new issue (#17) of “slova” is online: in html and pdf format

the new issue of “Slova” is out

1 Ольхар Линдсанн / Olchar E. Lindsann
2 Джим Лефтвич / Jim Leftwich
3 Митя Безыдейный / Mitya Bezidey
4 Агам Андреас / Agam Andreas
5 Алексей Веселов / Alexey Veselov
6 Асемическое письмо: определения и контексты (1998-2016) [отрывки] / Asemic Writing: Definitions & Contexts (1998-2016) [excerpts]
7 Марко Джиовенале / Marco Giovenale
8 Джон М. Беннетт / John M. Bennett
9 Николай Вяткин / Nikolay Vyatkin
10 Ещё один способ зрения (рецензия) / One more point of view (book review)






“slova”  issue #16

The HTML version of “Slova” #16 – with works by me among other authors – is out. Here is the link to the contents (vispo, texts, asemics, essays):

PDF-version will be ready in March or April.

I’m honoured my series is included in this issue. Thanks to Gleb Kolomiets for inviting me to participate.