10th anniversary – best of “tip of the knife”, issue 34

“The 10th Anniversary and next to the last issue of Tip of the Knife has been published including an introduction by Crag Hill. Unfortunately, we couldn’t pick one piece from every artist for this limited issue, but please know that all pieces are worthy or else Bill would not have selected them to be in the original issues. So thanks to all of the talented artists that helped to make this and all of the previous issues over the past ten years so special”.



kaldron, 15 (1982) on line @ archive.org


free pdf: https://ia801400.us.archive.org/27/items/kaldron15–1982/kaldron%2015%20%281982%29.pdf



karl young panel at louisville conference


Karl Young, who passed away September, 30, 2017, was a major poet, artist, and organizer, who, along with Karl Gartung and Ann Kingsbury, founded Woodland Pattern Book Center, a nonprofit organization in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood dedicated to poetry and its attendant arts. This panel covers Young’s work as a publisher, book artist, and founder of Light and Dust, one of the first online archives of Avant-garde poetry and an important predecessor to sites such as UbuWeb and the Electronic Poetry Center.

Karl Kempton, editor of Kaldron Magazine, the longest running magazine dedicated to visual poetry: “Karl [Young] proudly considered himself a supporter of the literature and arts of the fourth coast, the Great Lakes. As such he developed deep and lasting friendships in the region. He could telescope easily from local to regional to national and international in conversation, correspondence and in his articles and poetics.”

Charles Alexander, poet and director of CHAX Press, discusses Young and the creation of “books of experience,” which is defined and demonstrated. Tom Montag, poet and editor of MWPH Books, discusses Young’s relationship to Margins: A Review of Little Magazines and Small Press Books, the establishment of Young’s “Symposium Series” in the magazine, and its continuation after Margins’ demise. Jonny Lohr, poet and co-editor of Adjunct Press, discusses the utopian drive of Young’s publishing career, exploring the small press aesthetics from late-Mimeo Revolution to early-Web publications.

a noci (bari) il “piccolo festival della parola”: poesia e materiali verbovisivi


alcune immagini:

vivamente consigliato

(consigliato agli italiani, soprattutto):



tape transfer / jim leftwich. 2006 (diyfferx @ differxhost, 2014)

pdf file @ slowforward: https://slowforward.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/j-leftwich_tape_transfer_diyfferx_2014.pdf

pdf file @ slowforward: https://slowforward.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/j-leftwich_tape_transfer_diyfferx_2014.pdf

new links for some differxhost files | nuovi link per alcuni file differxhost

Because of a system crash in the issuu account of differxhost, I’ve re-uploaded the files @ archive.org and slowforward. Here are the new links:
(Per via di un crash di sistema nell’account issuu di differxhost, ho ricaricato i file in archive.org e su slowforward. Qui i nuovi link):

01__Roberto Cavallera__Stanza e altro__2010 and/or pdf file @ slowforward
02__Michele Marinelli__Grandi notizie__2010 
and/or pdf file @ slowforward
03__Luca Zanini__Rash__2010 
and/or pdf file @ slowforward
04__Mariangela Guàtteri__Nuovo soggettario__2011 and/or pdf file @ slowforward

(con una nuova pubblicazione):

05__Jim Leftwich__tape transfer__2014 and/or pdf file @ slowforward
(&: http://differx.blogspot.it/2014/05/jleftwich-tape-transfer-2006-diyfferx.html)


I’ve also updated the DIFFERX main (index) page:
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