june: “oei” in seattle and portland

publishing/poetics – OEI in Seattle and Portland

5 poets, editors, artists, writers and translators from the Swedish magazine OEI visits CAM (Seattle) and Williamson | Knight (Portland) for evenings of readings, presentations and discussions.

Thursday June 7
7 PM (doors open at 6.30)
Common Area Maintenance
2125 2nd Ave

Saturday June 9
7 PM
Williamson | Knight
916 NW Flanders St.

Events organized by INCA with support from the Swedish Authors’ Fund
with additional support by the Low-Residency MFA in Visual Studies at PNCA

OEI is a Stockholm based magazine for extra-disciplinary spaces and de-disciplinizing moments – experimental forms of thinking, montages between poetry, art, philosophy, film, and documents; critical investigations, editorial enunciations, aesthetic technologies, non-affirmative writing, speculative archaeologies, new ecologies, and critical historiographies.

OEI magazine was founded in 1999 and has published 79 issues. The publishing structure OEI editör was started in 2002 and has published some 100 books of investigative poetry, aesthetic documents, artist’s books, theoretical and poetological texts etc. OEI is an artistic and literary project run by Jonas (J) Magnusson & Cecilia Grönberg.

Helena Eriksson is a poet and translator based in Gothenburg. Her latest book is Tarde dun lince (Amastra-N-Gallar, 2018).
Cecilia Grönberg is a photographer, artistic researcher and the image editor of OEI. Her latest book is Event Horizon. Distributed photography (OEI editör, 2016).
Jonas (J) Magnusson is a writer, translator and the editor-in-chief of OEI. His latest publication is a translation of Gilles A. Tiberghien’s Notes sur la nature, la cabane et quelques autres choses (OEI editör, 2018).
Peder Alexis Olsson is a poet based in Malmö. His latest book is Efterkrigsmusik (OEI editör, 2017).
Gustav Sjöberg is a poet, translator and editor based in Stockholm. His latest book is apud (OEI editör, 2017).


jim leftwich’s transmutations of vallejo

Jim Leftwich’s transmutations (not translations) of the poetry of César Vallejo are nothing short of brilliant. They feel more Vallejo in English than any previous translations ever have. Vallejo is certainly, bar none, among the greatest poets of the 20th century. Human, more than immediately human, tortured, both baroque and surreal, and lyrical beyond compare, his poetry defies translation, so difficult does it appear at times. This is especially the case with his early work Trilce (Tres tresss trisss treesss tril trilssss, Leftwich’s title has it). Claimed by the surrealists as a master in that genre, Vallejo is that and more than that, opaque as Góngora or bittersweetly acerbic as Lorca, the complexity of his language and imagery find few parallels. Leftwich has created a Vallejo more Vallejo than Vallejo at times. These transmutations have all the speed, energy and enigmatic beauty of the originals on which they are based. – Ivan Argüelles


irma blank’s asemic writing

Thanks to Nerida Newbigin (and Tim Gaze), an English translation of Gillo Dorfles’ text on Irma Blank’s “Scritture asemantiche” is now available. See the updated post @ gammm: http://gammm.org/index.php/2007/07/18/blank-dorfles/

(Courtesy Coromandel Valley Books, 2014)

gammm: 1 gennaio – 1 maggio 2014

– rosaire appelends/begins. 2013 [01-01-2014]

– charles bernsteinla contraddizione diventa rivalità. 1983 [ 06-02-2014 .it]

– charles bernsteinwhat makes a poem a poem?. 2004 [31-04-2014 .en]

– mario corticellimille idilli. 2013 [16-01-2014 .it]

– corrado costa. da “la sadisfazione letteraria”. 1976 [02-01-2014 .it]

– frédéric forte99 note preparatorie. 2014 [27-03-2014 .fr / .it]

– marco giovenale4 from “anachromisms”. 2014 [21-04-2014 .en / .it]

– mariangela guatteri. da “casino conolly”. 2013 [27-02-2014 .it]

– andrea inglese. da “i miei pezzi”. 2013 [30-01-2014 .it]

– masako miyazakiat fault no. 16. 2012 [03-02-2014]

– nam june paikmagnet tv. 1965 [13-01-2014]

– nathalie quintaneosservazioni i: in macchina. 1997 [17-04-2014 .it / .fr]

– fabio teti. da sotto peggiori paragrafi. 2011.-… [10-04-2014 .it]

– pino tovagliacodice tondo. 1959 [23-01-2014]

– silvia tripodi. da “organizzazione del sensibile”. 2013 [09-01-2014 .it]

– michele zaffaranoebookritikpseudo-marx [20-02-2014 .it]

– michele zaffarano. da “cinque testi tra cui gli alberi (più uno)”. 2013 [01-05-2014 .it / .en]


…and more:

rachel blau duplessis: video reading [13-02-2014], ron silliman: video reading [06-03-2014], yohudisthir maharjan: 2312 [20-03-2014], bob perelman: video reading [03-04-2014], antonio mercero: la cabina [24-04-2014]

esce l’ebook “i gesti” di carlo bordini || new ebook: carlo bordini’s “gestures”

BILINGUAL EDITION @ Logosfere series (Zona/Quintadicopertina)
of an athology of poems by one of the most important experimental poets in Italy: Carlo Bordini

esce in EDIZIONE BILINGUE presso la collana Logosfere (Zona/Quintadicopertina)
un’antologia di poesie di uno dei maggiori poeti sperimentali in Italia: Carlo Bordini





carlo bordini, “gestures” / “i gesti”

BILINGUAL EDITION @ Logosfere series (Zona/Quintadicopertina)
of an athology of poems by one of the most important experimental poets in Italy: Carlo Bordini