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“vrahm!” festival 2021_ european union “real-in” open call

Open Call for artists within the framework of the EU project REAL-IN:

The project is aimed at European artists and creatives working with immersive media, media art and digital storytelling. Artistic residencies and presentation opportunities are awarded with a production budget of 10,000 euros.


florian cramer: “anti-media: ephemera on speculative arts” (2013)



“1. There is art, and there is anti-art.
2. If that is so, there must also be anti-media.
3. ‘Media’ as a term is as fuzzy as ‘art’.
4. Both ‘art’ and ‘media’ refuse to go away.
Anti-media is what remains if one debunks the notion of media but can’t get rid of it.

This book reflects on anti-copyright, porn, creative industries, post-punk, Arts and Crafts and constructivism, cooking as contemporary art, Oulipo, post-digitality, mezangelle, Anonymous and 4chan, Fluxus, amateurism, file sharing networks, pop culture, 17th century poetry, electroacoustic music, Neonazi communication guerilla, Rotterdam, romanticism, electronic literature, Mail Art, ontology, Super 8, Rosicrucianism and conceptual art.”

Publisher nai010 publishers, Rotterdam, and Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2013
Studies in Network Cultures series
ISBN 9789462080317, 9462080313
260 pages

download it here:

pagine estive (o quasi) che vanno bene anche per l’autunno _ (8) due post su punto critico


E-Poetry [ 2011 ] : International Digital Language | Media | Arts Festival


May 18-21, 2011 festival website
program PDF (Draft)participants