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the plastic use of the letter or sign would not signify anything other than itself

In the plastic field, Lettrism is based on the merging of image and word. The plastic use of the letter or sign would not signify anything other than itself, thus transcending traditional conventions of meaning by emphasising the form of the letter over representation. Isou conceived Lettrism as fundamentally different from movements that preceded it, representing a complete shift from figuration and abstraction to the plastic use of the symbol of letters or signs. While Isou acknowledged that some artists associated with the Bauhaus and Cubism, and artists such as Marcel Duchamp, approached qualities of Lettrism, Isou declared that these artists ultimately faltered by subjecting letters to function and burdening them with meaning, rather than granting them independence and allowing them to become pure form.

installance # i.0137: untitled

installance n. : # 0137
type : (asemic) signs
size : cm 10 x 6.75 (approx)
record : highres shot
additional notes : abandoned
date : Jan. 11th, 2020
time : h. 1:35pm
place : Rome, via P. Revoltella

note: ---

signs of life of signs

Signs of life of signs
su compostxt e IEPI (e weeimage):



“signs and symbols” (october 2013)

Signs and Symbols
October, 2013, Art exhibit at the General Store Community Arts Centre
in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia (organisers: Tim Gaze & Marisa Ala Dea)

Here’s the whole book/pdf of the works (Tim Gaze, ed.):
[ 152 Mb ]

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mail art project: “signs & symbols”

Please send compositions of symbols on paper or cardboard for this project. You can draw them or paint them by hand, or include computer-generated symbols or other techniques. Size: preferably ordinary writing paper (A4 or letter) or postcard. But can be larger or smaller, if you like.

Some possible influences: prehistoric rock paintings, Lettriste hypergraphies, asemic writing, Egyptian & Mayan hieroglyphs, alien glyphs, Chinese seal script, wingdings fonts, visual poetry.

You might find free fonts from places such as useful.

All entries which contain signs & symbols will be exhibited at the General Store Community Arts Centre, in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia: for the month of October 2013.

PDF documentation will be sent to all participants who provide an email address. We can’t afford to return your artwork.

closing date: 1st September 2013

address: signs & symbols project
P O Box 1011
Kent Town
SA 5071

thank you!
Tim Gaze & Marisa Ala Dea, organisers

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[thanks to Rachel Defay-Liautard]