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visual poetry on the page: from jan. 8th online

Visual Poetry on the Page: With, Within, and Without the Word, An Exhibit at MainSite Contemporary Art Gallery
Virtual opening: Friday, January 8 at 6:00 p.m. CST
Open to in-person viewing at MainSite Contemporary Art Gallery beginning on Wednesday, January 13 and continuing through Saturday, February 13, 2021.
Hours: 10am-4pm Wednesday through Saturday

A few works are already up on MainSite’s online gallery:

Visual Poetry on the Page: With, Within, and Without the Word explores a movement that asks viewers to read the works as visual art. Unlike concrete, written poems, a visual poem “typically includes many other elements than alphabetic text,” including any number of mediums or artist manipulation, including painting, photos, digital manipulation or any other means to “obliterate the boundary between visual arts and literature.” “Visual poetry is what we can see,” organizer Crag Hill said in his curator statement. “It can be what we see when we see within, behind, and beyond words, when we see through parts of words, through and with letters, parts of letters, the ineffable marks we make on and in spaces we inhabit and aspire to live with and for.” Continua a leggere

robin tomens: “between you and me” (red fox press)

tocall, issue #7


ToCall No.7 – is a no special issue.

Features work by Clau De La Torre, Iris Colomb, Caroline Kha, Julia Nakotte, Gregory Betts, Arnold Frothingbadger McBay, Geof Huth, Giuseppe Calandriello, Marco Giovenale, Robin Tomens, Eric Zboya, SJ Fowler, Shawn McMurtagh, James Knight, Robert R. Thurman and Susann Connolly.

The cover is a hand-carved linocut one-word poem.

Mimeo printed edition of 100 copies,
32 copies with an original printed linocut, numbered and signed.
10€/13€ (incl. postage)