synchronized fish discharge
wave changes we want the
beak and comb of the future
of microbiological silences
speaking replicants of the
smuggled file audio & sheen

post-aces are wild ultimately
the progrim includes headcut
otherwise disparate publics
and inquiries geared toward
conduit coracle colander or
coriander elsewhere consists


addled tubular personae
jettison hydrology junks
and junkets bumping in
the fire divide cheese at
gristle in soma stemming
corona lake wheatpaste
sonic bulimia hide & sleek


arch communal nor knotty
nickpoints evolve enhante
numinous orchestras ash
behalf the bovine shortort
comings what are socially
conducted methane merix


tongue glue pandemic siolations
readying sediment load attituces
when the bees congregate in far
and long divisions worms ruin in
fields facing periodic pup fishing
fields readying tongue and wind


plane quilted skies break
expressic guess slumping
morning thirst and steady
wind facade funnels exits
sidekick between institutis
untold inner nova unfolds
rising autonomous balance


a moment in the
laundromat velocity
encyclopedias facing
aware from the inner
bonfire the pier and
the pine trees the
eastern white pines
and the loblolly pines
the children of the
mountains towering
feline escalator head
on out toe a mirror
of wonder among
the longleaf stars


keep a moment in the
laundromat velocity which
eyes encyclopedias facing
aware from the inner parkings
winch bonfire the pier and
the pine trees the downhill
sky the eastern white pines
and the loblolly pines alphabet
foretells the children of the
mountains towering cycles
behavioral feline escalator head
on out toe a mirror clairvoyant
empathy of wonder among
the longleaf stars collapse


keep a moment in the longleaf collapse
laundromat which empathy wonder among
encyclopedias facing toe a mirror clairvoyant
aware the inner parkings behavioral escalator head
winch bonfire pier and mountains cycles
the pine trees downhill foretells the children of
sky the eastern pines and the pines alphabet


collapse a moment in the longleaf
among which empathy wonder
clairvoyant facing toe a mirror
head the inner parkings behavioral
escalator cycles bonfire pier and
mountains the children of downhill
foretells alphabet the eastern pines


Toothy picnic while creche
Chinese Mitten Crab
Reverie lotus arribada brine


negative ebb & merging
quotidian batten gravity


curious long-haul minds
fodder postponed snapshot


basement solitaire shortchanced
dance in place, a relay


oblong logistical spotmop
purple loosestrife
careerist orchestral debauch


86ed iconic treetops
veined rapa whelk
housekeeping NASDAQ
vinegar & gherkin


one horse church house
Wuhan City Limit
saltpork stoplight
Wuhan Tennessee

waterfront igloo
deontology firepit
1 of a kind 2 times


musica h
its l
mus mu
live red
a since


musical home
its loose shoe
musk mull
live red furniture
a since shaped
feral starburst


musical home cooking
its loose shoe house
musk mull shipping
contains live red
furniture assumed
since shaped sensitive
feral starburst chewing


musical home cooking magenta
its loose shoe mulligan house
musk partisan masks mull shipping
pendant contains live red pedant
furniture lightning assumed
since shaped oxygen sensitive
feral starburst chewing limestone


limestone home cooking
sensitive loose shoe mulligan
assumed partisan masks mull
pedant contains live red
shipping furniture lightning
house since shaped oxygen
magenta feral starburst chewing


stanzaic potato scripture
dial tone compression
socks unitary income
representational sadist
letterforms thorax early
dovetailed finalities of
merriment atemporal
rainstorms manicured
illness furious scenarios


lakeside potato scripture
dial connective compression
socks unitary chevrons
ladle oozing sadist
letterforms milling early
dovetailed finalities spotted
inarticulate atemporal
rainstorms consequential
illness linguistic scenarios


lakeside potato luggage
dial connective eggplant
socks artichoke chevrons
ladle oozing endzone
letterforms milling cost
benefit finalities spotted
pristine porcelain
unpunctuated ironing
boards linguistic gristle


domineers eye rice at
9 satisfactions zonal
rorschach silvicolous
refutes in monologue
chewing the abacus


delves magisterial agglomerate
Lake Chimpanzee pirate ship
in letteral silo aretaic drapes
deepen our literal silage dietary
loment interrobang ulterior sign


operative essences sui
generis sensorium plies
riprapped per salmon river
banks delta leg of delicate
chicken nascent anchors
quantified inconsequential
necessarily sesame alters


temperature the
route bonnet
riffling portage
tooth decay


unhinged bureau
divertissement crevice
hiatus, repertoire


Lascaux sinew
battenberg lace




de facto sonence


since day parks
peruse, unspool
lot desert, go


diagnostic shoulders hygiene
kosmische Wilderness musik
stoppages last year we want


exchange rate con
text the trickle-down
prodromes enough
growler membrane


lame duck


list of was told
false equivalence
slightly once
elite outlets and
sorghum tech
beats await
the bounce


crawling Blue
curfew busker
wash your hat


all 5 frogs
twelve stark
blurts lube
bursts blue
giving them
away is so
knotty, noti


folding Ohs
brujo junket
glacial nut
meg riot
ripe & trance


time here
time where
time there
time here

time here
time where
time there
time here

time here
time where
time there
time here

time here
time here


who or for ruining The
Great Pacific Garbage
Patch even being as
solid as a holiday pack
the weather for a picnic
working as the stimulus
thank yous to everyone


has no longer congress than
the refill of a higher people
which will suit them first to
thirst for microplastics in the
mirrors of their minor incoming
where the fire piano saps our
lung worm among rivers exit


characterized by a closer
rubber in the same lung
division as a nest of fires
strands notwithstanding
nanoplastics binge sales
among svelte seven who
airs the fat eyes fingertip
flatten closets of the soul


ghost within the jewels
deep facts react The
Mariana Trench where
crescents dissolve in
liquid sulfur amounts
with Clan Inked Jones
truths from their hive
the multi-samplings
devil them under who
is ginger to their left


as were so the gone adapted
parboiled the boilerplate dawn
the same word in its current
light a sound of bouncing chords
away from ichthys Bakelite totem
these crossroads snow winched
celebratio from no known eternity


croon orange nor musical visions
of nylon track lights species flow
on the titular evening if everything
suited to hide is hidden therefore
in the perfect Apollo next machine


are managed we convex
behind machinic pyrolysis
what have you utilitarian
prefixial decades between
processes have led to, by
aggressive undermines,
an uncanny erasure more
fluid solidity unmanageable


peace urban spatula
history of four
narrativ studies itself
om possible shad
such as the thimble
of commissions
with relative phone bill
poetism explox the
branding realm


intellectu urban spatula
history exploits four
narrativ studies consumption
om transnational shad
such amplified the thimble
atonality commissions
with informal phone bill
poetism negativity the
branding glob


intellectu read spatula
history exploits enlists
narrativ audience consumption
festive transnational shad
media amplified the thimble
atonality raining
with informal sentence bill
visions congregate
poetism negativity stampede
opening glob


spatula read enlists exploits
consumption audience
shad transnational glob
thimble amplified the
raining bills informal sentence
congregate poetism stampede


pair air
fair fail
ail pail
pal pan
fan fin
in it
fit flit
flat fat
at bat
cat hat
halt hall
hill hilt
hit pit
pot plot
lot lit
fit flat
slat splat
spat spar
par pair


has elevator tested
for texts the ripe
scissors are bent
the coast of each
word is coiled like
a pickle at a picnic


fuzzy expressivity in
the fire zone parked
in the fire lane one
question behind the
night no verdict as
they exit their cities


disarray originally coastal
alimentary and quotidian
noon is never so solo as
a livingroom after midnight


chews on the maladapted
infant or infantry chews on
the leg of our favorite poet
marinated in discourse a
series of moons edited by
rapid eye movement ego
spoken in the diverse argot
of a unitary devil since when
such wind chewing on a
leaf a delta porch & adverb


an egg celebrates
winter phosphenes
dark shine in omega

dark winter an egg
shine celebrates
phosphenes in omega

phosphenes shine
dark in winter
an egg omega


air lemniscate marmalade
marbles abolish dust
last parks perks ear
bending pricksongs You
Need Your Head dazed
in the Department of
Dollars yesterday it is
Wednesday again I wrote
“abolish the” abolish the
what / intuition is a quasi
intentional initiative


there air lemniscate marmalade
marbles doubled abolish dust
last parks the perks ear
bending pricksongs You hours
Need Your Head hours dazed
in the hours Department of
community Dollars yesterday it is
Wednesday water again I wrote
“abolish the” opportunities abolish the
what / intuition is double a quasi
intentional initiative trust


there air lemniscate five
marbles doubled abolish midnight
last parks the perks now
bending pricksongs You wanted
Need Your Head hours five
in the hours Department midnight
community Dollars yesterday it now
Wednesday water again I wanted
“abolish the” opportunities abolish five
what / intuition is double a midnight
intentional initiative now wanted


air lemniscate five
doubled abolish midnight
parks the perks now
pricksongs You wanted
Your Head hours five​​
the hours Department midnight
Dollars yesterday it now
water again I wanted
“the” opportunities abolish five
/ intuition is double a midnight
initiative now wanted


wanted lemniscate five
doubled now midnight
parks the initiative midnight
pricksongs double a wanted
/ intuition is Head hours five
the five Department midnight
abolish yesterday it now
water opportunities I wanted


contagious contiguous continuous
biological tundra scientist
in the infant seas
first variant study mulls mutations


help us regurgitate
this tooth haven impact
from ear miss to
the attack on solutions


Covid is a place, sir
a chair, if you agree


health oceans response
people too sopaipillas
philological catch The
Black Cat cookbooks
achieve corona loose
in the public restrooms
dirt back to haddock
once dining outdoors is
the normal magic of
small town second base


It was 62 degrees F
at 4:05 PM
on New Year’s Eve
of 2020
in Fincastle, VA.
Warm regards, Jim.



TLPress Roanoke VA
December 31, 2020