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Six Months Aint No Sentence, Books 1 – 15, written between 04.24.2011 and 01.13.2012. Originally published by Marco Giovenale at differx hosts as Six Months Aint No Sentence, a Journal: texts and works by Jim Leftwich, 2011 – 2016 Books 1 – 187
Books 1 – 30 were published by Peter Ganick and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen at White Sky E-Books.

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orphic tabs or sheets / differx. 2007-2020

One of my first flarfy & spam-derived “orphic tabs” (or “orphic sheets”) was published by the late William James Austin in 2007, in his mag “BLACKBOX”, Sept. 2007, the “summer collisions” issue.

About that issue I could only find an email in the Spidertangle newsletter, Sept. 16, 2007.
(The old link doesn’t work anymore, of course).


Other pieces appeared in Starfishpoetry, and Poetry Kessel-lo (two now offline sites).

Find others in The Flux I Share (Jan., 2008): ex now; & in SayingSomething:


Then serious asemic orphic tabs appeared in The New Postliterate (Sept., 2009):

A sheet in Italian has appeared in facebook only.

Here below are some of the pieces, and more ones (click to enlarge, read & enjoy):

new vispo from nevada – by jim leftwich

more here:


“shredded text scans”, by jim leftwich

the recent issue of “Angry Old Man” hosts an extraordinary series
of images (textimagepoems) and notes by Jim Leftwich:


1308 / jim leftwich. 2016 _ [gif by differx] 

box of shredded texts / jim leftwich. 2017 _ [gif by differx]

“dweclk o” – an online exhibit of jim leftwich’s recent works

jl_ dweclk o


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jim leftwich: a series of works, sept-oct, 2015

a provisional definition of trashpoleftwich_ 195717 leftwich_ 195654 leftwich_ 195640 leftwich_ 195620 jim leftwich_ puzzles are worse than stories jim leftwich_ found

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