tip of the knife, issue #22

Crag Hill Reviewing ?
Geof Huth Reviewing Troy Lloyd
Nico Vassilakis Reviewing Anneke Baeten
Bill DiMichele Reviewing Marilyn R. Rosenberg
Bobbi Lurie Reviewing Mark Young
Joel Chace Reviewing Hank Lazer
Karl Kempton Reviewing Before Concrete From Early 1900s

“tip of the knife”, issue 17

Tip of the Knife 17 is now available for viewing.  Contributors include: Alexander Limarev, Amanda Earl, Barry Alpert, David Chirot, Karl Kempton, Sheila Murphy and Julie DiMichele.

“tip of the knife”, issue #15

Issue 15 of “Tip of the Knife” is out. Contributors include Mark Young, Amanda Earl, Bobbie Lurie, Alexander Limarev, Guy R. Beining, bruno neiva, and Bill DiMichele.