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lo spazio differx su tumblr compie oggi 8 anni di attività


are / differx. 2017

libro v_ iridio. (ossidiana) / marco giovenale. s.d. (2017)

(Collezione Giuseppe Garrera)

it won’t be easy / differx. 2015 (ma precedente)



differx, data da recuperare

abstract letter ap a young philosophor / martino oberto. 1965

In “Tool”, n. 1

Collezione Giuseppe Garrera)

annotazioni su ambienti

disorientamenti qui:


stuff differx sent to the “decentralized networker congress” (2012)

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“smears” / jim leftwich + bill beamer. 2017


three works / john m. bennett. 2017

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“slova”  issue #16

The HTML version of “Slova” #16 – with works by me among other authors – is out. Here is the link to the contents (vispo, texts, asemics, essays):

PDF-version will be ready in March or April.

I’m honoured my series is included in this issue. Thanks to Gleb Kolomiets for inviting me to participate.

ricerca sull’inizio del segno / differx. 2013

[still *in fieri*]


12 visual pieces by differx @ otoliths #41

Marco Giovenale
Twelve Visual Pieces