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farewell to david-baptiste chirot

It’s impossible for me to say how sad I feel in reading now that artist and friend David-Baptiste Chirot has passed away.

We started talking, and exchanging works via the net, in 2006-2007, if I’m not wrong.
He’s been contributing for years to my blogs, like, and free online editions (like differxhost: or gammm: or slowforward:

Farewell, David. I’ll go on admiring your works and sharing them.


See more in several sites and blogs (issues of Otoliths, e.g. —to name one. And…):


My work is guided by a profound faith in the Found, everywhere hidden in plain



[r] _ peter ganick: a first little list of links


EPC page


Xexoxial Editions:




a collab with Rosaire Appel:


from “ad infinitum” (collab P.G. / differx), 2011-12:

note on himself, in Otoliths (2016):
Peter Ganick published Potes & Poets Press and A.BACUS between 1980 and 2000. Then he worked with Jukka-Pekka Kervinen on various online enterprises like white sky books. He is a piano instructor in his 43rd year of continuous teaching. He is now mostly concentrated on visual art, but retains his love for the written/printed word.


new issues of xerolage from mexico, us, scotland & canada


Lin Tarczynski
Mara Patricia Hernández
Stephen Nelson
Judith Copthorne

Continua a leggere

bern porter interviewed



robin f. brox & miekal and: “of fracture”

of fracture


in white writing

The Transcripts

3rd edition 2008, 8″ x 10″, 52 pages.

ISBN 0-977004-99-6
EAN-13 978-0-977004-99-7
>> Download pdf (5.3mb)


Originally published in 1983 by Xerox Sutra Editions. Hand-drawn, the text acts both as graphic poetry & score for sound-poetry (which the author himself is a delightful wiz at). I saw Chuck give an extraordinary performance of this score at Woodland Patterns in Milwaukee accompanied by George Quasha

“Abecedarium” by Peter Lamborn Wilson

New from Xexoxial Editions :

Abecedarium –by Peter Lamborn Wilson

* * *

2010. 8.25 x 8.25, 68 pages, b + w. $10.00 + $3 shipping.
ISBN 0-9770049-8-8 | EAN-13 978-0-9770049-8-0

Alphapoetic meditation on the etymology of the English alphabet with diagrams by the author.

Peter Lamborn Wilson’s quick wit and poetic intelligence add immeasurably to the small store of recent art and poetry (Mac Low, Berman, Silliman, Bok, Johns, to name a few) celebrating or utilitizng the lore and wonder of alphabetic writing. As with Mac Low and Berman in particular, Wilson’s focus is on the Hebrew alphabet, coterminous with the Phoenician at the alphabet’s beginnings: a meditation, visual and verbal, on the shape, form, history, and praxis of the letters and signs in question. The resultant Abecedarium, reads like poetry or what we now take poetry to be: short and tight prose versets that bring to life a world of lore and tradition, and by so doing, make it new. A book to read again and again, and a lettristic delight.

—Jerome Rothenberg

Abecedarium by Peter Lamborn WilsonThis remarkable lexicon explores tensions between life in a world before the State and the emergence of the alphabet, or the origin of the world as we purport to know it. Amidst the reign and terror of nonsense, in a land where ‘everything is believable and nothing knowable,’ Peter Lamborn Wilson—at the peak of his extraordinary power—tutors us in the old ways in an offering of both knowledge and wisdom.

—Ammiel Alcalay

Review copies available upon request.

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