2006 + 12 = 1818

Nella ultra-stragrande maggioranza dei lettori ‘forti’ italiani permane la stessa completa, granitica indifferenza alla e ignoranza sulla ricerca (non solo letteraria) mondiale che si constatava all’altezza del 2006, dodici anni fa.

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“shredded text scans”, by jim leftwich

the recent issue of “Angry Old Man” hosts an extraordinary series
of images (textimagepoems) and notes by Jim Leftwich:




VLAK is an enormous hardback journal that acts as an international curatorial project with a broad focus on contemporary poetics, art, film, philosophy, music, science, design, politics, performance, ecology, and new media. VLAK aims to house work which explores the ramifications of contemporary culture and attempts to showcase new critical and creative methods, while driving to experiment, to synthesise, to extend—holding to the principle that a vital culture is always experimental. The journal is published annually and is connected to the people behind Equus press and the Prague microfestival.

http://vlakmagazine.wordpress.com/   http://vlakmagazine.blogspot.co.uk/

Issue 4 of VLAK will focus, apart from open, original work, on the concept of “underground cinema” – anything alternative to mainstream production, documentaries, socio-political investigative work, visually experimental stuff.


the fall convergence on poetics


s/n – new world poetics – issue #3

thx to Ch.Bernstein/Jacket2:

S/N: NewWorldPoetics — issue #3, free pdf