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derek beaulieu: “story of the door” (paper view books)

new from Sal Nunkachov‘s Paper View Books: Derek Beaulieu, STORY OF THE DOOR:

“a few obsidian stones –and langrids”, by mg @ paper view books

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mattew muñoz: “anguiped” (paper view books, 2022)

@ paper view books

“a few obsidian stones –and langrids”, by mg (paper view books, 2022)

available now @ paper view books

an excerpt:


two books by james knight

one from Paper View Books, one from Beir Bua Press

lovesong for a duplicating device / sal nunkachov. 2021

video exhibited in the International Duplicators Guild Meeting,
June 10th, 2021
with the participation of JS Makkos, Rich Dana, Erwin Blok, Sal Nunkachov, Tomoko Kanzaki, etc

look for Sal and his amazing PaperView site here: